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Aiyangar, S. Krishnasvami
Aiyangar, S. Krishnaswami
Aiyangar, S. Krishnaswamy
Aiyangar, S. Kriṣṇaswami
Aiyaṅgar, S. Kṛṣṇasvāmī
Aiyangār, Sākkoṭại Kriṣhṇasvāmi
Aiyangār, Śākkoṭṭai Krishṇasvāmi
Aiyangar, Sakkottai Krishnaswami
Aiyangār, Śākkoṭṭai Kṛṣṇasvāmi
Aiyangār, Sākkottai Kṛṣṇasvāmin
Aiyaṅkār, S. Kiruṣṇacuvāmi
Aiyyaṅkār, S. Kiruṣṇacāmi
Ayyangar, S. Krishnaswami
Ayyaṅkār, S. Kiruśṇacāmi
Ayyankar, S. Kirusnami
Ayyaṅkār, Sākkoṭại Kiruṣṇacāmi
Ayyaṅkār, Sākkoṭṭai Kr̥ṣṇasvāmi
Iyengar, S. Krishnaswami
Iyengar, S. Krishnaswamy
Kiruṣṇacāmi Aiyyaṅkār, S.
Kirusnacami Ayyancar, S.
Kiruṣṇacāmi Ayyaṅkār, S.
Kiruṣṇacāmi Ayyaṅkār, Sākkoṭṭai
Kiruśṇacuvāmi Aiyaṅkār, Es
Kiruṣṇacuvāmi Aiyaṅkār, S.
Krishna-Svami Aiyangar, Sakkotai
Kṛishṇa-Svāmi Aiyangār, Śākkoṭṭai
Krishnasvami Aiyangar, S.
Krishnasvami Aiyangar, Sakkotai
Krishṇasvāmi Aiyangār, Śākkoṭṭai
Krishnaswami Aiyangar, S.
Krishṇaswāmi Aiyaṅgār, Sākkoṭṭai
Krishnaswami Ayyangar, S.
Krishnaswami Iyengar, S.
Krishnaswamy Iyengar, S.
Kriṣṇaswami Aiyangar, S.
Kṛṣṇa-Svāmi Aiyangār, Śākkoṭṭai
Kṛṣṇasvāmī Aiyaṅgar, S.
Kṛṣṇasvāmi Aiyangār, Śākkoṭṭai
Kr̥ṣṇasvāmi Ayyaṅkār, Sākkoṭṭai
Kṛṣṇasvāmin Aiyangār, Śākkoṭṭai
Sākkoṭại Kiruṣṇacāmi Ayyaṅkār
Sākkoṭại Kriṣhṇasvāmi Aiyangār
Śākkoṭṭai Krishṇasvāmi Aiyangār
Sakkottai Krishnaswami Aiyangar
Sakkottai Kṛṣṇasvāmī Aiyaṅgar
Sākkoṭṭai Kr̥ṣṇasvāmi Ayyaṅkār
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Gopalan, R.
Jouveau-Dubreuil, G. (1885-1945)
Jouveau-Dubreuil, Gabriel (1885-1945)
Pande, B.M.
Rasanayagam Mudaliyar, C.
Sathianathaier, R.
Sewell, Robert (1845-1925)
Smith, Vincent A.
Smith, Vincent Arthur (1848-1920))
University of Madras
Vimalā Caraṇa Lāhā, 1892-
Age of Perundêvanâr, the author of the Tamil Bhâratam, The
Agniskandha and the 4-th rock-edict of Asoka
Ancient India and South Indian history and culture, papers on Indian history and culture, Ancient India to A.D. 1300, by... S. Krishnaswami Aiyangar,... Vol. 1. Ancient India. [Preface by Vincent A. Smith.]
Ancient India : collected essays on the literary and political history of Southern India
Ancient India, history of Ancient India for 1000 years in 4 volumes, from 900 B.C. to 100 A.D.... By Tribhuvandas L. Shah,... [Foreword by S. Krishnaswami Aiyangar.]
Ancient Jaffna being a research into the history of Jaffna from very early times to the Portugese period
Archaeology and history
Archéologie de sud de l'Inde.
Buddhism of Manimekhalai, The
Buddhist conception of spirits, The
Buddhist studies
campaigns of ʿAlāʾuʾdīn Ḵẖiljī, being the Ḵẖaẓāʾinul fuṭūḥ, The
Cēran̲ Vañci Vañcu, Cērar talainakar
Dr. S. Krishnaswami Aiyangar commemoration volume.
Dravidian architecture
Early history of Vaishnavism in South India
Evolution of Hindu administrative institutions in south India.
Glimpses of Mauryan invasion in classical Tamil literature
Hindu administrative institutions
Hindu India from original sources
historical inscriptions of Southern India coll. till 1923 and rut*. -, The
historical inscriptions of southern India (collected till 1923) and outlines of political history, The
History of ancient India
History of India, A
history of the holy shrine of Sri Venkatesa
History of the Nayaks of Madura
History of the Pallavas of Kanchi, by R. Gopalan. Edited... with introduction and notes by S. Krishnaswamy Aiyangar
history of Tirupathi, A
history of Tirupati, A
interesting folk movement and the light it throws on Indian culture. - The Sâtvatas, An
Khazāʾin al-futūḥ.
little known chapter of Vijayanagar history, A
Manimekhalai in its historical setting
Nārāyanīya in Tamil literature, The
Natl. bibliogr. of Indian lit.
Orissa, note on... history
Paramasaṁhitā, of the Pāñcharātra.
Paramasaṃhitā (of the Pāñchatantra)
School of South Indian Buddhism in Kānchī, A
Some contributions of South India to Indian culture
Some poets of the Ḍiṇḍima family
Sources of Vijayanagar history
South India and her Muhammadan invaders, by S. Krishnaswami Aiyangar,...
Sri Ramanujacharya:A Sketch of his life and times
Srimad Valmiiki Ramayana edited by P. S. Krishnaswami Iyer
Vâkâṭakas and their place in the history of India, The
Vijayanagara : history and legacy