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Auteur de Paméla & de Clarisse, l'
Richardson, ..
Richardson, Sam
Richardson, Samuel,
Schryver van de gevallen van Clarisse, en van den heer Charles Grandison de
Uitgeever van Pamela en Clarissa, de,
リチャードソン, サミュエル
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Butt, John Everett (1906-1965))
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Giffard, Henry (1699-1772)
Grgić, Berislav
Harris, Jocelyn
Kinkead-Weekes, Mark (1931-201))
Longman, Thomas
Nyrén, Carl (1726-1789)
Prévost, Antoine François (1697-1763)
Richetti, John J.
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Watt, Ian (1917-)
address to the public, on the treatment which the editor of the History of Sir Charles Grandison has met with from certain booksellers and printers in Dublin. Including observations on Mr. Faulkner's defence of himself, published in his Irish news-paper of Nov. 3. 1753, An
Aesop's fables
apprentice's vade mecum, 1734, The
Cambridge edition of the works of Samuel Richardson, The
Clarissa Harlowe Roman
Clarissa oder die Geschichte einer jungen Dame Roman
Clarissa: or, the history of a young lady. Comprehending the most important concerns of private life. Abridged from the works of Samuel Richardson
Clarissa : preface, hints of prefaces, and postscript
Clarisse Harlove, : drame en trois actes et en prose.
Clarisse Harlowe. T. 2
[Conjectures on original composition. In a letter to the author of Sir Charles Grandison.
correspondence of Samuel Richardson ... selected from the original manuscripts, bequeathed by him to his family, to which are prefixed, a biographical account of that author, and observations on his writings., The
Den engelske baroneten sir Charles Grandisons historia; i en samling af bref, efter originalerne til trycket befordrade af herr Sam. Richardsson, auctor til Pamela och Clarissa. Öfwersatt ifrån engelskan. Stockholm, trykt [2:] tryckt : i kongl. tryckeriet. =1-2. 1779-1800.=
Early works
Eloge de Richardson (par Diderot)..., ...
Ernest Guillemot. Clarisse Harlowe...
Familiar letters on important occasions.
Geschichte Herrn Carl Grandison. In Briefen entworfen von dem Verfasser der Pamela und der Clarissa.
Geschichte Herrn Carl Grandisonin Briefen entworfen von dem Verfasser der "Pamela" und der "Clarissa". 3te Auflage, aus dem Englischen übersetzet
Histoire de Clarisse Harlowe
Histoire de Miss Clarisse Harlove
Histoire de Sir Charles Grandison. -
Histoire de Sir William Harrington
Histoire du Chevalier Grandisson
History of a young lady
History of Clarissa Harlowe, in a series of letters. By S. Richardson. A new edition. Vol. I [-VIII], The
history of Pamela, or, Virtue rewarded, The : a narrative which has its foundation in truth, adapted to inculcate in the minds of both sexes the principles of virtue and religion
history of Sir Charles Grandison, and the honourable Miss Byron in which will be incl. memoirs of a noble Italian family, The ; in a ser. of letters ; formerly publ. in 7 vol ; the whole now comprised in 2 large octavo vol.
History of Sir Charles Grandison. Edited with an introduction by Jocelyn Harris.., The
history of Sir Charles Grandison. In a series of letters. By Mr. Samuel Richardson ... In seven volumes., The
History of Sir Charles Grandison, in a series of letters, by... Samuel Richardson... the 4th. edition, The
Introduction to Pamela
letters and passages restored from the original manuscripts of the 'history of Clarissa' 1751
Letters from Sir Charles Grandison
Letters written to and for particular friends
Lettres anglaises, ou Histoire de Miss Clarisse Harlove
Lettres angloises, ou Histoire de Miss Clarisse Harlove [par Samuel Richardson. Traduction par l'abbé A.-F. Prévost]. Nouvelle édition augmentée de l'Éloge de Richardson [par Diderot], des Lettres posthumes et du Testament de Clarisse [traduction par J.-B.-A. Suard]
Lettres angloises, ou Histoire de Miss Clarisse Harlove. Tome premier. Première partie [-Tome sixiéme. Seconde partie]
Lettres posthumes et testament de Clarisse Harlove...
life and heroic actions of Balbe Berton (1760), The
new approaches to eighteenth-century literature: selected papers from the english institute
Nouvelles lettres angloises, ou Histoire du chevalier Grandisson, par l'auteur de Paméla et de Clarisse [S. Richardson. Traduites par l'abbé A. F. Prévost]
novels of Samuel Richardson. Complete and unabridged., The
Pamela Bespiegeld, Of Het beruchte Boek, : het welk onder de Titel: Pamela, of de beloonde Deugd
Pamela, Clarissa en Grandison verkort
Pamela, of de beloonde deugd. : In een reeks van gemeenzaame brieven.
Pamela; or, Virtue rewarded, in a series of familiar letters from a beautiful young damsel to her parents: afterwards, in her exalted condition, between her, and persons of figure and quality, upon the most important and entertaining subjects, in genteel life ...
Pamela: or, Virtue rewarded In a series of familiar letters from a beautiful young Damsel, to her parents. Now first published in order to cultivate the principles of virtue and religion in the minds of the youth of both sexes. A narrative which has its foundation in truth and nature; and at the same time that it agreeably entertains, by a variety of curious and affecting incidents, is intirely divested of all those images, which, in too many pieces calculated for amusement only, tend to inflame the minds they should instruct. In two volumes.
Pamela, or Virtue rewarded, in a series of familiar letters from a beautiful young damsel to her parents, published in order to cultivate the principles of virtue and religion in the minds of the youth of both sexes... [by S. Richardson] the 8th edition...
Paméla ou la Vertu récompensée. Traduit de l'anglois [de S. Richardson]
posthumous works of Mrs. Chapone containing her correspondence with Mr. Richardson, a series of letters to Mrs. Elizabeth Carter, and some fugitive pieces, never before published, The : together with an account of her life and character, drawn up by her own family.
précédé de l'Eloge de Richardson
Pref., postscripts and related writings
Rambler; a periodical paper, published in 1750, 1751, 1752., The
Richardson-Stinstra correspondence, and Stinstra's prefaces to Clarissa., The
Samuel Richardson; a biographical and critical study.
Samuel Richardson's introduction to Pamela
Samuel Richardson's published commentary on 'Clarissa' 1747-1765
Samuel Richardson's published commentary on Clarissa, 1747-65
Selected letters of Samuel Richardson
Sir Charles Grandison.
Studies on the language of Samuel Richardson
Tour thro' the whole island of Great Britain
vertu récompensée, La
Virtue rewarded
[ Vol. III-V]
works of Samuel Richardson. With a sketch of his life and writings., The