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Winslow, Edward
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Language material
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writer of accompanying material
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Arber, Edward (1836-1912)
Bradford, William (1590-1657)
Cushman, Robert (1579?-1625)
Eliot, John (1604-1690)
Mayhew, Thomas (1621-1657)
Robinson, John (1575?-1625)
Schreiber, Leo
Smith, E. Brooks (1917-)
Stewart, Mary Wilson
Wisecup, Kelly (1981-)
brief history of the pilgrims, A
chronicles of the pilgrim fathers of the colony of plymouth, from 1602–162
chronicles of the pilgrims
Glorious progress of the gospel, amongst the Indians in New England, The : manifested by three letters, under the hand of ... Mr. John Eliot, and another from Mr. Thomas Mayhew jun, both preachers of the Word, as well to the English as Indians in New England ... : together, with an appendix to the foregoing letters ... by I.D., Minister of the Gospel
Glorious progresse of the gospel amongst the Indians in New-England
good newes from new england, or a true relation of things very remarkable at the plantation of plimouth in new england
Good Newes from New-England ... Written by E. W. ... Wherevnto is added by him a briefe Relation of a credible intelligence of the present estate of Virginia.
Good news from New England or A true relation of things very remarkable at the plantation of Plymouth in New England by Edward Winslow, London, 1624
Homes in the wilderness ; a pilgrim's journal of Plymouth plantation in 1620
Hypocrisie unmasked; a true relation of the proceedings of the Governor and company of the Massachusetts against Samuel Gorton of Rhode Island.
hypocrisie unmasked; by a true relation of the governor and company of massachusetts against samuel gorton, a notorious disturber of the peace
Hypocrisie unmasked: by a true relation of the proceedings of the governour and company of the Massachusets against Samvel Gorton (and his accomplices) a notorious disturber of the peace and quiet of the severall governments wherein he lived: with the grounds and reasons thereof, examined and allowed by their Generall court holden at Boston in New-England in November last, 1646. Together with a particular answer to the manifold slanders, and abominable falshoods which are contained in a book written by the said Gorton, and entituled, Simplicities defence against seven-headed policy &c. Discovering to the view of all whose eyes are open, his manifold blasphemies; as also the dangerous agreement which he and his accomplices made with ambitious and treacherous Indians, who at the same time were deeply engaged in a desperate conspiracy to cut off all the rest of the English in the other plantations.
journal of the beginning and proceeding of the english plantation settled at plymouth in new england
journal of the Pilgrims at Plymouth, The
Journall of the English plantation at Plimoth.
Mayflower report, 1622, The : as told by the Mayflower pilgrims William Bradford & Edward Winslow, et al. : restored and annotated, illustrated with engravings, prints, & maps
Mourt's relation; or, Journal of the plantation at Plymouth
New-England's memorial.
new england's salamander
Pilgrim courage, from a firsthand account by William Bradford ... Selected episodes from his original History of Plimoth Plantation, and passages from the journals of William Bradford and Edward Winslow.
Pilgrim fathers; a journal of their coming in the Mayflower to New England, and their life and adventures there:, The
Pilgrim story, being largely a compilation from the documents of Governor Bradford and Governor Winslow, severally and in collaboration; together with a list of Mayflower passengers., The
Plymouth plantation : selections from the narratives of William Bradford and Edward Winslow
relation ... of the beginning and proceedings of the English plantation setled at Plimoth in New England., A
Relation of the English plantation at New Plimoth
Relation of the plantation at New Plimoth, 1622
relation, or journal of the beginning and proceedings of the English plantation settled at Plymouth in New England, 1622
story of the Pilgrim Fathers, 1606-1623 A.D.; as told by themselves, their friends, and their enemies, The