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Conny-Catcher, Cuthbert
Cony-Catcher, Cuthbert
Cony-Catcher, Guthbert
Cunny-Catcher, Cuthbert
Cuthbert Conny-Catcher
G, R.
Greene, ..
Greene, Robert,
Greene, Robert ((dramatist))
グリーン, ロバート
ca 1558-1592
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Language material
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writer of accompanying material
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Collier, John Payne (1789-1883)
Collins, J. Churton
Das, Nandini (1974-)
Greene, Robert (1558?-1592))
Greg, W. W. (1875-1959) (Walter Wilson))
Harrison, G. B. (1894-1991)
Harrison, George Bagshawe (1894-)
Harrison, George Bagshawe (1894-1991)
Lavin, J. A.
Lodge, Thomas (1558?-1625))
Marlowe, Christopher (1564-1593)
Peele, George (1556-1596)
Randolph, Thomas (1605-1635)
Thomas, Percy Goronwy (1875-1954))
Udall, Nicholas (1504-1556)
University of Birmingham
Ward, Adolphus William (1837-1924)
大井, 邦雄 (1933-)
2nd part of Conny-catching, 1592
Alphonsus King of Aragon, 1599 ...
Bellaria en Pandostos treur-spel ..
blacke bookes messenger, 1592. Cuthbert Conny-catcher: The defence of conny-catching. 1592., The
charm of lullabies op. 41, A
cobbler of Canterbury., The
Critical edition of Robert Greene's Ciceronis Amor, Tullies love, A
defence of Conny-catching
disputation betweene a hee conny-catcher and a shee conny-catcher
dramatic works of Robert Greene, The
First part of the tragicall raigne of Selimus ...
Friar Bacon and Friar Bungay. Robert Greene. Edited by J.A. Lavin
General introduction, Alphonsus, a looking calsse, Orlando Furioso, Appendix to Orlando Furioso (the Alleyn ns.), notes to plays.
George a Greene (Play)
George a Greene the Pinner of Wakefield.
Greene's Arcadia; or, Menaphon: Camilla's alarum to slumber Euphues, in his melancholy cell at Silexedra.
Greene's groats-worth of wit, bought with a million of repentance : describing of the youth, the falsehood of makeshift flatterers, the misery of the negligent, and mischiefs of deceivings courtesans
Greene's groatsworth of wit : bought with a million of repentance (1592)
Greene's Pandosto' or Dorastus and Fawnia : being the original of Shakespeare's Winter's tale
Greenes never too late. Or, A powder of experience: sent to all youthfull gentlemen
Greens, Groats-worth of wit, bought with a million of Repentaunce. Describing the follie of youth, the falshoode of makeshift flatterers, the miserie of the negligent, and mischiefes of deceiuing Courtezans. Written before [!] his death, and published at his dying request ... London [Printer's device] London, Printed by Thomas Creede, for Richard Oliue, dwelling in long long Lane, and are there to be solde. 1596.
Groat's-worth of witte
Groats-vvorth of witte, bought with a million of repentance. The repentance of Robert Greene, 1592.
Groats-worth of wit
Groats-worth of witte, bought with a million of repentance. The repentance of Robert Greene, 1592
Groats-worth of Witte. [Suivi de] The Repentance
Henslowe papers : being documents supplementary to Henslowe's Diary
honorable Historie of frier Bacon and frier Bongay. 1594. -, The
honourable history of Friar Bacon and Friar Bungay prepared for reading by G.B. Harrison., The
Jiēmuzu yonsei no romansu
John of Bordeaux, or The second part of friar Bacon
King Leir
Lady alimony.
life and complete works in prose and verse of Robert Greene,..., The
looking-glass for London and England, A : 1594
looking glasse for London and England, A
M.P. Voskuyls Bellaria en Pandostos treur-spel : eerste deel.
Marlowe's Tragical history of Doctor Faustus and Greene's honourable history of Friar Bacon and Friar Bungay
Menaphon : Camila's alarm to slumbering Euphues in his melancholy cell at Silexedra, &c.
Menaphon : Camilla's alarm to slumbering Euphues in his melancholy cell at Silexedra
myrrour of modestie, The : wherein appeareth as in a perfect glasse howe the Lorde deliuereth the innocent from all imminent perils, and plagueth the bloudthirstie hypocrites with deserued punishments ...
Nieus uyt Engelandt oft Een vermaekelick proces tusschen Fluweele-broeck ende Laken-broeck.
notable discovery of coosnage 1591, A ; The second part of conny-catching 1592
Notable discovery of Coosnage. [Suivi de] The second part of Conny-catching, A
Old English drama : select plays
Pandosto, or, The triumph of time
Perymedes the blacksmith ; and, Pandosto
Philomela, the Lady Fitzwaters nightingale
plays & poems of Robert Greene., The
pleasant conceited historie, called The taming of a shrew., A
Pleasant Conceyted Comedie of George a Greene, the Pinner of VVakefield., A
poems of Robert Greene, Christopher Marlowe, and Ben Jonson., The
Poetical works of Robert Greene and Christopher Marlowe
quip for an upstart courtier, 1592., A
quip for an upstart courtier. Dutch
Qvip for an vpstart courtier, or, A quaint dispute between Velvet-breeches and Clothbreeches. Wherein is plainely set downe the disorders in all estates and trades, A
repentance of Robert Greene
Robert Greene (a concise bibliography)
Robert Greene's Leben und Schriften : eine historisch-kritische Studie
Robert Greene's Planetomachia (1585)
Robert Greene's "The scottish history of James IV" : a critical, old-spelling edition
Scottish history of James IV
Scottish history of James the Fourth, The
Second part of Conny-catching., The
Selimus, A Christian turned Turk, and The renegado
Sephestia's song to her child : soprano and piano
Shorter Elizabethan novels
Shorter novels: Elizabethan
Szép Emma, színmü öt felvonásban, 1586, fordította Rózsa Dezsö
Taming of a shrew.
Third and last part of conny-catching
thirde and last part of Conny-catching, The : with the new devised knavish art of foole-taking : the like cosenages and villenies never before discovered. A disputation between a hee conny-catcher and a shee Conny-catcher : (1592)
thirde & last part of conny-catching, The : with the new devised knauish art of foole-taking : the like cosenages and villenies neuer before discouered ; A dispvtation betweene a hee conny-catcher and a shee conny-catcher
thirde & last part of conny-catching. With the new devised knauish art of foole-taking. The like cosenages and villenies neuer before discouered. A dispvtation between a hee conny-catcher and a shee conny-catcher., The
Tragical history of Dr faustus
tragical reign of Selimus, The : 1594
true chronicle history of King Leir, The
unfortunate traveller
vermaeckelijck proces tusschen fluweele-broeck ende laken-broeck, Een : waer in verhaeldt werdt het misbruyck vande meeste deel der menschen
winter's tale, The
パンドスト王・いかさま案内 : 他
Stanley Wells' thesis (Ph. D.)--University of Birmingham, 1961