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Cave, Guilielmo
Cave, Guilielmus
Cave, Guiljeaume
Cave, Guillaume
Cave, Gulielmus
Cave, Wilhelm
Cave, Wilhelmus
Cave, William
Cave, William (Reverend Dr)
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Arnold, Gottfried (1666-1714)
Bor, Salomon (1639-1705)
Cary, Henry (1804-1870)
Gery, Robert (fl. 1648-1707)
Günther, Michael (16..-16..))
Halma, François (Utrecht)
Taylor, Jeremy (1613-1667))
Wetstein, Gerard (Amsterdam)
Wetstein, Rudolph (Amsterdam)
Wharton, Henry (1664-1695)
Wits, Hermann (1636-1708))
Witsius, Hermannus (1636-1708)
2nd ed. (london, 1682)
Antiquitates apostolicae. Selections
Apostolic fathers.
Apostolici: or, The history of the lives, acts, death, and martyrdoms of those who were contemporary with or immediately succeeded the Apostles. As also the most eminent of the primitive fathers for the first three hundred years. To which is added, A chronology of the three first ages of the church
Apostolische mannen, of het leven, bedryf, dood, en martelaarschappen van de Vaderen, die ten tijde van de Apostelen
Apostolische ovdheden
Appendix ad historiam literariam ... Guilielmi Cave
Discourse concerning the unity of the Catholick Church maintained in the Church of England, A
Dissertation concerning the government of the ancient church by bishops, metropolitans, and patriarchs more particularly concerning the ancient power and jurisdiction of the bishops of rome and the encroachments of that upon other sees, especially the see of constantinople
Dissertationes tres. -
Ecclesiastici: or, The history of the lives, acts, death, & writings, of the most eminent Fathers of the Church, that flourisht in the fourth century. Wherein among other things an account is given of the rise, growth, and progress of Arianism, and all other sects of that age descending from it. Together with an introduction, containing an historical account of the state of paganism under the first Christian emperours
Ecclesiastici. Selections
eerste Christendom
Epistola apologetica adversus iniquas Joa. Clerici criminationes in epistolis crit. et ecclesiast. nuper editis : qua argumenta ejus pro Eusebii arianismo ad examen revocantur, ...
erste liebe., Die
Erstes Christenthum oder Gottesdienst der alten Christen in den ersten zeiten des evangelii
Eugyppii, africani abbatis, Opera omnia, sive Thesaurus ex s. Augustini operibus ingenti labore de emendatissimis exemplaribus electus, diligenti cura Joannis Herold acropolitæ, cum indice trigemino atque completissimo, anno RS MDXLII in lucem editus, in hac autem novissima recensione sphalmatibus innumeris, quibus scatebat, vixque intellectui pervius evadebat, emendatus : necnon Vita s. Severini, Noricorum apostoli, cum epistola Eugyppii ad Paschasium diaconum: accedunt Symmachi papæ, Vigilii Tapsensis, Paschasii, Petri, diaconorum, Rustici Helpidii scripta omnia quæ supersunt ex Bibl. pp. lugd., Galland., Chiffletio, Mansi, etc
Great exemplar of sanctity and holy life.
Guilielmi Cave SS. TH. PR. Canonici Windesor
Kerkelyke oudheden, of beschrijving van het leven, bedrijf, dood en schriften der voornaamste Vaderen, die gebloeyd hebben in de vierde eeuw
Liber pontificalis
life of our Lord ... 1846:, The
Lives of the holy evangelists, and apostles with their martyrdoms, for preaching the gospel of our lord jesus christ, as recorded by the primitive fathers, and ancient writers of unquestionable veracity
(oxford, 1743)
Primitive Christianity
religion des anciens chrétiens dans les prem. siècles du christianisme, La
Scriptores gentiles
Scriptorum ecclesiasticorum historia literaria : a Christo nato usque ad sæculum xiv. facili methodo digesta. Qua de vita illorum ac rebus gestis, de secta, dogmatibus, elogio, stylo; de scriptis genuinis, dubiis, supposititiis, ineditis, deperditis, fragmentis; deque variis operum editionibus perspicuè agitur. Accedunt scriptores gentiles, Christianae religionis oppugnatores; & cujusvis saeculi breviarium. Inseruntur suis locis veterum aliquot opuscula & fragmenta, tum Graeca, tum Latina hactenus inedita. Præmissa denique Prolegomena, quibus plurima ad antiquitatis ecclesiasticae studium spectantia traduntur. Opus indicibus necessariis instructum
Serious exhortation with some important advices relating to the late cases about conformity recommended to the present dissenters from the church of england
sermon before the lord mayor at st. mary-le-bow, 5 november 1680, a
vol. 2 (london, 1839)
Wahre Abbildung der ersten Christen, Nach ihren lebendigen Glauben Und Heiligen Leben