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Kitchen, T.
Kitchen, Thomas
Kitchin, ..
Kitchin, T.
Kitchin, T. (Junior)
Kitchin, Tho
Kitchin, Tho.s
Kitchin, Thomas
Kitchin, (Thomas (Junior)
Kitchin, Thos
Kitchinianus, Thomas
Kitshin, Thomas
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Cartographic material
Computer file
Language material
Two-dimensional nonprojectable graphic
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Anville, Jean Baptiste Bourguignon d' (1697-1782)
Bowen, Emanuel (1714-1767))
Bowen, Emmanuel (1694?-1767)
Bowles, Carington (1724-1793)
Bowles, John (1701-1779)
Bowles, Thomas (16..-1767)
Coxe, William
Guthrie, William (1708-1770))
John Bowles & Son
Robert de Vaugondy, Didier (1723-1786))
Robert Laurie and James Whittle
Robert Laurie and James Whittle (editori : Londra)
Sayer, Robert (1724?-1794))
Wilkinson, Robert m (ca. 1825)
Accurate Map of Carmarthen Shire Drawn from an Actual Survey, with various Improvements. Illustrated with Historical Extracts relative to the Air, Soil, Natural produce, Trade & Manufactures, [2 cartes sur une même planche] [en haut :] An
Accurate Map of England and Wales, An
Accurate Map of the County Palatine of Durham Improved from the Best Surveys & Intelligences and Divided into its Wards Shewing the several Roads and true Measured Distances between Town and Town, also the Rectories and Vicarages, the Parks and Seats of the Nobility & Gentry with other useful Particulars, Regulated by Astronomical Observations, An
América del Sur
brief survey of the terraqueous globe, A : containing, I. The description and use of the globes : II. The construction and use of maps : III. Geography, or, a short view of the antient and modern state of the several kingdoms of the world ...
Caribe (Mar)
Carte de la Pologne avec ses démembremens
Carte de Suisse où sont les treize cantons, leurs alliés et leurs sujets
Carte des Isles Britanniques qui renferment les Royaumes d'Angleterre d'Ecosse & d'Irlande Divisée par Provinces et Comtés, et dans laquelle se trouvent les principales routes
Carte des possessions angloises & françoises du continent de l'Amerique Septentrionale
circles of Lower Rhine, Franconia, Swabia, and Bavaria, with the southern parts, of the circles of upper Rhine and Saxony, the western parts of Bohemia and of the circle of Austria, Switzerland and part of Italy, France and the Netherlands, The
description of Patagonia, and the adjoining parts of South America. -, A
European part of the Russian Empire, from the maps published by the Imperial Academy of St. Petersburg, with the new provinces on the Black Sea. The Asiatic part of the Russian Empire from the maps published by the Imperial Academy of St. Petersburg with the new discoveries of Captn. Cook &c., The
Geographia Scoti? being new and correct maps of all the counties and islands in the kingdom of Scotland. Containing the universities, cities, Presbytery, and Market-Towns, Rivers, Locks, Roads, &c. With a general map of the whole kingdom, from the latest Observations
Great Britain and Ireland...
history of the life of Gustavus Adolphus, king of Sweden, sirnamed, the Great. His ashes in a peaceful urn shall rest; his name a geat example stands to show, how strangely high endeavours may be blest, where piety and valour jointly go. Dryden. Volume I. [-II.] By the reverend Walter Harte, M. A. canon of Windsor., The
Inglaterra (Gran Bretaña)
Karte von England und Wallis
Kitchin's general atlas, describing the whole universe : being a complete collection of the most approved maps extant
large English atlas] [or, A new set of maps of all the counties in England and Wales, [The : drawn from the several surveys which have been hitherto published...]
london magazine
map of the British and French dominions in North America, A : with the roads, distances, limits, and extent of the settlements, humbly inscribed to the Right Honourable the Earl of Halifax, and the other Right Honourable the Lords Commissioners for Trade & Plantations
map of the county of Kent taken from an actual survey as an index to the large one, A
Map of the East Indies or Indostan, A
Map of the Empire of Germany including all the states comprehended under that name with the Kingdom of Prussia, &c.
Mapa da Península Ibérica
new and correct plan of the Cities of London, Westminster, and Borough of Southwark, 1773:, A
New geographical, historical and commercial grammar
new map of Ireland divided into provinces, counties, etc., A
new map of North & South Carolina, & Georgia, A
new map of the British Dominions in North America; with the limits of the governments annexed thereto by the late Treaty of Peace, and settled by Proclamation, October 7th 1763., A
North America drawn from the latest and best authorities.
North Britain or Scotland, divided into its Counties
Northumberland (Gran Bretaña) (Condado)
Part of the counties of Charlotte and Albany, in the Province of New York : being the seat of war between the King's forces under Lieut. Gen. Burgoyne and the rebel army
Pequeñas Antillas (Islas)
plan of Cascaskies., A
Regni Angliae et Principatus Cambriae Tabula nova ad prototypon Kitschinianum
Remarks and dissertations on Virgil : by th late Mr. Holdsworth. Published, with several notes, and additional remarks, by Mr. Spence.
River Clyde, The
South America with its several divisions, according to the possessions of the european powers
southern part of the Province of New York, The : with part of the adjoining colonies
To His Excellency Sr. Henry Moore, Bart., captain general and governour in chief, in & over the Province of New York & the territories depending thereon in America, chancellor & vice admiral of the same. This plan of the city of New York, is most humbly inscribed
To the Right Honorable The President... of the Society, for Encoragement of Arts &c. This Survey of Derbyshire : Began in the year 1762 and finished in the year 1767 : Is Humbly Dedicated by their much obliged Servant P. Burdett
Voyage en Pologne, Russie, Suède, Danemarck, &c.