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Price, .. (Docteur)
Price, Richaard
Price, Richard
Price, Richard (Dr)
Price, Richard X.
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Benjamin Franklin Collection (Library of Congress)
Franklin, Benjamin (1706-1790))
Herdingh, Leendert (Leiden)
Morgan, William (1750-1833))
Price, Richard (1723-1791))
Priestley, Joseph (1733-1804)
Raphael, D. D. (1916-)
Raphael, David Daiches (1916- ))
Raphael, David Daiches (1916-)
Steuber, Henry (1770?-1792))
Stueber, Henry (1770?-1792))
Thomas, David Oswald
Tooke, John Horne (1736-1812))
Turgot, Anne-Robert-Jacques (1727-1781; baron de l'Aulne))
永井, 義雄 (1931-)
Aanmerkingen over de gewigtigheid der staatsomwenteling in Noord-Amerika, en over de middelen om die voor de geheele waereld nuttig te maken
Britain's happiness, and its full possession of civil and religious liberty, briefly stated and proved. By the late Rev. Dr. Richard Price. With an introduction by the editor
Considérations sur l'ordre de Cincinnatus, ou Imitation d'un pamphlet Anglo-Americain.
Discourse on the love of our country delivered on nov. 4, 1789, at the meeting-house in the old jewry to the society for commemorating the revolution in great britain with an appendix containing the report of the committee of the society, an account of the population of france, and the declaration of rights by the national assembly of france
Essay on the population of england, from the revolution to the present time with an appendix, containing remarks on the account of the population, trade, and resources of the kingdom, in mr. eden's letters to lord carlisle
État des finances d'Angleterre au commencement de la guerre d'Amérique c'est-à-dire en 1775
Facsimiles of two papers by Bayes : I. An essay toward solving a problem in the doctrine of chances, with Richard Price's forward and discussion; Phil. Trans. Royal Soc., pp.370-418, 1763. With a commentary by Edward C. Molina. II. A letter on asymptotic series from Bayes to John Canton; pp.269-271 of the same volume. With a commentary by W. Edwards Deming
Facts: addressed to the landholders stockholders, merchants, farmers, manufacturers, tradesmen, proprietors of every description, and generally to all the subjects of Great Britain and Ireland.
Four dissertations
Free discussion of the doctrines of materialism, and philosophical necessity, in a correspondence between dr. price, and dr. priestley. to which are added, by dr. priestley, an introduction, explaining the nature of the controversy, and letters to several writers
General introduction and supplement to the two tracts on civil liberty, the war with america and the finances of the kingdom
letter from the Rev. Dr Webster of Edinburgh, to the Rev. Dr Price, of London, and Dr Price's answer, relative to the establishment for a provision to the widows and children of the ministers and professors in Scotland., A
Letters to and from Richard Price, D.D., F.R.S., 1767-1790
Making empire : colonial encounters and the creation of imperial rule in Nineteenth-century Africa
Nadere aanmerkingen over den aart en de waarde der burgerlyke vryheid en eener vrye regeering.
nature and dignity of the human soul A sermon preached at St. Thomas's, January the First, 1766. For the Benefit of the Charity-School in Gravel-Lane, Southwark, The
Observations on reversionary payments, on schemes for providing annuities for widows, and for persons in old age, on the method of calculating the values of assurances on lives, and on the national debt also, essays on different subjects in the doctrine of life-annuities and political arithmetic, a collection of new tables, and a postscript on the population of the kingdom
Observations on the importance of the American Revolution and the means of making it a benefit to the world
Observations on the nature of civil liberty, the principles of government, and the justice and policy of the war with America to which is added an appendix, containing a state of the national debt, an estimate of the money drawn from the public by the taxes, and an account of the national income and expenditure since the last war
Political writings
Postscript to a pamphlet by Dr. Price on the State of the public debts and finances at signing the preliminary articles of peace in Jaunuary 1783
Review of the principal questions in morals
Richard Price and the ethical foundations of the American Revolution : selections from his pamphlets, with appendices
Sermon, delivered to a congregation of protestant dissenters, at hackney, on the 10th of february last being the day appointed for a general fast
Sermons on the Christian doctrine, as received by the different denominations of Christians
Sokoku ai ni tsuite
treatise of moral Good and Evil, A
vanity, misery, and infamy, of knowledge without suitable practice, The : represented in a sermon preached at Hackney, November the 4th, 1770
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Webster's new biographical dictionary, 1988:
works of the late Dr. Benjamin Franklin consisting of his Life written by himself: together with Essays, humorous, moral, and literary; chiefly in the manner of the Spectator, The
Works. Selections.