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Fackenheim, Emil
Fackenheim, Emil L.
Fackenheim, Emil Ludwig
Fakengeim, Emil'
Fakengeĭm, Ėmilʹ
Faḳenhaim, Emil L.
Fakenheim, Emil L.
Paqenhaym, ʾEmiyl L.
Paqenhayym, ʾEmiyl L.
Paʾqenhayym, ʾEmiyl L.
Факенгейм, Эмиль Л
פאקנהיים, אמיל ל'
פקנהיים, אמיל
פקנהיים, אמיל ל'
פקנהים, אמיל ל'
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Burbidge, John W. (1936-)
Central Conference of American Rabbis
Delmotte, Marguerite
Dupuy, Bernard (1925- ))
Ḥug li-yediʿat ʿam Yiśraʾel ba-tefutsot be-vet neśi ha-medinah (Israel)
International Center for University Teaching of Jewish Civilization
Jospe, Raphael
Morgan, Michael L. (1944-)
Thesis, Ph.D
הרוי, זאב (1943-)
Authentic and unauthentic responses to the holocaust
Chto takoe Iudaism?
Chto takoe iudaizm? 2002:
Convocation address, St. Andrew's College, Saskatoon, Sask., May 3, 1972
Encounters between Judaism and modern philosophy : a preface to future Jewish thought
epitaph for German Judaism, An : from Halle to Jerusalem
epitaph for german judaism: from halle to jerusalem, an
Essays in Jewish theology
Europe's crumbling myths : the post-Holocaust origins of today's anti-Semitism
Franz Rosenzweig : his life and thought
From Bergen-Belsen to Jerusalem : contemporary implications of the Holocaust
God, man and Israel : a critical discussion of the main beliefs of Judaism
God's presence in history : Jewish affirmations and philosophical reflections
god within: kant, schelling and historicity, the
God within, The : Kant, Schelling, and historicity
historicity and transendence of philosophic truth, The
holocaust and the state of Israel, The : their relation
human condition after auschwitz: a jewish testimony a generation after, the
Human freedom and divine power : philosophical reflections on a religious issue
Israel and Palestine.
Israel and the Diaspora : political contingencies and moral necessities, or, The shofar of Rabbi Yitzchak Finkler of Piotrkov
Jewish Bible after the Holocaust, The : a re-reading
Jewish ethnicity--ideology and reality
Jewish philosophers and Jewish philosophy
Jewish philosophy and the academy
Jewish problem, The : Judaism : an epistle to marginal Jews
jewish return into history: reflections in the age of auschwitz and a new jerusalem, the
Jewish return into history, The : reflections in the age of Auschwitz and a new Jerusalem
jewish thought of emil fackenheim: a reader, the
Jewish thought of Emil Fackenheim, The : a reader
Jewish values in the post-Holocaust future : a symposium
Judaism, Christianity and Reinhold Niebuhr : a reply to Levi Olan
Judaïsme au présent
Kant and radical evil
Kant, Schelling, and historicity
Martin Buber's concept of revelation
Martin Bubers Offenbarungsbegriff
Mediaeval Jewish philosophy
Metaphysics and historicity.
Metaphysics, historicity and historicism
Nazi holocaust as a persisting trauma for the non-Jewish mind, The
Off-print from the Central Conference of American Rabbis Yearbook
On history
On the self-exposure of faith to the modern-secular world : philosophical reflections in the light of Jewish experience
Paths to Jewish belief, 1960.
Paths to Jewish belief; a systematic introduction.
Penser après Auschwitz affirmations juives et réflexions philosophiques
Présence de Dieu dans l'histoire affirmations juives et réflexions philosophiques après Auschwitz, La
présence de Dieu dans l'histoire, La : affirmations juives et réflexions philosopiques après Auschwitz
presencia de Dios en la historia, 2002, La
presencia de Dios en la historia, La : afirmaciones judías y reflexiones filosóficas
presenza di Dio nella storia, La : saggio di teologia ebraica
Přítomnost Boha v dějinách : židovská tvrzení a filosofické úvahy
Quest for past and future : essays in Jewish theology
religious dimension in hegel's thought, the
Reparar el mundo fundamentos para un pensamiento judío futuro
Rishumah ve-hashpaʻatah shel ha-shoʹah be-ḥaye Yahadut zemanenu.
Samuel Hirsch and Hegel : a study of Hirsch's religionsphilosophie der Juden (1842)
Self-realization and the search for God : a critique of modern humanism and a defence of Jewish supernaturalism
"Substance" and "Perseity" in mediaeval Arabic philosophy ; with introductory chapters on Aristotle, Plotinus and Proclus
The Jewish return into history.
Thehistoricity and transcendence of philosophic truth
Tifḳudim shel teʼologyah Yehudit ... 1975?:
To mend the world : foundations of future Jewish thought
To mend the world : foundations of post-Holocaust Jewish thought
treatise on love by Ibn Sina, A
Two types of reform : reflections occasioned by Hasidism
Was ist Judentum? : eine Deutung für die Gegenwart : mit vier Ansprachen an Auditorien in Deutschland
What is Judaism? : an interpretation for the present age
What is Judaism? c1987:
When bad things happen to good people : December 6, 1982
Что такое иудаизм? : современная интерпретация
על אמונה והיסטוריה : מסות ביהדות זמננו
רישומה והשפעתה של השואה בחיי יהדות זמננו
רשומה והשפעתה של השואה בחיי יהדות זמננו
Record derived from Internet Archive. Part of the University of Toronto collection
Thesis, Ph.D., 1945