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Praag, B.
Praag, B. M. S. van
Praag, Bart van
Praag, Bernard M. S.
Praag, Bernard M. S. van
Praag, Bernard Marinus Siegfried
Praag, Bernard Marinus Siegfried van
Praag, Bernard Marinus Siegried van,
Praag, Bernard van
Van Praag, Bernard
Van Praag, Bernard M. S.
Van Praag, Bernard Marinus Siegried
VanPraag, Bernard
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Antonides, Gerrit
Baarsma, B.E.
Baarsma, Barbara (1969-)
Baarsma, Barbara E.
Baarsma, Barbara Elisabeth (1969-)
Baye, Michael R.
Bode, Ben
Booij, Adam S.
Bouma, Nienke
Brink, Henriëtte Maassen van den
Cardoso, Pedro
CESifo GmbH Affiliation (see also from)
Dalen, H.P. van
De Leeuw, J.
Dubnoff, Steve
Economische wetenschappen--Amsterdam
Eggink, E
Ferrer-i-Carbonell, A.
Ferrer-i-Carbonell, Ada
Forschungsinstitut zur Zukunft der Arbeit Affiliation (see also from)
Frijters, P.
Frijters, Paul
Frijters, Paul (1970-)
Goedhart, T.
Goedhart, Theo
Groot, Wim
Hagenaars, A.J.M. (1954-1993)
Hagenaars, Aldi J M
Hagenaars, Aleida Johanna Maria (1954-1993)
Halberstadt, V.
Hartog, Joop
Herwaarden, F.G. van
Hop, J P
Hop, J. Peter (1945-)
Hop, J.P. (1945-)
Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA)
Kapteyn, A.J.
Kapteyn, Arie
Klaveren, Chris van
Klaveren, Chris van (1977)
Kloek, T.
Koopmans, Carl C.
Kuilen, Gijs Van De
Linthorst, Joop
Linthorst, Joop M.
Maassen van den Brink, H.
Maassen van den Brink, Henriette
Niesing, Willem
Plug, Erik J. S.
Plug, Erik J.S.
Plug, Erik J.S. (1967-)
Plug, Erik Johannes Stephanus (1967-)
Poeth, Guy
Praag, B. M. S. van
Praag, B.M.S. van
Praag, Bernard
Praag, Bernard M. S. van
Praag, Bernard van
Praag, C. Mirjam van
Praag, Mirjam van
Romanov, Dmitri
Sar, Nico L. van der
Sar, Nicolaas Leendert
Spit, Jan S
Stam, Piet
Theodossiou, Ioannis
Tinbergen Instituut
Tinbergen Instituut Affiliation (see also from)
Tinbergen, Jan
Universiteit van Amsterdam / Faculteit Economie en Bedrijfskunde
Universiteit van Amsterdam / Faculteit Economie en Bedrijfskunde / Schooling, Labor Market and Economic Development (SCHOLAR)
Van Batenburg, Paul C.
van Beek, Krijn W. H.
van Dalen, Hendrik P
van de Kuilen, Gijs
van de Stadt, Huib
Van de Ven, Wynand P. M. M.
van der Sar, Nico L.
van Eck, Wim
Van Herwaarden, Floor G.
Van Klaveren, C
Van Klaveren, C.
van Klaveren, Chris
van Ophem, Hans
van Praag, B M S
Van Praag, B.
Van Praag, B. M. S.
Van Praag, B.M.S.
van Praag, Bernard
van Praag, Bernard M S
van Praag, Bernard M. S.
Van Praag, Bernard M.S.
Van Vliet, ReneC. J. A.
Van Weeren, Hans
Van Winden, Frans
Veenman, Justus
Vermeulen, E M
Warnaar, Marcel F.
Wesselman, A. M.
Wesselman, Bertram M.
1968 individual welfare functions and consumer behavior - a theory of rational irrationality, north-holland publishing company, amsterdam, contributions to economic analysis, nr. 57
1998 the distribution of welfare and household production: international perspectives (stephen p. jenkins, arie kapteyn, bernard m.s. van praag, eds.), cambridge university press,cambridge, united kingdom
2004 b.m.s. van praag and a. ferrer-i-carbonell. happiness quantified: a satisfaction calculus approach oxford university press, oxford: uk , revised in 2008, chinese translation 2009.
