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Pound, Nathan Roscoe
Pound, Roscoe
باوند، روسكو،
روسكو باوند،
パウンド, R
パウンド, ロスコー
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Ames, James Barr (1846-1910)
Beale, Joseph Henry (1861-1943)
Beardsley, WM. W.
Clements, Frederic Edward (1874-1945)
Delamere, Catherine
Gurvitch, Georges (1894-1965))
Harvard Law School
Isaacs, Nathan
Oliver Wendell Holmes Collection (Library of Congress)
Rickmers, Willi Rickmer (1873-1965)
Setaro, Franklyn C.
Smith, Jeremiah (1837-1921)
Wenger, Leopold (1874-1953)
شنب، محمد لبيب
高柳, 賢三 (1887-1967)
administration of justice in retrospect, The : Roscoe Pound's 1906 address in a half-century of experience
administration of justice in the modern city, The
Administrative agencies and the law
administrative application of legal standards, The
Administrative law : its growth, procedure, and significance
Appellate procedure in civil cases
bibliography of procedural reform, A
bibliography of the writings of Roscoe Pound, A
Cases on equitable relief against defamation and injuries to personality.
causes of popular dissatisfaction with the administration of justice, The : a paper read by Roscoe Pound of Lincoln, Nebraska, at the twenty-ninth annual meeting of the American Bar Association held at St. Paul, Minnesota, August 29, 30, 31, 1906.
Contemporary juristic theory
Contributions to synthetic jurisprudence being research papers
Criminal appeals in America
Criminal justice in America
Criminal justice in Cleveland : reports of the Cleveland Foundation survey of the administration of criminal justice in Cleveland, Ohio
decadence of equity, The
development of constitutional guarantees of liberty, The
Essays in jurisprudence in honor of Roscoe Pound
Examen de los intereses sociales.
Fa xue yi yan
Fashions in juristic thinking
Federalism as a democratic process : essays
Five hundred delinquent women
formative era of American law, The
future of the common law., The
Geist des gemeinen Rechts., Der
General practice series and Trial practice series
grandes tendencias del pensamiento jurídico., Las
Grundlegung der Soziologie des Rechts
Harvard legal essays, written in honor of and presented to Joseph Henry Beale and Samuel Williston
History and System of the Common Law
Hō to ninmu
Hōritsu shikan
Hōritsu to dōtoku
I: Historical types of international law : lectures delivered in the University of Leiden
ideal element in law, The
Institutes of the roman law of civil procedure.
Interpretation of legal history
Interpretations of legal history
Interpretations of modern legal philosophies : essays in honor of Roscoe Pound
introduction to the philosophy of law., An
Introduction to the study of law
Irrigation law
Jubilee law lectures. 1889-1939. School of Law, the Catholic University of America.
Juristic problems of national progress
Juristic science and law
Justice according to law
Law and morals : the McNair lectures, 1923, delivered at the University of North Carolina
law and the people, The
Law finding through experience and reason : three lectures
law in China as seen by Roscoe Pound, The
lawyer from antiquity to modern times, The : with particular reference to the development of bar associations in the United States
Lectures on masonic jurisprudence
Lectures on the philosophy of freemasonry
Legal immunities of labor unions
Legal rights
Magna Carta installation ceremonies
National law library ..., The
Obligation of contract
organization of courts, The : an address before the Law Association of Philadelphia, January 31, 1913
Outline of a course in the law of irrigation
Outlines of lectures on jurisprudence
Philosophical theory and international law : lecture delivered in the University of Leiden
Philosophy of life
Phytogeography of Nebraska
place of higher learning in Amrican life, The
place of Judge Story in the making of American law, The
Preliminary report to the council on classification of the law
Readings on the history and system of the common law
Readings on the history and sytem of all common law. -
revival of personal government, The
rise of the service state and its consequences, The
Roman law in China
Roscoe Pound and criminal justice
Roscoe Pound papers, The
scope and purpose of sociological jurisprudence., The
Selection of cases on the law of torts, A
Shakaigakuteki hōgaku
Shê hui fa li hsüeh lun lüeh.
Social control through law
Social problems and the courts
Sociology of law
Some problems of the administration of justice in China.
Some thoughts about comparative law
spirit of the common law, The
Spurious interpretation.
Status in the Common Law
task of law the North Law Lectures delivered at Franklin and Marshall College, January 9, March 4, and April 18, 1941, The
Threescore and ten years of the Harvard Law School; Dean Pound's address to faculty and students delivered on his ninetieth birthday, October 27, 1960.
Two addresses delivered before the alumni of the Harvard law school at Cambridge, June 21, 1920 ...
working bibliography of Greek law, A
ضمانات الحرية فى الدستور الأمريكى