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Jennings, Ivor
Jennings, Ivor (Sir)
Jennings, Ivor W.
Jennings, Ivor William
Jennings, Ivor Williams
Jennings, W. I.
Jennings, W. Ivor
Jennings, W. Ivor (Sir)
Jennings, William
Jennings, William I.
Jennings, William Ivor
Jennings, William Ivor (Sir)
ジェニングス, I
ジェニングス, W. I
ジエニングス, アイヴ アー
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Hargreaves, Anthony Dalzell
Kruß, Oskar
Laski, Harold Joseph (1893-1950))
National Association of Local Government Officers
Ritter, Gerhard A. (1929-)
Robson, William Alexander (1895-1980))
Tambiah, H.W.
Tambiah, Henry Wijayakone
Young, C. M.
Young, Charlotte Mary
榎原, 猛 (1926-2004)
Appeal to the people
Approach to self-government, by Sir Ivor Jennings,..., The
britische Regierungssystem, Das : Leitfaden und Quellenbuch
britische Regierungssystem Leitf. u. Quellenbuch, Das
britische Verfassung, Die
British commonwealth of nations, The
British constitution. 5th ed.
British constitution, by Sir Ivor Jennings,... 5th edition, The
British constitution., The : [Illustr.] Reprint.
Cabinet government, by W. Ivor Jennings,...
century of municipal progress, 1835-1935, A
century of municipal progress, A : the last hundred years
Comments on independence.
Commonwealth in Asia, by sir Ivor Jennings,... being the Waynflete lectures delivered in the college fo St. Mary Magdalen, Oxford, 1949, The
Commonwealth in Asia, The : being the Waynflete lectures delivered in the college of St. Mary Magdalen, Oxford, 1949
Confucian Analects . A translation, with annotations and an introduction by William Jennings,..., The
Constitution of Ceylon... Ivor Jennings,... 2nd edition, The
Constitutional laws of the Commonwealth, by Sir Ivor Jennings,... and... C. M. Young,... Being a 2nd edition of "Constitutional laws of the British Empire"
Constitutional problems in Pakistan, by Sir Ivor Jennings,...
Democracy in Africa, by Sir Ivor Jennings,...
Demokrasi katika Africa
dominion of Ceylon, The : the development of its laws and constitution
dominion of Ceylon, The : the development of its laws and constitutions
double roll as a means of enfranchising Africans, The
Economy of Ceylon, by Sir Ivor Jennings,... [2nd edition.], The
Fa Yu Xianfa
Federation for Western Europe, by W. Ivor Jennings,..., A
Giinhō kaisei shiryō
Growth of parties
Igirisu chihō gyōseihō genri
Igirisu kempō ron. [from old catalog]
Igirisu kenpo.
Igirisu kenpōron
Indian Constitution
Laṅkāvē ārthika tattvaya.
Law and the constitution. Sir Ivor Jennings,... 4th edition, The
law and the constitution., The : 3.ed., rev. & enlarged. Reprint.
law of housing, The
law of public health, 1936, The
law relating to local authorities, The
law relating to town and country planning, The
Local authorities in war-time.
Local government in the modern constitution.
Magna carta and its influence in the world to day, by Sir Ivor Jennings...
Magna Carta and its influence in the world today
Modern theories of law
Nationalism and political development in Ceylon.
Nishiyōroppa renpō ron
Nishiyōroppa renpōron
Parliament must be reformed ; a programme for democratic government.
Parliamentary reform.
Party politics, by Sir Ivor Jennings
poor law code, being the Poor law act, 1930, and the poor law orders now in force, The
Principles of local government law
Problems of the new Commonwealth
Queen's gov't., 1984, c1954, The
Queen's government, The
Questions juridiques relatives à l'exécution de la résolution de l'Assemblée générale du 2 décembre 1950 concernant l'Erythrée : rapport général du groupe de juristes réuni à Genève du 22 novembre au 20 décembre 1951
régimen constitucional inglés;, El
road to Peradeniya, The : an autobiography
Rough draft of a proposed constitution for a Federation of Western Europe
Some characteristics of the Indian constitution, being lectures given in the University of Madras during March 1952... by Sir Ivor Jennings,...
Some characteristics of the Indian constitution : being lectures given in the University of Madras during March 1952 under the Sir Alladi Krishnaswami Aiyer Shashtiabdapoorthi endowment
Stuff of politics
Umwandlung von Geschichte in Gesetz, Die
イギリス憲法 : その由来と現状