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Boxer, C. R.
Boxer, Charles
Boxer, Charles R.
Boxer, Charles Ralph
Būksir, K.D.
Po-kʻo-she, C. R.
Po-ko-she, C. R.
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Azevedo, Carlos de (1918-1974)
Boduszyńska-Borowikowa, Maria (1910-1992))
Braudel, Fernand (1902-1985)
Brito, Bernardo Gomes de (1688-1760?)
Centro de Estudos Históricos Ultramarinos (Portugal)
Curto, Diogo Ramada (1959-)
ebrary, Inc
Guadalupi, Gianni (1943-...)
Maria, José de Jesus
Pereira, Galeote
Plumb, Joseph Hudson (1913- ))
Rada, Martín de (1533-1578)
Schotman, Johan W. (1892-1976)
Schotman, Johan Wilhelm (1892-1976)
Schwartz, Stuart B.
Vasconcelos, Frazão de (1889-1970)
André Furtado de Mendonça 1558-1610
Angkor et le Cambodge au XVIe siècle d'après les sources portugaises et espagnoles
Ásia sínica e japónica
Brazil at the dawn of the eighteenth century
Charles R. Boxer, c2001
Christian century in Japan, 1549-1650, The
Church militant and Iberian expansion. 1440- 1770, The
Cultura e opulência do Brasil.
Descriptive list of the state papers Portugal 1661-1780 in the Public Record Office London
Diogo do Couto's unpublished account of Angkor
Dutch in Brazil 1624-1654, The
Dutch merchants and mariners in Asia, 1602-1795
Dutch seaborne empire, 1600-1800, The
Fast and faucy in the history of Macao
Fort Jesus and the Portuguese in Mombasa, 1593-1729
fortaleza de Jesus e os portugueses em Mombaça 1593-1729, A
Four centuries of portuguese expansion, 1415-1825 : A succinct survey...
From Lisbon to Goa, 1500-1750 studies in Portuguese maritime enterprise
Further selections from the tragic history of the sea, 1559-1565 : narratives of the shipwrecks of the Portuguese East Indiamen Aguia and Garça (1559) [by Diogo do Couto], São Paulo (1561) [by Henrique Dias] and the misadventures of the Brazil-ship Santo António (1565) [by Alfonso Luís]
golden age of Brazil, 1695-1750 growing pains of a colonial society, The
golden age of Brazil, 1995:, The
golden age of Brazil growing pains of a colonial society, 1695-1750, The
golden age of Brazil, The : growing pains of the colonial society, 1695-1750
grande navio de Amacau, O
great ship from Amacon annals of Macao and the old Japan trade, 1555-1640, The
História trágico-marítima
igreja e a expansão ibérica 1440-1770, A
império colonial português, O
império marítimo português, 1415-1825, O
Índia Portuguesa em meados do séc. XVII, A
introduction to João Ribeiro's historical tragedy of the Island of Ceylon, 1685, An
introduction to the história trágico-marítima, An
Jan Compagnie in Japan, 1600-1817 : an essay on the cultural, artistic and scientific influence exercised by the Hollanders in Japan from the seventeenth to the nineteenth centuries
Jan Compagnie in Japan, 1600-1850 an essay on the cultural, artistic and scientific influence exercised by the Hollanders in Japan from the seventeenth to the nineteenth centuries
Jan Compagnie in oorlog en vrede : beknopte geschiedenis van de VOC
João de Barros Portuguese humanist and historian of Asia
Libro dell'Oriente di Duarte Barbosa
Livro do Oriente
macaense ilustre Frei Jacinto de Deus (1612-1681, Um
Macao as a religiuous and commercial entrepôt in the 16-th and 17-th centuries
Macao three hundred years ago
Macau na época da Restauração
Macau three hundred years ago
Mary and misogyny women in Iberian Expansion, overseas, 1415-1815 some facts, fancies and personalities
Moçambique island and the "Carreira da Índia"
Morskie imperium Holandii 1600-1800
mulher na expansão ultramarina ibérica, 1415-1815 alguns factos, ideias e personalidades, A
Murder most foul a tragedy of Old Macau in 1643
Naufragio de nao S. Alberto... Trad. angl.
Nederlanders in Brazilië 1624-1654, De
O coronel Pedro de Mello e a sublevacao geral de Timor em 1729 - 1731
On a Portuguese Carrack's bill of lading in 1625
Opera Minora
Os Holandeses no Brasil, 1624-1654 [The Dutch in Brazil, 1624-1654]. Trad....
Papers on Portuguese, Dutch, and Jesuit influences in 16th- and 17th-century Japan
Portugese military expeditions in aid of the Mings against the Manchus : 1621-1647
Portuguese and Dutch colonial rivalry, 1641-1661
Portuguese conquest and commerce in Southern Asia, 1500-1750
Portuguese embassy to Japan (1644-1647), 1928., A
Portuguese India in the mid-seventeenth century
Portuguese merchants and missionaries in feudal Japan, 1543-1640
Portuguese roteiros, 1500-1700
Portuguese seaborne empire 1415-1825, 1991:, The
Portuguese society in the tropics the municipal councils of Goa, Macao, Bahia, and Luanda, 1510-1800
profijt van de macht, Het : de Republiek en haar overzeese expansie, 1600-1800
Quatro cartas inéditas do Padre António Vieira
Race relations in the Portuguese colonial empire, 1415-1825
Relação de um prodigioso milagre que o glorioso São Francisco Xavier... obrou na cidade de Nápoles
Relações raciais no império colonial português 1415-1825
Ruyter en de Engelse Oorlogen in de Gouden Eeuw, De
Salvador de Sá and the struggle for Brazil and Angola - 1602-1686
Sedentary workers and seafaring folk in the Dutch Republic
Seventeenth century Macau in contemporary documents and illustrations
Shih liu shih chi Chung-kuo nan pu hsing chi, 1990
Shiliu shiji Zhongguo nanbu xing ji
shipwrecked remainders of Europe's China boom, The
Some early Portuguese bills of lading 1625-1708
Some literary sources for the history of Brazil in the eighteenth-century
Some reflections on the historiography of Colonial Brazil, 1950-1970
South China in the sixteenth century being the narratives of Galeote Pereira, Fr. Gaspar da Cruz, O.P. [and] Fr. Martín de Rada, O.E.S.A. (1550-1575)
surprisal of Goa's bar, The
tentative check-list of Indo-Portuguese imprints, 1556-1674, A
tragic history of the sea, 1559-1565, The
tragic history of the sea, 1589-1622 narratives of the shipwrecks of the Portuguese East Indiamen São Thomé (1589), Santo Alberto (1593), São João Baptista (1622), and the journeys of the survivors in South East Africa, The
tragic history of the sea, 1589-1622, The : narratives of the shipwrecks of the Portuguese East Indianmen São Thomé (1589) [by Diogo do Couto], Santo Alberto (1593) [by João Baptista Lavanha], São João Baptista (1622) [by Francisco Vaz d'Almada], and the journeys of the survivors in South East Africa
Treasure from the sea: shipwrecks of Dutch East-Indiaman, 1629-1749
true description of the mighty kingdoms of Japan & Siam, A
Two pioneers of tropical medicine: Garcia d'Orta and Nicolás Monardes
Vicissitudes of anglo-portuguese relations in the 17th century
VOC a bibliography of publications relating to the Dutch East India Company 1602-1800
Women in Iberian expansion overseas, 1415-1815 some facts, fancies and personalities
world of William and Mary in Asean seas, 1688-1702, The
Zeevarend Nederland en zijn wereldrijk, 1600-1800