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Brown, T.
Brown, Thom
Brown, Thomas
Brown, Thomas (Doctor)
Brown, Thomas (Sir)
Browne, Thomas
Browne, Thomas (Sir)
Brunius, Thomas
ブラウン, サー・トマス
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Language material
Notated music
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Aury, Dominique (1907-1998)
Denonain, Jean-Jacques
Endicott, Norman (1902-1979)
Greenhill, William Alexander (1814-1894)
Keynes, Geoffrey (1887-1982)
Koppenfels, Werner von
Marías, Javier (1951-)
Moltke, Levin Nicolas (d. 1663)
Patrides, C. A. (1930-1986)
Patrides, Constantinos Apostolos (1930-1986)
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Robbins, Robin Hugh A.
Symonds, John Addington (1840-1893)
Tomáš Kempenský, 1379 (1471)
Wilkin, Simon (1790-1862)
Wright, John (II, Londen)
生田, 省悟 (1948-)
Arcana microcosmi, 1652:
Browne's Religio medici and Digby's Observations.
Certain miscellany tracts.
Christian Morals, by Sir Thomas Browne
colloquy with God for four male voices unaccompanied, A
Des rêves et autres mélanges
Enquiries into vulgar and common errors
Essai sur les erreurs populaires, ou Examen de plusieurs opinions reçues comme vrayes, qui sont fausses ou douteuses
Essays, civil and moral and the new Atlantis
evening hymn, An : for solo soprano and unaccompanied SATB chorus (with divisions)
Examen de nombreuses idées reçues et de vérités généralement admises
France and Spain naturally enemies or, several reasons to prove it impossible they should long be friends...
garden of cyrus, the
Hydriotaphia; or, urn-burial
Hydriotaphia ou Discours sur les urnes funéraires récemment découvertes dans le Norfolk
Hydriotaphia ou Discours sur les urnes funérairesrécemment découvertes dans le Norfolk [Hydriotaphia, urn burial or a Discourse of the sepulchral urnes lately found in Norfolk], par Sir Thomas Browne. Traduit de l'anglais par Dominique Aury
Hydriotaphia (Urn Burial), 1966:
Hydriotaphia (urn burial) and The garden of Cyrus.
Hydriotaphia, urn burial; with an account of some urns found at Brampton in Norfolk
Hydriotaphia urne-buriall, or, A brief discourse of the sepulchrall urnes lately found in Norfolk
Hydriotaphia, Vrn-burial
jardín de Ciro y otros textos, El
letter to a friend upon occasion of the death of his intimate friend, A
letter to a friend upon the occasion of the death of an intimate friend; together with, Christian morals., A
Lettre à l'éditeur
Lettre à un ami
major works, 1977:, The
Memoirs of the court of Spain : in two parts
Mercurius centralis;
miscellaneous writings of Sir Thomas Browne, The : including Miscellany tracts and Repertorium
Miscellanies upon various subjects.
Musaeum clausum ou Bibliotheca Abscondita
new Atlantis
Of garlands and coronary or garland plants
On dreams
plantations en quinconce, losange ou réseau des Anciens considérées selon l'art, la nature, la mystique, Les
prose of Sir Thomas Browne: Religio medici, Hydriotaphia, The garden of Cyrus, A letter to a friend, Christian morals. With selections from Pseudodoxia epidemica, Miscellany tracts, and from MS notebooks, and Letters., The
Proseof Sir Thomas Browne. Religio Medici, Hydrotaphia, the Garden of Cyrus, a Letter to a Friend, Christian morals, with selections from Pseudodoxia epidemica, Miscellany tracts, and from MS notebooks and letters. Edited, with an introduction, notes, and variants, by Norman Endicott, The
Pseudodoxia epidemica or Enquieries into very received tenents and commonly presumed truth
Pseudodoxia epidemica: or, Enquiries into very many received tenents, and commonly presumed truths.
Pseudodoxia epidemica ou Examen de nombreuses idées reçues et de vérités généralement admises
Religio medici, A letter to a friend, Christian morals, Urn-burial, and other papers.
Religio Medici and Hydriotaphia, or Urne-Buriall
Religio Medici : And [Kenelome] Dogby's Observations
Religio medici and other writings of Sir Thomas Browne
Religio Medici and other writings, The
Religio medici, and other writings. With a new introd.
Religio medici cum annotationibus
Religio medici ; e Hydriotaphia
Religio medici ein Essay über Vernunft und Glauben 1643
Religio medici. French. [from old catalog]
Religio medici, Hydriotaphia, and the Letter to a friend.
Religio medici. Juxta exemp.
Religio medici, juxta Exemplar Lugdunense
Religio medici', précédé d'une lettre à l'éditeur de Daniel Halévy, d'une préface de Louis Cazamian, traduit de l'anglais par Charles Chassé..., Thomas Browne. '
Religio medici, Urn burial, and Christian morals
Religio medici : Urn burial, Christian morals, and other essays
Religio medici : with the "Observations" of K. Digby.
religión de un médico, La
religion du médecin, c'est à dire: Description nècessaire, La
Selected works
Selected writings;
Sir Thomas Browne's Hydriotaphia and The garden of Cyrus
Sir Thomas Browne's Pseudodoxia epidemica
Sir Thomas Browne's Religio medici, Letter to a friend, &c., and Christian morals;
Sir Thomas Browne's Religio medici, Urn burial, Christian morals, and other essays.
Sir Thomas Browne's works, including his life and correspondence;
Sobre errores vulgares o Pseudodoxia epidemica
Sur les rêves
Thomas Browns christliche Sittenlehren. -
Three hymns for SATB and organ (1989)
Tractate on education
Urne buriall, and The garden of Cyrus.
version primitive de Religio medici par Sir Thomas Browne. Texte inédit de la copie manuscrite, au Collège de Pembroke, Oxford, Une
Webster's new biographical dictionary, 1988:
works of Sir Thomas Browne, The
works of the learned Sr Thomas Brown, Kt., Doctor of Physick, late of Norwich. Containing I. Enquiries into vulgar and common errors. II. Religio medici: with annotations and observations upon it. III. Hydriotaphia; or, Vrn-Burial: Together with The Garden of Cyrus. IV. Certain miscellany tracts. With alphabetical tables., The