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Deadota, Giovanni
Houdini, Harry
Hudini, Hari
Hudini, Harry
Ṿais, Eriḳ
Vais, Hari
Weiss, Ehrich
Weiss, Erich
Weiss, Erik
Weisz, Ehrich
Weisz, Erich
Weisz, Erik
הודיני (הגדול)
הודיני, הרי
ויס, אריק
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Projected medium
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Burgess, Clinton (1880-1932)
Elliott, James William (1874-1920)
Gibson, Walter B.
Gibson, Walter B. (1897-)
Gibson, Walter Brown (1897-)
Goldston, Will (1877-1948)
Harry Houdini Collection (Library of Congress)
Helms, Harry (d. 1924)
Hjukström, Charlotte (1959-)
McManus-Young Collection (Library of Congress)
Plate, Adrian
Reeve, Arthur B.
Stanyon, Ellis (1870-1951)
Teale, Oscar S. (1848-)
Teale, Oscar Schutte (1848-)
America's sensational perplexer!
American magicians
black art, The
Book of magic and party pastimes; fascinating puzzles, tricks, and mysterious stunts.
Card tricks & conjuring
[Catalogs and advertising.]
Conjurers' monthly magazine.
Conjuring & legerdemain : ventriloquist
Dr. Wilson of the Sphinx papers
Elliott's last legacy
Elliott's legacy to the conjuring fraternity
Evan's nephew [cu]ttings + [sele]ctions
Grim game
Haldane of the secret service
Handcuff secrets
Harry Houdini scrapbooks 1858-1926.
Hindoos xposed
History of magic in Boston, 1792-1915
Houdini : art and magic
Houdini et sa légende : les secrets du roi de l'évasion
Houdini exposes the tricks used by the Boston medium "Margery" to win the $2500 prize offered by the Scientific American : also a complete exposure of Argamasilla, the famous Spaniard who baffled noted scientists of Europe and America, with his claim to X-ray vision ...
Houdini on magic
Houdini programs, announcements, challenges.
Houdini's book of magic
Houdini's History of magic in Boston, 1792-1915 : a facsimile of the original manuscript
Houdini's magic : prepared from Houdini's private notebooks and memoranda with the assistance of Beatrice Houdini, widow of Houdini, and Bernard M.L. Ernst president of the parent assembly of the Society of American Magicians
Houdini's paper magic; the whole art of performing with paper, including paper tearing, paper folding and paper puzzles
Houdini, the movie star a three-DVD collection
Hudini ha-gadol, oman ha-beriḥot, c1982:
Hur tjuvar gör och tänker
Inventory book
Lulu Hurst, magnetic girl ; Bertram, Kellers Karmos
Magic, keep out
[Magic miscellanea, 1845-1955].
Magic tricks.
Magical rope ties and escapes
magician among the spirits, A : the original manuscript
[Magicians and mediums scrapbook,]
Man from beyond
[Manuscript scrapbook of magic tricks]
master card trickster's feats, The : Elliott's last legacy, secrets of the king of all kard kings : many tricks that have mystified the best magicians of the world, laid bare for the first time : together with many novel inventions
Mein Training und meine Tricks.
miracle mongers an exposé, The
Miracle mongers and their methods; a complete exposé of the modus operandi of fire eaters, heat resisters, poison eaters, venomous reptile defiers, sword swallowers, human ostriches, strong men, etc.
[Miscellaneous photographs and graphic materials from the Harry Houdini Collection].
mistero di Osiris, or, The mystery of the jewel (talisman), c1921:, Il
mistero di Osiris, or, The mystery of the jewel (talisman), Il : mystery tale of old Egypt
modo giusto di sbagliare, Il ; prefazione di Lorenzo Jovanotti Cherubini
Mysterious Harry Houdini : tricks requiring no practice or special apparatus.
Mysterious Mr. Yu, or, Haldane of the Secret Service : an original story
[Newspaper and magazine clippings.]
Observations on some documents relating to magic in the reign of Queen Elizabeth
Occult science
Odds and ends, notices
[Oversize materials and loose items removed for rehousing from Houdini scrapbooks,]
[Postcard from Ehrich Weiss to his mother]
right way to do wrong, The : an exposé of successful criminals
Scrap book made on road
Scrapbook containing pictures, newspaper and magazine clippings, playbills, programs, challenges, promotion and other materials illustrating the life and professional career of Harry Houdini, the American escapologist
[Scrapbook of magic tricks, "Hindoo" magic, juggling]
[Scrapbook on hypnotism, Walford Bodie's stage cures, spiritualism, magic tricks, juggling, and Houdini's escapes]
[Scrapbook on magic, magicians, and jugglers]
[Scrapbook on magic, magicians, and spiritualism]
[Scrapbook on magic, magicians, gambling, spiritualism and vaudeville]
[Scrapbook on magic, magicians, spiritualism, and hypnotism]
[Scrapbook on magicians and the occult,]
[Scrapbook on parapsychology, Archdeacon Thomas Colley's libel case against John M. Maskelyne, magic tricks, and magicians]
Spirit mediums exposed
[Spirit photographs photo album from the Harry Houdini Collection].
Spiritualism, anti-spiritualism, and the occult.
Spiritualism clippings + notes
Spiritualistic scrap books : important for date and crime material
Terror island
TLS, 17 Aug. 1922, to Harry Houdini from Clinton Burgess : enclosing a manuscript on anti-spiritualism and an ALS of 14 Aug. 1922 to Clinton Burgess from Harry Rich.
Toys and games.
Trick drawings
Tricks requiring no practice or special apparatus
under the pyramids
unmasking of Robert-Houdin, together with a treatise on Handcuff secrets., The
Yar, the primeval man : an original story