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Dubois, Alan
Wood, Clement
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Language material
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writer of accompanying material
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Bogus, Ronald J.
Dubois, Alan (1888-1950; see also from)
Goddard, Gloria (1897-)
Murray Printing Company
Robertson, Gladys Vondy
Robinson, Ted
Rouben Mamoulian Collection (Library of Congress)
Salter, George (1897-1967)
Small, Maynard & Company
Wall, Bernhardt (1872-1956)
Ward, Lester Frank (1841-1913)
Amy Lowell
Bernarr Macfadden; a study in success
Byron and the women he loved
Carelessness: public enemy no. I
Casanova and the women he loved
Clement Wood and his loves : how a good boy of Methodism turned pagan
Clement Wood's unabridged rhyming dictionary
Cleopatra and her loves
complete book of games, The
complete history of the United States, A
complete rhyming dictionary, and poet's craft book., The
complete rhyming dictionary revised, The : including the poet's craft book
craft of poetry, The
cross word puzzle book for children no. 1, The
Crossword puzzle book for children no. 1
Death in Ankara, a story of modern espionage
Deep river.
Don't tread on me; a study of aggressive legal tactics for labor
Double jeopardy, a Skeleton Keyne mystery
Dreams and how to understand them
Dreams; their meaning and practical application
eagle flies;, The
eagle returns., The
eagle sonnets, The
earth turns south, The
Efil, a masque
Emerson : the man and his works
evolution of sex, The
For Walt Whitman
Games for two, or, How to keep the Reno wolf away from your door
Glad of earth ... 1917.
glory road, and The eagle sonnets., The
Great women of antiquity
Greenwich Village blues, The
Greenwich Village in the jazz era
Herbert Clark Hoover: an American tragedy.
Hints on writing poetry
History of Rome
history of the world., A
How to love
How to psycho-analyze your neighbors
How to psychoanalyze your neighbors
How to talk and debate
Hunters of heaven; the American soul as revealed by its poetry
introduction to philology, An ; (the science of language)
Julius Caesar : who he was and what he accomplished
King Henry, the rake Henry VIII and his women
Let's have a good time tonight; an omnibus of party games
making of the Old Testament, The
man who killed Kitchener; the life of Fritz Joubert Duquesne, 1879- ..., The
Manhood : the facts of life presented to men
Modern sexual morality
More adventures of Huckleberry Finn (Tom Sawyer's comrade grown up.) Scene: the Mississippi valley and westward. Time: eighty to ninety years ago.
More power to your words!
Mother Goose : an anthology
Mountain : a novel
Negro songs : an anthology
New World rhyming dictionary
Nigger : a novel
outline of man's knowledge; the story of history, science, literature, art, religion, philosophy, The
Overtones : poems
Poetry of the southern states
Poets' and songwriters' guide; the complete book of scansion for writers of poetry, verse, song lyrics and prose.
Poets' handbook
Poets of America
Pope Alexander VI and his loves
popular history of the world, A
psycho-analysis of Jesus, A
Psychoanalysis of Jesus
Sex in psychoanalysis
Sexual relations in the Southern states
Shelley and the women he loved
short history of the Jews, A
Sociology for beginners
Sociology of Lester Ward, The
Stone age, The
substance of History of civilization in England, The
substance of History of European morals (from Augustus to Charlemagne), The
substance of the sociology of Lester F. Ward, The
tabloid murders, mystery story in startling new technique, The
tide comes in, The
Tom Sawyer grows up
Torquemada and the Spanish Inquisition
truth about Christian Science, The
truth about New York's Chinatown, The
truth about New York's white light region, The
truth about William Jennings Bryan, The
Unabridged rhyming dictionary
Warren Gamaliel Harding: an American comedy
Webster's New World rhyming dictionary : Clement Wood's updated
white peacock, The
Wood's Unabridged rhyming dictionary
Your dreams and what they mean