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Marcus, G.
Marcus, Greil
マーカス, グリール
Creation class: 
Language material
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
writer of accompanying material
Related names: 
Bangs, Lester
Cramer, Pieter
Debord, Guy (1931-1994)
Godard, Guillaume
Malle, Justine
Mitsui, Tooru (1940-)
Mourlon, Jean-Paul
Pitel, Thierry
Polić, Vlatka
Schneider, Fritz
Sollors, Werner (1943-)
Wilentz, Sean
三井, 徹 (1940-)
Absent and Accounted For : The Afterlife
Amérique et ses prophètes, la République perdue ? [essai], L'
Art Spiegelman's The Wild Party
Awopbopaloobop alopbamboom l'âge d'or du rock
Awopbopaloobop alopbamboom : the golden age of rock
Backstage pass : rock & roll photography
Basement blues Bob Dylan und das alte, unheimliche Amerika
Best music writing 2009
Bob Dylan à la croisée des chemins "like a rolling stone"
Bob Dylan - američki dečko s gitarom : o šezdesetoj obljetnici rođenja
Bob Dylan by Greil Marcus écrits 1968-2010
Bob Dylan by Greil Marcus : writings 1968-2010.
Bob Dylans Like a Rolling Stone die Biographie eines Songs
Conversations with Greil Marcus
dead elvis (book)|dead elvis: a chronicle of a cultural obsession
Dead Elvis chronique d'une obsession culturelle
Dead Elvis die Legende lebt
Dead Elvis Meister, Mythos, Monster
Death, love and liberty in the American ballad
Deddo eruvisu
devil's dream, The
Doors, The : a lifetime of listening to five mean years
Double feature; movies and politics
Double trouble : Bill Clinton and Elvis Presley in a land of no alternatives
dustbin of history, The
Elvis Presley : bir kültürel takıntının güncesi
History of rock and roll in ten songs
history of rock 'n' roll in ten songs, The
Im faschistischen Badezimmer Punk unter Reagan, Thatcher und Kohl ; 1977 bis 1994
In the fascist bathroom : Punk in Pop Music 1977-1992
In the fascist bathroom : writings on punk, 1977-1992
invisible republic| invisible republic: bob dylan's basement tapes
Jay DeFeo : a retrospective ; [publ. on the occasion of the exhibition "Jay DeFeo: A Retrospective" ; San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, November 3, 2012 - February 3, 2013 ; Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, February 28 - June 2, 2013
Like a Rolling Stone" Bob Dylan à la croisée des chemins, "
Like a rolling stone : Bob Dylan at the crossroads
Lipstick traces, 1989:
lipstick traces: a secret history of the 20th century
Lipstick Traces : A Secret History of the Twentieth Century
Lipstick traces une histoire secrète du vingtième siècle
Lipstick traces von Dada bis Punk - eine geheime Kulturgeschichte des 20. Jahrhunderts
Lipstick traces von Dada bis Punk - kulturelle Avantgarden und ihre Wege aus dem 20. Jahrhundert
Love and theft blackface minstrelsy and the American working class
Manchurian candidate, The
Misuterī torein
Mülleimer der Geschichte über die Gegenwart der Vergangenheit, Der ; eine Zeitreise mit Bob Dylan, Wim Wenders, Susan Sontag, John Wayne, Adolf Hitler, Elvis Presley, Bill Clinton, Miou-Miou, Umberto Eco u.a.
Mystery train. 2nd ed.
Mystery train d. Traum von Amerika in Liedern d. Rockmusik
Mystery train der Traum von Amerika in Liedern der Rockmusik
Mystery train images de l'Amérique à travers le rock'n'roll
Mystery train : images of America in rock 'n' roll music
Mystery train Rock'n Roll und amerikanische Kultur
new literary history of america, a
old, weird America, The : the world of Bob Dylan's basement tapes
On the Road Again : Robert Frank, Driving and Crying
Panegírico tomos primero y segundo
Psychotic reactions and carburator dung
Psychotic reactions and carburetor dung
Psychotic reactions et autres carburateurs flingués
Psychotische Reaktionen und heiße Luft Rock'n'Roll als Literatur und Literatur als Rock'n'Roll ; ausgewählte Essays
Raiku a rōringu sutōn
Ranters & crowd pleasers : punk in pop music, 1977-92
Real Life Rock : Top Ten
république invisible Bob Dylan et l'Amérique clandestine, La
rêve du diable, Le
Rock and roll photograpy
Rock and roll will stand.
Rock & roll photography
Rockabilly : the twang heard 'round the world : the illustrated history
Rokku no atarashii nami
Rose and the briar
rose & the briar, The : death, love and liberty in the American ballad
shape of things to come, The : prophecy and the American voice
Sly Stone le mythe de Staggerlee
Sly Stone : the myth of Staggerlee
Stara, čudna Amerika
Stemmen uit de kelder : Bob Dylan's basement tapes
Stopy rtěnky : tajná historie dvacátého století
Stranded : rock and roll for a desert island
There is no eye : John Cohen photographs
Top Ten
Twang heard 'round the world
Über Bob Dylan Schriften 1968 - 2010
Über Van Morrison when that rough God goes riding
What'd I say : the Atlantic story, 50 years of music
When that rough god goes riding : listening to Van Morrison
wop bop a loo bop a lop bam boom, A
ミステリー・トレイン : ロック音楽にみるアメリカ像
ロックの「新しい波」 : パンクからネオ・ダダまで
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