Age-differentiated QALI Losses
Age differentiated QALY losses
almost integration-free approach to ordered response models, An
anatomy of subjective well being, The
association between the accuracy of long-run qualitative earnings forecasts by managers and discretionary accounting in the Netherlands, The : working paper
benefits of being economics professor A (and not Z), The
Benefits of Being Economics Professor A (rather than Z), The
Choice behaviour and verbal behaviour : a critical assessment of their relevance for practical policy
Climate equivalence scales : An application of a general method
Climate equivalence scales and the effects of climate change on Russian welfare and well-being
collective household model of time allocation a comparison of native Dutch and immigrant households in the Netherlands, A
Collective Labor Supply and Housework with Non-Participation of Women in Paid Labor
Collective labor supply of native Dutch and immigrant households in the Netherlands
Comparison between the Food Ratio Poverty Line and the Leyden Poverty Line., A
compensating income variation of social capital, The
connexion between old and new approaches to financial satisfaction, The
cost of children and the use of demographic variables in consumer demand, The
Count-Amount Model with Endogenous Recording of Observations., A
count-amount model with incomplete recording, A
definition and measurement of social reference spaces., The
demand for deductibles in private health insurance, The : A probit model with sample selection
distribution of welfare and household production, The : international perspectives
droomtax op inspanning, Een
dynamic model of the interaction between the state and the private sector, A
Elliptical multivariate analysis
Elliptical regression operationalized
Empirical estimation results of a collective household time allocation model
Empirical testing of the expected utility model
evaluation question approach: A method of measuring attitudes, The
Evaluation questions and income utility
First author determinants : an empirical analysis
flexible programming model to study problems of population economics, A
From judgments to norms : measuring the social meaning of income, age and education
functioneren van de kapitaalmarkt in Nederland, Het : een voorstudie
Further evidence on the individual welfare function of income: An empirical investigatiion in The Netherlands
Further evidence on the individual welfare function of income: An empirical investigation in The Netherlands.
General equilibrium with income dependent prices : existence and efficiency
Happiness and financial satisfaction in Israel effects of religiosity, ethnicity, and war
Happiness quantified, 2004:
Happiness quantified : a satisfaction calculus approach
Health status estimation on the basis of MIMIC-health care models
Hoe duur is ons gezin?.
hot-deck method, The : an analytical and empirical evaluation
Household cost functions and equivalence scales
Household cost functions and the value of home production in one- and two-earner families
How Dutch teenagers spend their money
How sensible is the leyden individual welfare function of income? A reply.
How sustainable are old-age pensions in a shrinking population with endogenous labour supply?
If we knew ability, how would we tax individuals?
Income satisfaction inequality and its causes
individual welfare function of income: A lognormal distribution function., The
Individual welfare functions and consumer behavior, a theory of rational irrationality... Door Bernard Marinus Siegfried Van Praag,..
Individual welfare functions and social reference spaces.
Individuele welvaartsfuncties en sociale referentiegroepen.
inequality of actual incomes and earning capacities between households in Europe, The
Influence of Classification and Observation Errors on the Measurement of Income Inequality., The
influence of work time adjustment on joint activities and the demand for child care, The
Inspelen op de markt van strijkinstrumenten
Instituties en arbeidsmarkt
insurance of luxury diseases by means of income and price-linked premiums, The : a case of external effects
Interaction-patterns and service-areas of local public services in The Netherlands
Interhuishoudelijke vergelijkingen van consumptie, welvaart en tijdsallocatie : eindverslag van het onderzoek kostwinnersproblematiek
Intra-household work timing the effect on joint activities and the demand for child care
introduction of an old-age pension in a growing economy, The : A first approach
Kiezen uit sollicitanten : concurrentie tussen werkzoekenden zonder baan
Kijken achter de spiegel: beeld en werkelijkheid
Lange en korte termijn inkomenselasticiteiten
Large-sample properties of method of moment estimators under different data-generating processes
Life satisfaction differences between workers and non-workers the value of participation per se
Linking economics with psychology : an economist's view
Maasvlakte 2 : stagnatie of vooruitgang? : bijdrage voor conferentie georganiseerd door VNO/NCW
measurement of welfare and well-being; the Leyden approach, The
Measuring productivity in budgeting methodology
mens in de economie, De
Micro-economic theory and educational effectiveness
mix between pay-as-you-go and funded pensions and what demography has to do with it, The
Model free regression
Multichoice Logit: Modeling Incomplete Preference Rankings of Classical Concerts.
