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Mac Kinley, William
MacKinley, William
Mc Kinley, William
Mckinley, William
McKinley, William (Pres. U.S.)
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Colton, Calvin
Estats Units d'Amèrica President (1897-1901 : McKinley) (see also from)
Gordon, Charles Ulysses
Milburn, John G. (1851-1930)
Milburn, John George (1851-1930)
Ohio Governador (1892-1896 : McKinley) (see also from)
Ohio Governor (1892-1896 : McKinley) (see also from)
Pan-American Exposition (1901 : Buffalo, N.Y.)
Paper Print Collection (Library of Congress)
Reed, Thomas B. (1839-1902)
Reed, Thomas Brackett (1839-1902)
Roosevelt, Theodore (1858-1919)
Stevenson, Thomas B.
Theodore Roosevelt Association Collection (Library of Congress)
Thomas A. Edison, Inc
United States President (1897-1901 : McKinley) (see also from)
Washington, George (1732-1799)
YA Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Abraham Lincoln.
address, October 7, 1899, on the occasion of the forty-first anniversary of the Lincoln-Douglas debate at Galesburg, Illinois., An
Address of President McKinley, at the dedication of the Grant Monument, New York, April 27, 1897.
Addresses on the tariff
Body leaving the train at Canton, Ohio
Botschaft an alle, welche an der Förderung des Taubstummen-Unterrichts in Europa interessirt sind
Botschaft an die Verwaltungen von Taubstummen-Unterrichsanstalten sowie an alle, die sich für die Förderung des Taubstummen-Unterrichts in Europa interessiren
Commemorative tributes
duty on tinplate, The : from a speech by the Hon. William McKinley, Jr., of Ohio, in the House of Representatives, May 7, 1890.
Electrocution of Czolgosz
Execution of Czolgosz, with panorama of Auburn Prison
Funeral leaving the President's house and church at Canton, Ohio
geographical area and the population of the kingdom of light (the baptized) and the kingdom of darkness (the unbaptized)., The
Great debate on the tariff. For free trade.
History of Tariff legislation, 1812-1896.
Last speech of President McKinley and extracts from other speeches
last speech of President McKinley, delivered at the Pan-American exposition, Buffalo, September 5th, 1901, The
Last speech of William Mc Kinley, delivered at the Pan-American exposition at Buffalo, September 5, 1901
Last speech of William McKinley, delivered at the Pan-American exposition at Buffalo, September 5, 1901.
last speech of William McKinley, president of the United States delivered at Buffalo, New York, September 5, 1901, also extracts from other speeches., The
last speech of William McKinley, President of the United States, delivered at the Pan-American Exposition, Buffalo, New York, on the fifth of September, 1901;, The
Life and speeches of William McKinley. Containing a sketch of his eventful life-
Map of the state of Vermont.
McKinley and party
McKinley's masterpieces; selections from the public addresses in and out of Congress, of William McKinley.
McKinley's tariff truths.
Memorial proceedings on occasion of the death of Hon. William McKinley.
Message from the president of the United States, transmitting a preliminary report of the Isthmian Canal Commission (January... 1900)
Message from the president of the United States, transmitting the report of the naval court of inquiry upon the destruction of the United States battle ship Maine in Havana harbor, February 15, 1898, together with testimony taken before the court...
Message from the president of the United States, transmitting the report of the proceedings of the committee appointed in conformity with an act of Congress entitled "An Act to provide for an appropriate national celebration of the establishment of the seat of government in the district of Columbia", approved February 28, 1899. (March 7, 1900.)
Message from the president of the United States transmitting the report of the special commissioner to the Paris exposition of 1900, with illustrations and maps, and accompanying official letters, interviews, and miscellaneous documents
Messages and proclamations of Gov. Wm. McKinley, 1892-1896.
Panama Canal
President McKinley inauguration, 1901
President McKinley reviewing the troops at the Pan-American Exposition
President McKinley's body leaving the house and church
President McKinley's funeral cortege at Washington, D.C.
President McKinley's inspection of Camp Wikoff
President McKinley's last and greatest speech : outlining his masterly and statesmanlike policy for the American nation : and President Roosevelt's proclamation of that speech as the policy of his administration.
President McKinley's last speech, delivered September 5, 1901, President's day at the Pan-American exposition, Buffalo.
president's letter accepting the nomination of the Republican Party., The
Presidential inaugural speeches
Revision of the tariff. Hearings before the Committee on ways and means, Fifty-first Congress, first session, 1899-'90.
[Russo-Japanese War : map showing positions of forces on January 27, 1905]
Selections from Washington, Lincoln, Bryant, Jefferson, and McKinley; especially selected for the use of grammar and high schools
Speech of Hon. William McKinley, Jr., at Mount Vernon, Ohio, Saturday afternoon, August 18, 1883.
Speeches and addresses of William McKinley, from his election to Congress to the present time.
Speeches and addresses of William McKinley : from March 1, 1897 to May 30, 1900.
story of the Panama Canal [1], The
Taking President McKinley's body from train at Canton, Ohio
Tariff, a review of the tariff legislation of the United States from 1812 to 1896, by William Mc Kinley, The
tariff in the days of Henry Clay, and since. An exhaustive review of our tariff legislation from 1812 to 1896., The
What are the facts? Protection and reciprocity illustrated. Questions of to-day answered in one hundred graphic studies ...
William McKinley 25th president of the United States.
William McKinley papers
works of Henry Clay, comprising his life, correspondence and speeches, The