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Merril, P.
Merrill, Paul
Merrill, Paul W.
Merrill, Paul Willard
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Burns, Keivin (1881- [from old catalog])
Burwell, Cora G.
Humason, Milton L. (1891-1972)
Humason, Milton La Salle (1891-1972)
Meggers, William F. (1888-1966)
Meggers, William Frederick (1888-1966)
Moore, Charlotte Emma (1898-)
Sanford, Roscoe Frank (1883- [from old catalog])
Strömberg, Gustaf (1882-)
Symposium on emission-line objects (06-1952 : Victoria, B.C.)
Wilson, Olin C.
Wilson, Olin Chaddock (1909- [from old catalog])
Wolf, Jerzy
Wolf, tłumacz
absolute magnitudes of long-period variable stars, The
Analysis of the intensities of the interstellar D lines
Application of dicyanin to the photography of stellar spectra
Behavior of bright lines in the spectra of several long-period variable stars
Catalogue and bibliography of stars of classes B and A whose spectra have bright hydrogen lines
Characteristic behavior of the bright lines in stellar spectra of class Md
Chemia kosmosu
Comparison of the displacements of detached lines of calcium and socium in stellar spectra
Comparison of the Paschen and the Balmer series of hydrogen lines in stellar spectra
Discovery and observations of stars of class Be: second paper
HD 33232, a long-period spectroscopic binary of class Be
Identification of air lines in spark spectra from [lambda]5927 to [lambda]8683
infrared spectrum of Sagittarii, The
Intensities of the infrared Ca II triplet in stellar spectra
Interference measurements of wave lengths in the iron spectrum (3233A-6750A)
Interferometer observations of double stars
Lines of the chemical elements in astronomical spectra.
Linii himičeskih èlementov v astronomičeskih spektrah
Mean absolute magnitudes and space motions of the long-period variable stars
Measurements of wave lengths in the spectrum of neon
nature of variable stars, The
Note on the air lines in spark spectra from [lambda] 5927 to [lambda] 8719
Notes on lines in the spectra of red stars
Observations of the nebular lines in the spectrum of the long-period variable star R Aquarii
Partial Grotrian diagrams of astrophysical interest
peculiar bright-line spectrum of RY Scuti, The
Photography of the near infra-red region of stellar spectra
plane-grating spectrograph for the red and infra-red regions of stellar spectra, A
radial velocities of long-period variable stars., The
Radial velocities of some early-type stars
Revised list of absorption lines in the spectrum of R Andromedae
Space chemistry.
Spectra of long-period variable stars
Spectroscopic observations of both components of the variable double star X Ophiuchi
Spectroscopic observations of R Virginis
spectrum of B.D. + 11⁰4673 during the years 1929-1931, The
spectrum of H.D. 50138, The
Spectrum of the iron star XX Ophiuchi
Stars whose spectra have bright iron lines
Symposium on emission-line objects