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Charleton, Gualter
Charleton, Gualterus
Charleton, Gualtherus
Charleton, W.
Charleton, Walter
Charleton, William
Charletonus, Gualterus
Charlton, Gualterus
Charlton, Walt
Charlton, Walter
Charltonus, Gualterus
Gent, P. M. (pseudonym)
P. M
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Language material
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writer of accompanying material
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Cole, William (1635-1716)
Guibbory, Achsah (1945- ))
Helmont, Jean Baptiste van (1577-1644)
Helmont, Joan Baptista van (1579-1644)
Möbius, Gottfried (1611-1664))
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Regius, Henricus (1598-1679))
Steensen, Niels (1638-1686))
Van der Linden, Jan Antonides (1609-1664))
Brief discourse concerning the different wits of men
character of His Most Sacred Majesty Charles the Second. -, A
Chorea gigantum; or, The most famous antiquity of Great-Britain, vulgarly called Stone-Heng, standing on Salisbury Plain, restored to the Danes
Darkness of atheism dispelled by the light of nature, a physico-theological treatise written by Walter Charleton,..., The
Deliramenta catarrhi:
Ephesian and cimmerian matrons, two notable examples of the power of love & wit
Ephesian matron
Epicurus's morals
Exercitationes pathologicae, in quibus morborum penè omnium natura, generatio, & caussae : ex novis anatomicorum inventis sedulò inquiruntur ...
Exercitationes physico-anatomicae de oeconomia animali.
Gualteri Charletoni exercitationes de differentiis & nominibus animalium : Quibus accedunt mantissa anatomica, et quædam de variis fossilium generibus, deque differentiis & nominibus colorum
Gualteri CharletonI ... Inquisitiones medico-physicae, de causis catameniorum, sive fluxus menstrui, nec non uteri rheumatismo sive fluore albo : In qua etiam nervose probatur sanguinem in animali fermentescere nunquam.
harmony of natural and divine laws, the
Hieronimi Barbati ... Dissertatio elegantissima de sanguine et ejus sero in qua praeter varia lectu dignissima, Conringii, Lindeni & Barthol. circa sanguificationem opiniones, Stenoniana sanguinis dealbatio, Willisii succi nervoru vis, Regii transitus chyli ad liene, Liceti nutritio embryonis, Warthoni & Charletonis lactis expositio, Harvei masculini seminis retentio rejecta, Moebii spirituum animalium materia, & alia clarissimorum neotericorum prolata, docte & polite exponuntur.
Immortality of the human soul, demonstrated by the light of nature in two dialogues
Natural history of the passions
Oeconomia animalis, novis in medicina hypothesibus superstructa et mechanice explicata
Oeconomus corporis animalis
Onomastikon zōikon
Oratio anniversaria habita in Theatro inclyti Collegii medicorum Londi*. -
ortu animæ humanæ dissertatio, De
Physiologia Epicuro-Gassendo-Charltoniana or A fabrick of science natural, upon the hypothesis of atoms, founded by Epicurus, repaired by Petrus Gassendus
Praxeos Mayernianae in morbis internis praecipue gravioribus & chronicis syntagma,ex adversariis, consiliis ac epistolis ejus, summa cura ac diligentia concinnatum [Gualt. Charleton edidit].
scorbuto liber singularis, De
secretione animali cogitata, De
Spiritus Gorgonicus vi sua saxipara exutus, sive de causis, signis et sanatione lithiaseos diatriba.
ternary of paradoxes, A : The magnetick cure of wounds. nativity of tartar in wine. image of God in man
Vintner's mystery display'd, or, The whole art of the wine trade laid open, The : in which are the necessary directions for rightly managing all sorts of wines, so as to render them bright and good, or to restore them when they prove defective in any way whatsoever : a treatise absolutely necessary for private families, for by this alone, any gentleman, or other person, may manage, preserve, or cure their wines themselves : in this is contain'd all the methods now in use among vintners or wine-coopers, both at home and abroad, and many of them such, as were never made publick before : to which is added, a never-failing method to restore all sorts of other liquors when pall'd, dead, or souer, so as to make them palatable, bright, and good.
Walter Charleton (1620-1707), de Anna Maria Oller i Adam, 1996