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Conway, R. S.
Conway, R... Seymour
Conway, Robert S.
Conway, Robert Seymour
Conway, Robertus S.
Conway, Robertus Seymour
Seymour Conway, Robert
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Language material
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writer of accompanying material
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Darbishire, Herbert Dukinfield
Johnson, Sarah Elisabeth (1884-19)
Johnson, Stephen Keymer
Livius, Titus
Livius, Titus Patavinus (59 a.C.-17))
Mayor, Joseph B.
McDonald, Alexander Hugh
Ogilvie, Robert Maxwell
Tite-Live (0059? av. J.-C.-0017)
Walters, William C. Flamstead
Walters, William Charles Flamstead
Whatmough, Joshua
Ab urbe condita
Aeneidos liber primus
Ancient Italy and modern religion. : Being the Hibbert lectures for '1932. [Illustr.].
architecture of the epic., The
Book II...
comparative grammar of the Indo-Germanic languages
country haunts of Horace., The
Deigma, 1928
Deigma : a first Greek book
Delphic oracle, its early history, influence and fall, by Rev. T. Dempsey,... With a prefatory note by R. S. Conway,..., The
Dialectorum Italicarum exempla selecta, in usum academicum latine reddita, brevi adnotatione illustrare studuit R. S. Conway
[Ecloga IV.]
Elements of the comparative grammar of the Indo-Germanic languages : a concise exposition of the history of Sanskrit, Old Iranian (Avestic and Old Persian), Old Armenian, Old Greek, Latin, Umbrian-Samnitic, Old Irish, Gothic, Old High German, Lithuanian and Old Bulgarian
Etruscan influence on Roman religio., The
Falernian grapes (Uvae falernae) an inaugural address on Horace
From Orpheus to Cicero
Graeco-Roman tragedy., A
great writers of rome
Harvard lectures on the Vergilian age
Histoire romaine
Italic dialects, ed. with a grammar and glossary., The
Italic Dialects, edited, with a grammar and glossary, by R. S. Conway,..., The
Libri VI-X
Livy. Titi Livi Ab urbe condita, 1934?-
Makers of Europe being the James Henry Morgan lectures in Dickinson College for 1930
makers of europhttp://catalog.hathitrust.org/record/001058193e
making of Latin, The : an introduction to Latin, Greek and English etymology
Melandra Castle : being the report of the Manchester and the district branch of the Classical association for 1905
New studies of a great Inheritance : Being lectures on the modern worth of some ancient writers. By R.S. Conway.
Octavian and Augustus.
P. Vergili Maronis Aeneidos liber primus
philosophy of Vergil., The
Poetry and government; a study of the power of Vergil
portrait of a Roman gentleman, from Livy., The
Prae-Italic dialects of Italy, by R. S. Conway, J. Whatmough, S. E. Johnson..., The
prae-italic dialects of italy, part i: the venetic inscriptions
Reliquae philologicae. -
Reliquiae philologicae, or Essays in comparative philology ...
Relliquiae philologicae, or: Essays in comparative philology
Restorations and emendations in Livy I-V.
restored Pronunciation of Greek and Latin... by Edward Vernon Arnold,... and Robert Seymour Conway,... 3rd and revised edition (embodying the scheme approved for Latin by the classical Association), The
restored pronunciation of Greek and Latin... by Edward Vernon Arnold,... and Robert Seymour Conway,... 4 th an revised edition..., The
restored pronunciation of Greek and Latin, The : with tables and practical illustrations
Restored Pronunciation of Greek and Latin, with tables and practical explanations, by Edward Vernon Arnold,... and Robert Seymour Conway,..., The
restored pronunciation of greek and latin with tables and practical illustrations, the
Retiquiae philologicae, or Essays in comparative philology...
Second annual report. The Roman fort at Manchester.
Sir William Ridgeway, 1853-1926. (From the Proceedings of the British Academy, vol. XII).
structure of the sixth book of the Aeneid, The
Titi Livi Ab Urbe condita. Recognoverunt... Carolus Flamstead Walters... et Robertus Seymour Conway,... T. III. Libri 21-25
Titi Livi Ab urbe condita. Recognoverunt... Carolus Flamstead Walters,... et Robertus Seymour Conwayn... [et Stephanus Keymer Johnson.] T. 2 Libri 6-10. [T. 4. Libri 26-30.]
Titi Livi Ab urbe condita. Recognoverunt... Robertus Seymour Conway,... et Carolus Flamstead Walters,... Tomus 1. Libri 1-5
Titi Livii Ab urbe condita.
Under Hannibal's shadow.
Use of the singular Nos in Cicero's letters, by R. S. Conway, The
value of the Medicean codex of Vergil (with an appendix on the chronology of the capital manuscripts), The
Venetian point of view in Roman history., The
Venetic Inscriptions, The
Vergil as a student of Homer
Vergil's creative art
Vergilian age.
Verner's law in Italy, an essay in the history of the Indo-European sibilants. With a dialect map of Italy by E. Heawood.
Virgil's messianic eclogue, its meaning, occasion [et] sources. -
Virgil's messianic eclogue : its meaning, occasion & sources : 3 studies, with the text of the eclogue and a verse transl.
Virgil's Messianic eclogue, its meaning, occasion, & sources; three studies
Where was Vergil's farm?
youth of vergil: a lecture delivered in the john rylands library on 9 december, 1914, the
youth of Vergil, The : a lecture delivered in the John Rylands Library on 9 December 1914