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Joad, C. E.
Joad, C. E. M.
Joad, Cyril
Joad, Cyril E.
Joad, Cyril E. M.
Joad, Cyril E. Mitchinson
Joad, Cyril Edwin Mitchinson
Mitchinson Joad, Cyril E.
Mitchinson Joad, Cyril Edwin
جود، س. إ. م.،, سيريل إدوارد ميتشينسون
جود، سيريل إدوارد ميتشينسون،
سيريل ادوارد ميتشينسون جود،
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Language material
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writer of accompanying material
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Cohen, Chapman
Fabian Society (Great Britain)
Hogarth Press Collection
Joad, Cyril Edwin Mitchinson
Lunn, Arnold (1888-1974)
Martin, Basil Kingsley (1897-1968)
Martin, Kingsley (1897-1968)
Martin, Kingsley (1897-1969)
Rationalist press association Londres
Smith, B. Webster (b. 1893.)
Smith, Bertie Webster (b. 1893.)
Whitlau, C.
Wilson, Elizabeth Anne Martin
هنا، عطية محمود
About education
adventures of the young soldier in search of the better world, The
(anthology and a symposium), london : odhams (1953)*
babbitt warren [a satire on the united states], the
book of Joad a belligerent autobiography, The
bookmark, the
Brains trust (Radio program) [from old catalog]
Classics in philosophy and ethics; a course of selected reading by authorities.
Common-sense ethics
Common-sense theology.
contemporary british philosophy, second series
Counter attack from the East ; the philosophy of Radhakrishnan
critique of logical positivism., A
Decadence; a philosophical inquiry.
dictator resigns, the
Diogenes or the future of leisure
, ed. c. moore, london : countrygoer books (1944)*
English counties illustrated., The
English counties, The : illustrated
Essays in common-sense philosophy.
Folly Farm;
For civilization
future of life, a theory of vitalism, The
future of morals..., The
Gids voor het moderne denken
God and evil
Great philosophers of the world
. . . Great philosophies of the world
Guide to modern thought
Guide to the philosophy of morals and politics
highbrows, a novel, the
How our minds work.
introduction to contemporary knowledge., An
Introduction to modern philosophy
Introduction to modern philosphy. -
Introduction to modern political theory.
Is Christianity true? A correspondence between Arnold Lunn and C. E. M. Joad.
Liberty to-day
liberty today
, london (16 august 1940; repr.
, london : faber & faber (1942)*'the face of england'
, london : faber & faber (1943)*'man's superiority to the beasts : liberty versus security in the modern state'
, london : faber & faber (1948)*'foreword', clare & marshall brown
, london : faber & faber (1952)*
, london : federal vision (1946)*'fewer and better' [population]
, london : gollancz (1950)*
, london : j. m. dent & sons (1942)*
, london : macmillan (1940)*
, london : macmillan (1941)*
, london : the rationalist press (1937)*
, london : the rationalist press (1939)*
, london : victor gollancz (1941)*
, london : victor gollancz (1948)*
, london : victor gollancz (1949)*
, london : watts & co. (1947)*'the rational approach to conscription', london : national conscription council, pamphlet no. 7 (1947)*
, london : westhouse (1945)*
Manāziʿ al-fikr al-ḥadīṯ
Manifesto; being the book of the Federation of Progressive Societies and Individuals
Materialism, has it been exploded ? verbatim report of debate between Chapman Cohen and C. E. M. Joad, held at the Caxton hall, Westminster, S. W. 1, on Wednesday, September 26, 1928
Matter, life and value [MI] 1929
meaning of life as shown in the process of evolution, the
Mind and matter; the philosophical introduction to modern science
More opinions by Joad
new statesman & nation
Opinions ..., ...
Philosophical aspects of modern science.
philosophy of federal union, The
pleasure of being oneself., The
[posthumous], london : faber & faber (1954);articles and essays*'the idea of public right'
present and future of religion., The
Psychology and philosophy : the world of thought : psychology, philosophy, ethics, education, political science
rationalist annual, the
recovery of belief; a restatement of Christian philosophy., The
Return to philosophy; being a defence of reason, an affirmation of values, and a plea for philosophy
Robert Owen, idealist
Samuel Butler (1835-1902)
Shaw and society : an anthology and a symposium
story of civilization, The
testament of Joad., The
Thrasymachus or the future of morals
Under the fifth rib; a belligerent autobiography
unorthodox dialogies on education and art
Unorthodox dialogues on education and art
untutored townsman's invasion of the country, The
What is at stake, and why not say so?
Why war?
الحرية فى القرن العشرين
قصة الحضارة