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Smith, D. E.
Smith, David
Smith, David E.
Smith, David Eugene
Smith, Eugene
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Language material
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writer of accompanying material
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Dunham, David (Pseudonym; other identity, same person)
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Beman, Wooster Woodruff (1850-1922)
Ginsburg, Jekuthiel (1889-1957)
Klein, Felix (1849-1925)
Mikami, Yoshio
Morss, Edward Longworth
Mullins, George Walker
Reeve, William David (1883-)
Wentworth, G. A. (1835-1906)
Wentworth, George (b. 1868.)
Wentworth, George Albert (1835-1906)
Young, J. W. A. (1865-)
Young, Jacob William Albert (1865-)
Academic algebra
Advanced arithmetic
Algebra for beginners
Analytic geometry; brief course
Arithmetic ...
Aritmética moderna
Bibliography of the teaching of mathematics, 1900-1912
budget of paradoxes., A
Capitalism and arithmetic : the new math of the 15th century, including the full text of the Treviso arithmetic of 1478, translated by David Eugene Smith
Challenging problems in American schools of education
College algebra
comput manuel de magister Anianus., Le
Computing jetons
Elementos de álgebra
Elements of algebra
Essentials of algebra. Complete course.
Essentials of plane and solid geometry
Essentials of trigonometry
Every man a millionaire; a baloon [!] trip in the mathematical stratosphere of social relations
Exercises and tests in intermediate algebra
Famous problems of elementary geometry: the duplication of the cube; the trisection of an angle; the quadrature of the circle; an authorized translation of F. Klein's Vorträge über ausgewählte fragen der elementargeometrie, ausgearbeitet von F. Tägert
Famous problems of elementary geometry; the duplication of the cube, the trisection of an angle, the quadrature of the circle; an authorzed translation of F. Klein's Vorträge über ausegewählte fragen der elementargeometrie, ausgearbeitet
Firdausī celebration, 935-1935; addresses delivered at the celebration of the thousandth anniversary of the birth of the national poet of Iran held at Columbia university and the Metropolitan museum of art in the city of New York.
Freshman mathematics
Fundamentals of practical mathematics
Geometric exercises in paper folding
Geometrical solutions derived from mechanics, a treatise of Archimedes
geometry of René Descartes, The
Grammar school arithmetic
Handbook to Smith's arithmetic
Higher arithmetic
Hindu-Arabic numerals, The
Historical-mathematical Paris
history of Japanese mathematics, A
history of mathematics in America before 1900, A
History of modern mathematics.
Junior high school mathematics
Kurzer Abriss einer Geschichte der Elementar-Mathematik.
Machine-shop mathematics
Mathematics for agriculture and elementary science
Mathematics for nurses
Mathematics in the elementary school.
Mathematics in the lower and middle commercial and industrial schools of various countries represented in the International Commission on the Teaching of Mathematics
Monographs on topics of modern mathematics, relevant to the elementary field
New York State arithmetic, years five, six, seven, and eight
Number stories of long ago.
Numbers and numerals; a story book for young and old
Oral arithmetic
Plane and solid geometry
Plane and Spherical trigonometry and tables
Portraits of eminent mathematicians; with brief biographical sketches
Practical arithmetic
Primary arithmetic
problem and practice arithmetics, The
...Problems about war for classes in arithmetic; suggestions for makers of textbooks and for use in schools
Rara arithmetica; a catalogue of the arithmetics written before the year MDCI, with a description of those in the library of George Arthur Plimpton of New York.
Regulae ad directionem ingenii.
Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám, The
School algebra
Scripta mathematica forum lectures
Smith-Burdge arithmetics, The
Solid geometry
source book in mathematics, A
Sumario compendioso de las quentas de plata y oro que en los reynos del Piru son necessarias a los mercaderes.
Sumario compendioso of Brother Juan Díez, The : the earliest mathematical work of the New World
Teacher's manual to accompany Beman and Smith's Elements of algebra
Teachers' manual to accompany Exercises and tests in algebra through quadratics
Teachers' manual to accompany the Problem and practice arithmetics
teaching of elementary mathematics;, The
teaching of geometry, The
Text and tests in plane geometry; a combined textbook, student's workbook, and testbook made for modern courses
Topical advanced arithmetic.
Vorträge über ausgewählte fragen der elementargeometrie.
Walks and talks in Numberland
Wentworth's plane geometry
wonderful wonders of one-two-three, The