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Hartley, David
Hartley, David ((philosopher))
Гартли, Давид
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Hales, Stephen (1677-1761)
Huguelet, Theodore L.
Johnson, Joseph (Londen)
Jurain, Henri
Kallich, Martin (1918-2006))
Palmer, Robert E. A.
Palmer, Robert E.A.
Palmer, Robert Everett Allen
Pistorius, Hermann Andreas (1730-1798)
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Priestley, Joseph
account of some experiments and observations on Mrs. Stephens's medicines for dissolving the stone ... By Stephen Hales, D.D.F.R.S. ... To which is added, a supplement to a pamphlet, intitled, A view of the present evidence for and against Mrs. Stephens's medicines, &c. ... By David Hartley, M.A.F.R.S., An
Ad Ric. Mead epistola, varias lithontripticum Joannae Stephens exhibendi methodos indicans
Betrachtungen über den Menschen .... - 1772 -
conclusion of the Late Dr. Hartley's observations on the nature, powers, and expectations of man Strikingly illustrated in the events of the present times, with notes and illustrations, By the editor., The
conjecturae quaedam de sensu, motu, et idearum generatione
David Hartleys Betrachtungen über den Menschen, seine Natur, seine Pflicht und Erwartungen : aus dem englischen übersetzet und mit Anmerkungen und Zusätzen begleitet ...
enquiry into the origin of the human appetites and affections shewing how each arises from association, with an account of the entrance of moral evil into the world, to which are added some remarks on the independent scheme, which deduces all obligation on god’s part and man’s from certain abstract relation, truth, &c., an
Explication physique des Sens, des Idées et des mouvemens. -
Explication physique des sens, des idées et des mouvements, tant volontaires qu'involontaires , traduite de l'anglais de M. Hartley,... par M. l'abbé Jurain,...
Hartley's theory of the human mind, on the principle of the association of ideas : with essays relating to the subject of it. - Abridgement of Hartley's Observations on man
introduction towards an essay on the origin of the passions, in which it is endeavored to be shown how they are all acquired, and that they are none other than associations of ideas of our own making, or that we learn from others, an
lithontriptico a Joanna Stephens nuper invento dissertatio epistolaris, De : methodus exhibendi lithontripticum sum forma commodiore : acc. etiam Conjecturae quaedam de censu, motu, et ediarum generatione
lithontriptico a Johanna Stephens nuper invento dissertatio epistolaris. -, De
metaphysical tracts by english philosophers
Observations on man, his frame, his duty, and his expectations (1749)
Of the truth of the Christian religion. From "Observations on man," &c. Part II. By David Hartley, M.A
osservazioni circa i doveri e le speranze del genere umano e la verità della religione cristiana ...
Osservazioni circa l'essenza e gli atributi di Dio e della religion naturale ...
Osservazioni sopra l'uomo, sua struttura, suoi doveri, e sue speranze.
prayers and religious meditations
Recueil d'Experiences ... sur la Pierre. - 1740 -
sketch of the life and character of david hartley, a
Some reasons why the practice of inoculation ought to be introduced into the town of Bury at present
Ten cases of persons who have taken Mrs. Stephens's medicines for the stone. With an abstract of some experiments, tending to illustrate these cases
Theory of the human mind, on the principle of the association of ideas
Treffende schon vor mehr als 50 Jahren geworfene Sehers-Blicke eines Engl*. -
Various conjectures on the perception, motion, and generation of ideas (1746)
Various conjectures on the perception, notion, and generation of ideas (1746)
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