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Cholton, Dž
Geralton, James
Geralton, James (pseudonym)
Holton, Gerald
Holton, Gerald J.
Holton, Gerald James
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Brush, Stephen G.
Cassidy, David C. (1945- ))
Elkana, Yehuda (1934- ))
Graubard, Stephen Richards
Harvard Project Physics
Roller, Duane H.D
Rutherford, F. James (1924- ))
Rutherford, F. James (1924-)
Rutherford, Floyd James (1924-)
Schweber, Silvan S. (1928-...)
Sonnert, Gerhard (1957-...)
Sopka, Katherine Russell
Watson, Fletcher G. (1927-)
Микулинский, Семён Романович
About the Project physics course : an introduction to the teacher resource book
advancement of science and its burdens, 1986- :, The
advancement of science, and its burdens, The : the Jefferson lecture and other essays
advancement of science, and its burdens, The : with a new introduction
advancements of science and its burdens the Jefferson lecture and other essays, The
Albert Einstein : historical and cultural perspectives : the centennial symposium in Jerusalem
Albert Einstein : historical and cultural perspectives : the centennial syposium in Jerusalem
Albert Einstein, historical & cultural perspectives, c1982:
American education: still separate, still unequal
American physics in transition : a history of conceptual change in the late 19th century
Boston studies in the philosophy of science
Ciencia y anticiencia
Ciencia y cultura
Classics of science series. Under the general editorship of Gerald Holton,..
Daedalus : journal of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences
Einstein and his perception of order in the universe.
Einstein, die Geschichte und andere Leidenschaften der Kampf gegen die Wissenschaft am Ende des 20. Jahrhunderts
Einstein e la cultura scientifica del XX secolo
Einstein for the 21st century his legacy in science, art, and modern culture
Einstein for the twenty-first century
Einstein, historia y otras pasiones la rebelión contra la ciencia en el final del siglo XX
Einstein, history, and other passions the rebellion against science at the end of the twentieth century
Ensayos sobre el pensamiento científico en la época de Eistein
Errors : consequences of big mistakes in the natural and social sciences
ethereal aether a history of the Michelson-Morley-Miller aether-drift experiments 1880-1930, The
Excellence and leadership in a democracy
Foundations of modern physical science, by Gerald Holton,... and Duane H. D. Roller,... under the editorship of Duane Roller,...
Fundamentos de la Física moderna : Introducción histórico-filosófica al estudio de la Física
Gender differences in science careers : the project access study
H P P : livret d'enseignement programmé
Helping young refugees and immigrants succeed : public policy, aid, and education
History of modern physics, 1800-1950
imagination scientifique, L'
Influences on Einstein's early work in relativity theory a report based on archival materials
intelligenza scientifica, L' : un'indagine sull'immaginazione creatrice dello scienziato
Introducción a los conceptos y teorías de las ciencias físicas
Introduction to concepts and theories in physical science. Gerald Holton...
invention scientifique, L' : thémata et interprétation
Invention scientifique thémata et interprétation, L'
Ivory bridges connecting science and society
Johannes Kepler et les origines philosophiques de la physique moderne...Conférence donnée au Palais de la découverte le 7 janvier 1961, Gérald Holton,...
lezione di Einstein, La : in difesa della scienza
Limits of scientific inquiry
On being an intellectual.- Engagement and objectivity in science
Physics, the human adventure, c2001:
Physics, the human adventure : from Copernicus to Einstein and beyond
project physics course, The
Science and anti-science
Science and culture, a study of cohesive and disjunctive forces. Edited by Gerald Holton
Science and its public the changing relationship
Science and modern mind, a symposium. Edited by Gerard Holton
Science and the modern mind : a symposium
Science en gloire, science en procès entre Einstein et aujourd'hui
Science in culture
Scientific imagination case studies, The
scientific imagination, The : with a new introduction
Scienza, educazione e interesse pubblico
Série HPP : texte et guide de travail
Special relativity theory
story of sound. 1948., The
Teachers resource book at a glance
Tematičeskij analiz nauki ; obščaja red. i posleslovie S.R. Mikulinskogo ; [sost. A.E. Levin] ; [perev.: A.L. Velikovič ... et al.]
Tematicheskiĭ analiz nauki
Themata zur Ideengeschichte der Physik
Thematic origins of scientific thought Kepler to Einstein
Thematic origins of scientific thoughtKepler to Einstein
Thematische Analyse der Wissenschaft : die Physik Einsteins und seiner Zeit
twentieth-century sciences, The : studies in the biography of ideas
Über die Hypothesen, welche der Naturwissenschaft zugrunde liegen
Understanding physics Student guide
Věda a antivěda
Victory and vexation in science : Einstein, Bohr, Heisenberg, and others
What happened to the children who fled Nazi persecution
Who succeeds in science ? : the gender dimension
Тематический анализ науки