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Walton, Doug
Walton, Douglas
Walton, Douglas N.
Walton, Douglas Neil
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Language material
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Brand, Myles
Brinton, Alan
Irvine, A. D.
Krabbe, E.C.W. (1943-)
Krabbe, Erik Christiaan Willem (1943-)
Macagno, Fabrizio
Reed, Chris Dr
University of Alabama Press
Urban, Linwood
Winnipeg Conference on Human Action (1975 : Winnipeg, Man.)
Woods, John
Woods, John Hayden
Abductive reasoning
Action theory : proceedings of the Winnipeg Conference on Human Action, held at Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, 9-11 May 1975
Action Theory : proceedings of Winnipeg Conference on Human Action 9 - 15 May 1975
Ad hominem arguments, c1998:
Appeal to expert opinion : arguments from authority
Appeal to pity : Argumentum ad misericordiam
Appeal to popular opinion
Arguer's position : a pragmatic study of ad hominem attack, criticism, refutation, and fallacy
Arguer's position a pragmatic study of "ad hominem" attack, criticism, refutation and fallary
Argument : critical thinking, logic and the fallacies
Argument structure : a pragmatic theory
Argument, the logic of the fallacies
Argumentation methods for artificial intelligence and law
Argumentation methods for artificial intelligence in law
Argumentation schemes for presumptive reasoning
Arguments from ignorance
Argumentum ad misericordiam
Begging the question : circular reasoning as a tactic of argumentation
Brain death : ethical considerations
Character evidence : an abductive theory
Commitment in dialogue : basic concepts of interpersonal reasoning
Courage, a philosophical investigation
Critique de l'argumentation logique des sophismes ordinaires
Death and dying in medicine
Dialog theory for critical argumentation
Dialogues about the burden of proof
Ethical argumentation
Ethics of withdrawal of life-support systems, c1983:
Ethics of withdrawal of life-support systems : case studies on decision-making in intensive care
Fallacies arising from ambiguity
Fallacies selected papers, 1972-1982
Fundamentals of critical argumentation
Gemakkelijk praten! : situationeel diskwalificerende aanvallen ad hominem
Historical foundations of informal logic
Informal fallacies : towards a theory of argument criticisms
Informal logic, 1989:
Informal logic : a handbook for critical argumentation
Informal Logic a pragmatic approach
Legal argumentation and evidence
Logical dialogue-games and fallacies, c1984:
Media argumentation : dialectic, persuasion, and rhetoric
Methods of argumentation
new dialectic, The : conversational contexts of argument
On defining death : an analytic study of the concept of death in philosophy and medical ethics
On defining death. (Douglas N. Walton)
One-sided arguments : a dialectical analysis of bias
Physician-patient decision-making : a study in medical ethics
place of emotion in argument, The
Plausible argument in everyday conversation
Power of God, The : readings on omnipotence and evil
Practical reasoning : goal-driven, knowledge-based, action-guiding argumentation
pragmatic theory of fallacy, A
Question-reply argumentation
Relevance in argumentation
Scare tactics : arguments that appeal to fear and threats
Slippery slope arguments
Thesis. Vita. Canadian. Full name. Date.
Topical relevance in argumentation
Witness testimony evidence argumentation, artificial intelligence, and the law