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Newcomb-Engelmann, ..
Newcomb, S.
Newcomb, Simon
ニウカム, シモン
ニウコンム, サイモン
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Baker, Robert Horace (1883-)
Engelmann, R.
Engelmann, Rudolf (1841-1888))
Engelmann, Rudolph (1841-1888))
Graff, Kasimir (1878-1950)
Holden, Edward Singleton (1846-1914))
Johns Hopkins University Affiliation (see also from)
Ludendorff, Hans (1873-1941)
McGee, Anita Newcomb (1864-1940; Beziehung familiaer; see also from)
Meier, John
Merecki, Romuald (1860-1922))
Schorr, Richard (1867-1951)
黒岩, 涙香 (1862-1920)
Astronomìâ vʺ obŝeponâtnomʺ izloženìi S. Nʹûkomba i R. Èngelʹmana
Astronomical papers prepared for the use of the American ephemeris and nautical almanac under the direction of Simon Newcomb,... [Contributions by John Meier, Albert A. Michelson, George W. Hill and Truman Henry Safford.]
Astronomie für jedermann Eine allgemeinverst. Darst. d. Erscheinungen d. Himmels
Astronomy for everybody a popular exposition of the wonders of the heavens
Astronomy for schools and colleges
Catalogue of 1098 Standard Clock and Zodiacal Stars
compendium of spherical astronomy with its applications to the determination and reduction of positions of the fixed stars, A
Critical examination of our financial policy during the southern rebellion
developpement of the perturbative function in cosines of multiples of the mean anomalies and of angles between the perihelia and common node and in powers of the exentricities and mutual inclination., A
Elements of plane and spherical trigonometry with Logarithmic and other mathematical tables and examples of their use and hints on the art of computation
Extent of the universe
Generalized Theory of the Combination of Observations so as to Obtain the Best Result, A
His Wisdom, the Defender
Investigation of corrections to Hansen's tables of the Moon with tables for their application
Investigation of the distance of the sun, and of the elements which depend upon it, from the observations of Mars, made during the opposition of 1862, and from other sources
Investigation of the latitude and longitude of the U. S. Naval observatory, Washington, and of the declinations of certain circumpolar stars.
Investigation of the orbit of neptune with general tables of its motion
Mathematical series
Measures of the velocity of light, made under direction of the secretary of the navy during the years 1880-'82.
new determination of the precessional constant with the resulting precessional motions., A
Note on the preceding paper [The canals of Mars], optically and psychologically considered, a reply to Professor Newcomb.
On the general integrals of planetary motion
On the mass of Jupiter and the orbit of Polyhymnia.
On the motion of Hyperion: a new case in celestial mechanics.
On the mutual action of the satellites of Saturn
On the period of the solar spots
On the position of the galactic and other principal planes toward which the stars tend to crowd
On the possible variability of the earth's axial rotation
On the recurrence of solar eclipes with tables of eclipses from B.C 700 to A.D. 2300
On the right ascensions of the equatorial fundamental stars and the corrections necessary to reduce the right ascensions of different catalogues to a mean homogeneous system
Papers relating to the transit of Venus in 1874, prepared under the direction of the Commission authorized by Congress and published by the authority of the Hon. secretary of the navy. Pt. I-[II]
Periodic perturbations of the longitudes and radii vectores of the four inner planets of the first order as to the masses
philosophy of hyper-space., The
plain man's talk on the labor question., A
Popular astronomy
Positions of fundamental stars deduced from observations made at the U. S. Naval observatory between the years 1862 and 1867.
Principles of political economy
problem of economic education, The
Remarks on the precessional motion: a rejoinder
Reminiscences of an astronomer
Report to the Secretary of the Navy on recent improvements in astronomical instruments
Reports on observations of the total solar eclipse of December 22, 1870.
Researches on the motion of the moon
rude attempt to determine the total light of all the stars, A
search for fluctuations in the sun's thermal radiation through their influence on terrestrial temperature, A
Simon Newcombs̕ Astronomy for everybody
statistical inquiry into the probability of causes of the production of sex in human offspring, A
sterren. Een studie over het heelal, De
Tables of the heliocentric motion of Mars.
Théorie des perturbations de la Lune qui sont dues à l'action des planètes
théorie du mouvement de la lune, son histoire et son état actuel., La
transformation of Hansen's Lunar Theory, compared with the Theory of Delaunay., A
Transits of Venus in 1761 and 1769
universe as an organism., The
Uranian and Neptunian systems, investigated with the 26-inch equatorial of the United States Naval Observatory., The
Астрономія въ общепонятномъ изложеніи С. Ньюкомба и Р. Энгельмана
星辰天文学 : 宇宙研究
暗黒星 : 英和対訳科学小說