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Rainfelnt, Frent
Reinfeld, Fred
Young, Edward
ラインフェルト, フレッド
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Chernev, Irving (1900-1981)
Fine, Reuben (1914-1993)
Green, Matthew (1915-)
Hobson, Burton
Horowitz, I.A. (1907-1973)
Horowitz, Israel Albert
Horowitz, Israel Albert (1907-1973)
Mariñas, Francisco Javier
Mason, James (1849-1905)
Obojski, Robert
Rodríguez de los Ríos, S.
Soltis, Andrew
黒田, 明生 (1937-)
1001 combinaciones de mate
1001 sacrificios y combinaciones brillantes
A. Alekhine vs. E. D. Bogoljubow;
art of chess, The
Attack and counterattack in chess.
Best games of chess
beste schaakboek voor beginners, Het
Cash for your coins.
Catalogue of the world's most popular coins
Championship chess.
Chess for amateurs : how to improve your game
Chess : how to play the black pieces
Chess is an easy game
Chess masters on winning chess.
Chess mastery by question and answer
chess primer., A
Chess quiz
Chess strategy and tactics : fifty master games
Chess traps, pitfalls, and swindles
Coin collecting
Coin dictionary and guide
Colle's chess masterpieces
Common sense in chess
course in the elements of modern chess strategy, A
Cuarto libro de ajedrez
Epic battles of the chessboard
estratagemas en ajedrez, Las
First book of chess
From my games, 1920-1937
Great brilliancy prize games of the chess masters
Great games by chess prodigies.
How to be a winner at chess
How to beat your opponent quickly
How to build a coin collection
How to fight back
How to play better chess.
How to play chess like a champion
How to play top-notch checkers. [from old catalog]
How to play winning chess.
How to think ahead in chess : the methods and techniques of planning your entire game
How to win at checkers
How to win when you're ahead
human side of chess, The : the story of the world champions : their triumphs and their illusions, their achievements and their failures
Hypermodern chess : as developed in the games of its greatest exponent, Aron Nimzovich
immortal games of Capablanca, The
Improve your chess
Improving your chess : the nine bad moves and how to avoid them
Instructive and practical endings from master chess
joys of chess, The
Kemeri tournament, 1937
Keres' best games of chess 1931-1940
Keres' best games of chess, 1931-1948
Lasker's manual of chess
Learn chess fast!
Macmillan handbook of chess, The
Manual de iniciación al ajedrez : estudios prácticos para el principiante
Manual of chess
Miracle drugs and the new age of medicine.
Modern fundamentals of chess.
Morphy chess masterpieces
Münzkatalog der bekanntesten Münzen von der Antike bis zur Gegenwart
Münzkenner, Der
My system, a treatise on chess;
Nimzovich, the hypermodern
perfección en ajedrez, La
Pictorial guide to coin conditions
Picture book of ancient coins
Picture book of atomic science.
Practical end-game play
Primer libro de ajedrez
principles of chess in theory and practice, The
Rays: visible and invisible.
Reinfeld explains chess
Relax with chess and win in 20 moves
Schach und matt Schachspielen, die reine Freude
secret of tactical chess, The
Segundo libro de ajedrez
Stamp collectors' handbook
Tarrasch's best games of chess
Tercer libro de ajedrez
Trappers of the West.
Treasures of the earth
treasury of chess lore, The
Treasury of the world's coins
Uranium and other miracle metals.
way to better chess, The
What's new in science.
Why you lose at chess
Winning chess for beginners
Winning chess : how to perfect your attacking play
Winning chess openings