multivariate approach in linear regression theory, The
Municipal welfare functions
new approach to the construction of family equivalence scales., A
New developments in the measurement of welfare and well-being
On the measurement and explanation of standards with respect to income, age and education
Ontwikkeling van een macro-rekenmodel gezondheidszorgsysteem
Ordinal and cardinal utility : an integration of the two dimensions of the welfare concept
parametric analysis of prospect theory's functionals for the general population, A
Perceptie en realiteit op de arbeidsmarkt
perception of welfare inequality, The : A correcting note
Perspectives from the happiness literature and the role of new instruments for policy analysis
population-sample decomposition approach to multivariate estimation methods, The
poverty concept when prices are income-dependent, The
Poverty in Europe, 1980:
Poverty in Europe: Errata.
Poverty in Russia
Poverty in the Russian Federation
poverty line: A pilot survey in Europe., The
poverty line: Concept and measurement., The
Poverty line concepts : an application to Czechoslovakia
poverty line, The : a pilot survey in Europe
Poverty lines and equivalance scales : a theoretical and empirical evaluation
Productiviteitsmeting in begrotingsmethodieken
Prof. dr. B. M. S. van Praag bibliografie 1965-1999
public good version of the collective household model an empirical approach with an application to british household data, A
Public pensions, market power, and intergenerational confidence.
Relativity of the Welfare Concept., The
Retail pricing and the costs of clearance sales : the formalisation of a rule of thumb
Risk aversion and the subjective time discount rate a joint approach
Scholierenonderzoek 1984 : een eerste rapportage van de belangrijkste resultaten
shadow price of aircraft noise nuisance, The : a new approach to the internalization of externalities
Shopping at the labour market: A real tale of fiction
"Should I pay for you or for myself?" the optimal level and composition of retirement benefit systems
Similarity in response behavior between household members : an application to income evaluation
simultaneous approach to the estimation of risk aversion and the subjective time discount rate, A
Sociaal-economische status en gezondheid
Social distance on the income dimension
split-sample approach to statistical analysis, The
structural model of well-being, A : with an application to German data
Structural Model of Well-being: with an application to German Data, A
structure of German well-being, The
subjective costs of health losses due to chronic diseases an alternative model for monetary appraisal, The
subjective costs of health losses due to chronic diseases - an latenative model for monetary appraisal, The
Subjective poverty line definitions
sustainability of the pay-as-you-go system with falling birth rates, The
symmetric approach to the labor market, A
Symmetric Approach to the Labour Market with the Household as the Unit of Observation., A
Synthesis of Poverty Line Definitions., A
Testing and applying a theory of utility : An attempt to decompose income in compensatory and scarcity rents
toekomst van de welvaartsstaat, De
unemployment of ethnic minority groups in the Netherlands, The
Using happiness surveys to value intangibles the case of airport noise
van den Bosch, K.: Emphasis Type="BoldItalic"Identifying the Poor – Using Subjective and Consensual Measures., Emphasis Type="Bold"
van. Kiezen uit sollicitanten, 1992:
Vignette equivalence and response consistency the case of job satisfaction
Vouchers in de AWBZ
Vraag-aanbod relaties in de sector gezondheidszorg : een eerste verkenning
W min, W max
Waardering van geluidshinder in het kader van de CPB studie 'Kengetallen KBA ONL'
Wat beweegt de treinreiziger? : analysemogelijkheden van enquêtebestanden van NS : pilot-studie uitgebracht aan NS-Reizigers
Wat is ons inkomen ons waard?.
Welfare and intelligence
welfare function of income in Belgium: An empirical investigation, The
Welk inkomen vinden we minimaal?.
Well-being inequality and reference groups : an agenda for new research
Wmin, Wmax : een symmetrisch arbeidsmarktmodel : een empirische analyse van de Nederlandse arbeidsmarkt
ziekenhuis in de gezondheidszorg, Het : een ekonometrische analyse van het gebruik van ziekenhuisbedden
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Résumé en néerlandais
Bibliogr. pp. 228-231. Index
Academisch proefschrift--Economische wetenschappen--Amsterdam, 1968