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Suzuki, Kotaro
Suzumura, K.
Suzumura, Kotaro
スズキ, コウタロウ
鈴木, 幸太郎
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Amsden, Alice H.
Asheim, Geir B.
Besley, Timothy
Bossert, W.
Bossert, Walter
Dutta, Bhaskar
Fleurbaey, Marc
Fountain, John
Gaerther, Wulf
Gaertner, Wulf
Goto, Akira
Goto, Reiko
Gotoh, R.
Hitotsubashi University / Institute of Economic Research
Ishikawa, Jota
Kiyono, Kazuharu
Konishi, Hideki
Kotaro, Suzumura
Okuno-Fujiwara, Masahiro
Pattanaik, Prasanta K
Pattanaik, Prasanta K.
Postlewaite, Andrew
Salles, Maurice
Sprumont, Y.
Sprumont, Yves
Suzumura, Kataro
Suzumura, Kotaro
Tadenuma, Koichi
Xu, Yongsheng
Yanagawa, Noriyuki
Yoshihara, N.
Yoshihara, Naoki
Arrovian aggregation in economic environments: how much should we know about indifference surfaces?
Characterizations of Consenquentialism and Non-consequentialism
Characterizations of Consequentialism and Nonconsequentialism
Collaborative Research and Devalopment: Economic Analysis in the Light of Japanese Experience
Collective Choice Rules without the Pareto Principle.
competition, commitment, and welfare
Consequences, opportunities, and generalized consequentialism and non-consequentialism
Consequences, opportunities, and procedures
Consequentialism and Procedural Evaluations in Social Welfare Judgements
Consistent Rationalizability
Constitutional Democracy and Public Judgements
Cooperative and Non-Cooperative R&D in Oligopoly: Strategic Substitutes and Complements
Cooperative and Non-cooperative R&D in Oligopoly with Spillovers
Cooperative and Noncooperative R&D in an Oligopoly with Spillovers.
Domain Closedness Conditions and Rational Choice
Entry and cost reduction: Comment
Entry Barriers and Economic Welfare.
Existence of Social Ordering Functions Which Embody Procedural Values and Consequential Values
Extended Social Ordering Functions for Rationalizing Fair Game Forms à la Rawls and Sen
handbook of social choice and welfare
Individual Rights and Social Evaluation: A Conceptual Framework.
Individual Rights and Social Evaluations: A Conceptual Framework
Individual Rights Revisited.
Industrial Policy in a Developing Market Economy
Industrial Policy of Japan: Whither Now?
Infinite-horizon choice functions
informational basis of the theory of fair allocation, The
Interpersonal Comparisons of the Extended Sympathy Type and the Possibility of Social Choice
Interview with Miyohei Shinohara: Nonconformism in Japanese Economic Thought, An
Interview with Miyohei Sinohara: Non-Conformism in Japanese Economic Thought, An
interview with Paul Samuelson: welfare economics, “old” and “new”, and social choice theory, An
Introduction, Handbook of Social Choice and Welfare, Edited by Kenneth Arrow, Amartya Sen and Kotaro Suzumura, Amsterdam: Elsevier/North-Holland
Introduction to social choice and welfare
Japanese Industrial Policy for Telecommunications: Anatomy of the 1985 Institutional Reform and Its Aftermath
Kabushiki torihikijo kokueiron
Maximal-Element Rationalizability
Maximality, Optimality and Duality
Oligopolistic competition and economic welfare : A general equilibrium analysis of entry regulation and tax-subsidy schemes
On constrained dual recoverability theorems
On Distributional Value Judgments and Piecemeal Welfare Criteria.
On Initial Conferment of Individual Rights
On the Consistency of Libertarian Claims: A Correction.
On the Existence of Procedurally Fair Allocation Rules in Economic Envionments
On the Possibility of "Fair" Collective Choice Rule.
On the Sustainability of Collaborative R&D through Private Incentives
Paretian Welfare Judgements and Bergsonian Social Choice.
Pareto principles from Inch to Ell
Possibility of Ordering Infinite Utility Streams, The
Professor Sen on Minimal Liberty
Rational Choice and Revealed Preference.
rational choice, collective decisions, and social welfare
Rational Choice on Arbitrary Domains: A Comprehensive Treatment
Rationalizability of Choice Functions on General Domains without Full Transitivity.
Recoverability of choice functions and binary relations: some duality results
Remarks on the Theory of Collective Choice.
Rights, Welfarism, and Social Choice.
social choice re-examined
Strategic Cost-Reduction Investment and Economic Welfare
Strategic Information Revelation.
Symmetric Cournot Oligopoly and Economic Welfare: A Synthesis.
Taxation and Welfare in an Oligopoly with Strategic Commitment.
Upper semicontinuous extensions of binary relations
Voluntary Trade Restraints and Economic Welfare
Welfare Economics and the Welfare State
Welfare Economics Beyond Welfarist-Consequentialism
Welfarist-consequentialism, similarity of attitudes, and Arrow’s general impossibility theorem
Welfarist-Consequentialism, Similarity of Attitudes and Arrow's Gerneral Impossibility Theorem