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Abbott, John
Abbott, John S.
Abbott, John S. C.
Abbott, John Stephen Cabot
Abbott, John Stevens Cabot
Abbott, Joseph S.C.
アボット, ジョン
アボット, ゼー エス シー
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Benjamin Franklin Collection (Library of Congress)
Conwell, Russell Herman (1843-1925, [from old catalog])
Crocker & Brewster
Geraets, J.H. jr.
Hrdlička, Karel
Lay, Wilfred C.
Lincoln Collection (Library of Congress)
Lincoln, Robert Todd (1843-1926)
Marmier, Xavier (1808-1892))
Turnbull, J. (active 1835.)
Turnbull, James (active 1835.)
Wells, Philip P. (1868-1929)
Wells, Philip Patterson (1868-1929)
秋庭, 浜太郎
Adventures of the chevalier de La Salle and his companions, in their explorations... of the New World, and their interviews with the savage tribes, two hundred years ago. By John S. C. Abbott, The
adventures of the Chevalier de La Salle and his companions, in their explorations of the prairies, forests, lakes, and rivers, of the New world, and their interviews with the savage tribes, two hundred years ago., The
adventures of the Chevalier De La Salle and his companions, in their explorations of the prairies, forests, lakes, and rivers, of the New World, and their interviews with the savage tribes, two hundreds years ago, THe
Advice to young tradesmen : on the formation of business habits calculated to form the character on a solid basis, and to insure respectability and success in life
Austria : its rise and present power : illustrated
Benjamin Franklin : a picture of the struggles of our infant nation, one hundred years ago
Captain William Kidd, and others of the pirates or buccaneers who ravaged the seas, the islands, and the continents of America two hundred years ago.
child at home, 1834:, The
child at home; or, The principles of filial duty familiarly illustrated., The
Christopher Carson, familiarly known as Kit Carson, the pioneer of the West
Christopher Columbus
Columbus, de ontdekker van Amerika
Daniel Boone, the pioneer of Kentucky.
David Crockett
Eiyū kinshūdan.
empire of Austria: its rise and present power., The
Empire of Russia [from old catalog]
Ferdinand de Soto. The discoverer of the Mississippi.
Furederiki daiō
George Washington
Geschichte des Bürgerkrieges in Amerika : ein vollständige und unparteiliche Beschreibung des Ursprungs und Fortgangs der Rebellion, der verschiedenen Kämpfe zu Wasser und Zu Land, der Heldenthaten von Heeren wie von Einzelnen ...
grondbeginselen der moederlijke pligten
Guide for youth to truth and duty
Henry IV
Henry the Fourth
Hernando Cortez
history of Christianity: consisting of the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth; the adventures of Paul and the apostles; and the most interesting events in the progress of Christianity, from the earliest period to the present time., The
History of Frederick the Second, called Frederick the Great.
History of Henry the Fourth, king of France and Navarre.
History of Hernando Cortez [from old catalog]
history of Hortense, daughter of Josephine, queen of Holland, mother of Napoleon III., The
History of Joseph Bonaparte, king of Naples and of Italy.
History of Josephine [Beauharnais], by John S. C. Abbott,...
History of King Philip, sovereign chief of the Wampanoags : including the early history of the settlers of New England
History of Louis Philippe, king of the French.
History of Louis XIV.
History of Madame Roland
history of Maine, from the earliest discovery of the region by the Northmen until the present time; including a narrative of the voyages and explorations of the early adventurers, the manners and customs of the Indian tribes, the hardships of the first settlers, the conflicts with the savages, and the gradual advancement of the state to its present aspect of opulence, culture, and refinement., The
History of Maria Antoinette
History of Mme. Roland
history of Napoleon Bonaparte., The
history of Napoleon III, emperor of the French. Including a brief narrative of all the most important events which have occured in Europe since the fall of Napoleon I until the present time., The
history of nations, The
history of Prussia, The
history of the civil war in America ..., The
history of the empire of Russia: containing an account of all the most interesting events in that vast monarchy, from its earliest origin in the remote ages of barbarism to the present day ..., The
history of the state of Ohio:, The
Italy, from the earliest period to the present day.
Keishū bidan : Naporeon gaiden
Kings and queens; or, Life in the palace: consisting of historical sketche of Josephine and Maria Louisa, Louie Philippe, Ferdinand of Austria, Nicholae Isabella II, Leopold, and Victoria.
last days of Kit Carson, The
Life of Abraham Lincoln; a biographical sketch of President Lincoln taken from Abbott's "Lives of the Presidents."
Life of Christopher Columbus [from old catalog]
life of General Ulysses S. Grant. Containing a brief but faithful narrative of those military and diplomatic achievements which have entitled him to the confidence and gratitude of his countrymen., The
life of Kit Carson, The
life of Napoleon Bonaparte, The
Lives of the presidents of the United States of America, from Washington to the present time ... To which is added The centennial jubilee, showing the hundred years' progress of the republic.
Madame Roland
Madamu rōran den : Futsukoku kakumei jiyūtō sakigake.
Marie Antoinette
Matka v kruhu dítek, anebo, Zásady mateřinských povinností
Matka vychovatelka dítek : prospěšné rady rodičům
Matka vychovatelkou
Matka w kruhu dítek, anebo, Zásady mateřinských powinností
mère de famille, ou Exposition familière des principes qui doivent diriger une mère dans l'éducation de ses enfants, La
Miles Standish, the Puritan captain.
moeder in den huisselijken kring, of De grondbeginselen der moederlijke pligten, op gemeenzame wijze toegelicht, De
mother at home; or, The principles of maternal duty familiarly illustrated., The
Napoleon at St. Helena; or, Interesting anecdotes and remarkable conversations of the emperor during the five and a half years of his captivity. Collected from the memorials of Las Casas, O'Meara, Moutholon, Antommarchi, and others.
Napoleon at St.Helena, or, interesting anecdotes and remarkable conversations of the emporer during the five and a half years of his captivity : collected from the memorials of Las Casas, OM̕eara, Montholon, Antommarchi and others
Napoleon Bonaparte
Peter Stuyvesant, the last Dutch governor of New Amsterdam.
Practical Christianity. A treatise specially designed for young men.
prince Napoléon et le Palais-royal, Le
Prussia and the Franco-Prussian war. Containing a brief narrative of the origin of the kingdom, its past history, and a detailed account of the causes and results of the late war with Austria; with an account of the origin of the present war with France, and of the extraordinary campaign into the heart of the empire. Including biographical sketches of King William and Count von Bismarck.
Prussia and the Franco-Russian war [from old catalog]
romance of Spanish history., The
school-boy, or, A guide for youth to truth and duty, The
school-girl, or, The principles of Christian duty familiarly enforced, The
South and North; or, Impressions received during a trip to Cuba and the South.
The adventures of the Chevalier de La Salle and his companions.
ware moeder voor hare kinderen, of Een eenvoudige voorstelling van den moederlijken pligt, De
young astronomer, The ; or, The facts developed by modern astronomy, collected for the use of schools and the general reader
Zásady mateřinských powinností
閨秀美談 : 那翁外伝