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Asim Orhan Barut
Barut, A.
Barut, A. O.
Barut, Asim Hoca
Barut, Asim O.
Barut, Asim Orhan
Barut, Asim Orhan (Auteur.)
Orhan Barut, Asim
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Brittin, Wesley E.
Brittin, Wesley Emil
Condon, Edward Uhler (1902-1974)
Dissertation : Physik : Zürich, Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule
Doebner, Heinz-Dietrich (1931-)
International Atomic Energy Agency
International Centre for Theoretical Physics
Ne'eman, Yuval (1925-)
North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Scientific Affairs Division
Rączka, Ryszard
Van der Merwe, Alwyn
Conformal Groups and Related Symmetries Physical Results and Mathematical Background Proceedings of a Symposium Held at the Arnold Sommerfeld Institute for Mathematical Physics (ASI) Technical University of Clausthal, Germany August 12-14, 1985
Crossing symmetry in the 0(4,2) formulation of the Dirac theory
Directions in microphysics, anglais
Dynamical groups and generalized symmetries in quantum theory (with applications in atomic and particle physics)
Dynamical groups and spectrum generating algebras
Electrodynamics and classical theory of fields and particles
Elektronenoptisches und statistisches Verhalten der Gittervervielfacher
Elementary particle physics : proceedings of the fifth Boulder conference on particle physics which was held during the first part of the elevent Boulder summer institute for theoretical physics, June 17 - August 23, 1968
Foundations of radiation theory and quantum electrodynamics
Geometry and physics non-newtonian forms of dynamics
Group theory in non-linear problems : lectures presented at the NATO Advanced Study Institute on Mathematical Physics, held in Istanbul, Turkey, August 7-18, 1972
Groups, systems and many-body physics
Heisenberg's uncertainties and the probabilistic interpretation of wave mechanics with critical notes of the author
High energy physics and fundamental particles
Incertitudes d'Heisenberg et l'interprétation probabiliste de la mécanique ondulatoire
Lorentz group : lectures delivered at the summer institute for theoretical physics, University of Colorado, Boulder, 1964
Mathematical methods of theoretical physics
On the existence of the [mu]-meson
On the radiative corrections to the electromagnetic properties of hadrons
On the realization of current algebra commutation relations on the space of solutions of finite or infinite component wave equations
On the S-matrix theory of weak interactions Weak interactions in nuclear physics
physical interpretation of space-like and ghost-like solutions of infinite-multiplet wave equations, The
Quantum, space, and time, the quest continues : studies and essays in honour of Louis de Broglie, Paul Dirac, and Eugene Wigner
Quantum systems
Scattering theory : new methods and problems in atomic, nuclear, and particle physics
Selected scientific papers of E. U. Condon
Spin and polarization dynamics in nuclear & particle physics : Trieste, Italy, 12-15 January 1988
Teoriâ predstavlenij grupp i ee priloženiâ.
Theory of group representations and applications
theory of the scattering matrix for the interactions of fundamental particles, The
Topics in strong interactions
very high energy limit of proton-proton scattering, The
Edition de : Dissertation : Physik : Zürich, Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule : 1951