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Matthew, W. D.
Matthew, William D.
Matthew, William Diller
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American Museum of Natural History
Camp, Charles Lewis (1893-1975))
Chubb, Samuel Harmsted (1863-))
Colbert, Edwin Harris (1905-....))
Couto, Carlos de Paula
Osborn, Henry Fairfield (1857-1935))
Stirton, R. A. (1901-1966)
Stirton, R. A. (1901-1966))
Stirton, Ruben Arthur (1901-1966)
United States Geological Survey of the Territories
University of California Press
VanderHoof, Vertress Lawrence
Absence of the Pollex in Perisso-dactyla.
American museum journal., The
asphalt group of fossil skeletons, the tar-pits of Rancho-la-Brea, California, The
carnivora and insectivora of the Bridger basin, middle Eocene, The
Cenozoic mammal horizons of western North America
Central Asiatic Expeditions of the American Museum of Natural History under the leadership of Roy Chapman Andrews preliminary contributions in geology, palæontology and zoology, 1918-1925
Climate and evolution
collection of fossil vertebrates a guide leaflet to the exhibition halls of vertebrate palaeontology in the American Museum of Natural History, The
Contributions to the Snake Creek fauna with notes upon the Pleistocene of Western Nebraska American Museum Expedition of 1916.
Critical observations on the phylogeny of the rhinoceroses
Cuban edentates, The
effusive and dyke rocks near St. John, N.B, The
Equidae from the Pliocene of Texas
Evolution of the horse. In two parts. Evolution of the horse in nature
fauna of the Titanotherium Beds at Pipestone Springs, Montana, The
fossil hedgehog from the American oligocene, A
Fossil mammals of the Tertiary of northeastern Colorado.
four-horned Pelycosaurian from the permian of Texas, A
Hitherto unpublished plates of Tertiary Mammalia and Permian Vertebrata
horned rodent from the Colorado miocene. With a revision of the Mylagauli, Beavers, and hares of the American tertiary, A
Hypothetical outlines of the Continents in tertiary times
List of the pleistocene Fauna from Hay Springs, Nebraska
lower miocene fauna from South Dakota, A
Mammoths and Mastodons
Methods of correlation by fossil vertebrates.
New Sirenian from the tertiary of Porto Rico West Indies.
Observations upon the genus Ancodon
Osteology and affinities of Borophagus
Osteology of Blastomery and phylogeny of the American Cervidae
Outline and general principles of the history of life
Paleocene faunas of the San Juan Basin, New Mexico
pliocene mastodon skull from California, Pliomastodon Vexillarius, n. sp., A
Problems of American geology a series of lectures dealing with some of the problems of the Canadian shield and of the Cordilleras
Recent progress and trends in vertebrate paleontology
Review of Case's "revision of the Pelycosauria of North America"
Review of the rhinoceroses with a description of aphelops material from the pliocene of texas
revision of the lower eocene Wasatch and Wind River faunas., A
Skeleton of Diatryma, a gigantic bird from the lower Eocene of Wyoming., The
skull of hypisodus, the smallest of the artiodactyla, with a revision of the hyper-tragulidae, The
William Diller Matthew : paleontologist : the splendid drama observed