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Hamilton Johnston, Harry
Harry Hamilton Johnston
Johnston, H. H.
Johnston, H. H. (Sir)
Johnston, Harry
Johnston, Harry H.
Johnston, Harry Hamilton
Johnston, Harry Hamilton (English painter and writer, 1858-1927)
Johnston, Harry Hamilton (Sir)
Johnston, Harry (Sir)
Johnston, Henry H. (Sir)
Johnston, Henry Hamilton
Johnston, Henry Hamilton (Sir)
Johnston, Sir
Johnston, Sir Harry Hamilton
The pygmies of the great Congo forest, 1903 (port. (by Sir Harry H. Johnston))
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Cartographic material
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Barker, Ernest (1874-1960)
Freeden, W. von
Grenfell, George (1849-1906)
Guest, Leslie Haden (1877-)
Oxford University Press
Stape, Otto
Stapf, O. (b. 1857.)
Stapf, Otto (b. 1857.)
Vischer, Hanns Sir, 1876-1945
Vohsen, Ernst (1853-1919)
Wallcousins, E.
Wells, H.G. (1866-1946)
Wells, Herbert George (1866-1946)
Across the Sahara from Tripoli to Bornu
Africa and the White man or Caucasian Sub-species. - Africa and the black, brown and yellow races. - The future great railways of Africa (1 : 45 000 000)
backward peoples and our relations with them, the
Barotseland : eight years among the Barotse
black man's part in the war. -, The
Britain across the seas: Africa : a history and description of the British Empire in Africa
British Central Africa an attempt to give some account of a portion of the North territories under British influence North of the Zambezi
British Central Africa; an attempt to give some account of a portion of the territories under British influence, north of the Zambesi
British Mammals : an attempt to describe and illustrate the mammalian fauna of the British Islands from the commencement of the pleistocene period down to the present day
colonization of africa, the
Common sense in foreign policy
comparative study of the Bantu and Semi-Bantu languages. - 1919-22, A
descobriment d'Africa, El
Gay-Dombeys; a novel, The
George Grenfell and the Congo; a history and description of the Congo Independent State and adjoining districts of Congoland, together with some account of the native peoples and their languages, the fauna and flora; and similar notes on the Cameroons and the island of Fernando Pô, the whole founded on the diaries and researches of the late Rev. George Grenfell, B.M.S., F.R.G.S.; and on the records of the British Baptist Missionary Society; and on additional information contributed by the author, by the Rev. Lawson Forfeitt, Mr. Emil Torday, and others
Geschichte der Kolonisation Afrikas durch fremde Rassen
"Gesunder Menschenverstand in der auswärtigen Politik."
great pioneer in India, Ceylon, Bhutan & Tibet, The
Handbook to British Central Africa.
history and description of the British Empire in Africa
history of a slave, the
history of the colonization of Africa by alien races. -, A
history of the colonization of Africa by alien reces, A
Impero e libertà nelle colonie Inglesi
kilema-njaro expedition, the
Kilima-Ndjaro, Der : Forschungsreise im östlichen Aequatorial-Afrika : nebst einer Schilderung der naturgeschichtlichen und commerziellen Verhältnisse sowie der Sprachen des Kilima-Ndjaro-Gebietes
Kilima-njaro expedition, The : a record of scientific exploration in Eastern Equatorial Africa and a general description of the natural history, languages, and commerce of the Kilima-njaro district
Kongo, Der : Reise von seiner Mündung bis Bolobo : nebst einer Schilderung der klimatischen, naturgeschichtlichen und ethnographischen Verhältnisse des westlichen Kongogebietes
Kongo; Reise von seiner Mündung bis Bolobo, nebst einer Schilderung der klimatischen, naturgeschichtlichen und ethnographischen Verhältniss., Der
Liberia, with an appendix on the flora of Liberia
Little life stories
living animals of the world; a popular natural history with one thousand illustrations;, The
Livingstone and the exploration of central Africa. With twenty-two illustrations from Photographs or drawings by the author, and seven maps drawn by E. G. Ravenstein, F. R. G. S.
Man who did the right thing. - [1921], The
man who did the right thing; a romance, The
McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of World Biography, 1973
Mittel-Europa ein britisches Friedensziel "Gesunder Menschenverstand in der auswärtigen Politik"
Mrs. Warren's daughter; a story of the woman's movement
negro in the new world, the
Nile quest, The : a record of the exploration of the Nile and its basin
nile quest: the story of exploration, the
opening up of africa, the
outline of history, being a plain history of life and mankind, The
outline of the world to-day, The
partage du Congo belge, Le
Phonetic Spelling. -
Photos and phantasms : Harry Johnston's photographs of the Caribbean.
Pioneers in Australasia
Pioneers in Canada, 1996. Harry Johnston. CIP.
Pioneers in India pioneers of empire
Pioneers in India : with eight coloured ill. by E. Wallcousins
Pioneers in South Africa
Pioneers in tropical America
Pioneers in West Africa
political map of Africa in July 1914. - Africa as it might have been in 1916. - Africa as it may be when the War is finished 1, The : 45 000 000e
Provinces and districts, 1900 : [Uganda].
pygmies of the great Congo forest, The
Rassen Afrikas Vortrag geh. am 2. Nov. 1910 im Württembergischen Verein f. Handelsgeographie E. V. Stuttgart, Die
Report by Commissioner Johnston of the first three year's administration of the Eastern portion of British Central Africa, dated March 31, 1894 : presented to both Houses of Parliament ...
river Congo, from its mouth to Bólóbó; with a general description of the natural history and anthropology of its western basin, The
River Congo from its mouth to Bolobu, The : with a general description of the natural history and anthropology of its Western basin : with over seventy ills. by the author
river [[congo river|congo]], the
story of my life, the
Trade politics and Christianity in Africa and the East
truth about the war. - [1917], The
Uganda and its peoples : notes on the protectorate of Uganda, especially the anthropology and ethnology of its indigenous races
Uganda protectorate; an attempt to give some description of the physical geography, botany, zoology, anthropology, languages and history of the territories under British protection in East Central Africa, between the Congo Free State and the Rift Valley and between the first degree of south latitude and the fifth degree of north latitude, The
Veneerings; a novel, The
Views and reviews from the outlook of an anthropologist
wonders of the world, The : a popular and authentic account of the marvels of nature and of man as they exist to-day.
world of to-day; The marvels of nature and the creations of man, The