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H.-P, J. O.
Halliwell, J. O.
Halliwell, James O.
Halliwell, James Orchard
Halliwell-Phillipps, J. O.
Halliwell-Phillipps, James O.
Halliwell-Phillipps, James Orchard
Halliwell-Phillips, James Orchard
J. O. H.-P
Orchard Halliwell, James
Orchard Halliwell-Phillipps, James
Phillipps, J. O. Halliwell-
Phillipps, James Orchard Halliwell-
Phillips, James Orchard
Phillips, James Orchard Halliwell-
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Elias, Michel
Ewes, Simonds d'
George Fabyan Collection (Library of Congress)
Latyk, Olivier (1976-...)
Mandeville, Jean de (ca. 1300-1372)
Mandeville, John Sir
Marggraff, Hermann (1809-1864)
Nares, Robert
Shakespeare, William (1564-1616)
Sousa, António Alberto Marinho Duarte de (1896-1950)
Warkworth, John (c. 1425-1500)
Wright, Thomas (1810-1877)
affectionate shepherd, The
Archaeologist and Journal of antiquarian science..., The
autobiography and correspondence of Sir Simonds d'Ewes, Bart., during the reigns of James I. and Charles I., The
boke of curtasye an english poem of the fourteenth century, The
brief description of the ancient [and] modern manuscripts preserved in the public lib*. -, A
brief Description of the ancient and modern Manuscripts preserved in the Public Library, Plymouth: to which are added, some Fragments of early Literature hitherto unpublished, A
Brief list of some of the rarer and most curious old-book rarities in the library of J. O. Halliwell... illustrative chiefly of early English popular litterature, A
calendar of the Shakespearean rarities, A : drawings and engravings formerly preserved at Hollingbury copse, near Brighton
Catalogue of proclamations, broadsides, ballads and poems presented to the Chetham library, Manchester, A
chronicle of the first thirteen years of the reign of King Edward the Fourth, A
chronicle of William de Rishanger, of the Barons' Wars The miracles of Simon de Montfort, The
collection of letters illustrative of the progress of science in England, A : from the reign of Queen Elizabeth to that of Charles the Second
Collection of letters illustrative of the progress of science in England from the reign of Queen Elizabeth to that of Charles the Second. Edited by James Orchard Halliwell,..., A
Comedies, histories and tragedies
complete works of Shakespeare, 1850-1853?:, The
Cursory memoranda on Shakespeare's Tragedy of Macbeth, with early notices of the moving wood strategem.
Derbyshire Mummer's play
Descriptive notices of popular English histories
Diary of Dr. John Dee
Dictionary of archaic and provincial words, obsolete phrases, proverbs and ancient customs, from the fourteenth century, by James Orchard Halliwell,..., A
dictionary of old English plays, A : existing either in print or in manuscript, from the earliest times to the close of the seventeenth century ; including also notices of Latin plays written by English authors during the same period
early naval ballads of England. -, The
Friar Bakon's Prophesie a satire on the degeneracy of the times, a. D. 1604
glossary of words phrases, names and allusions, A : in the works of English authors, particularly of Shakespeare and his contemporaries
glossary; or, collection of words, phrases, names, and allusions to customs, proverbs, etc., which have been thought to require illustration, in the works of English authors, particularly Shakespeare and his contemporaries, A
Illustrations of the fairy mythology of a Midsummer night's dream
Illustrations of the life of Shakespeare, in a discursive series of essays on a variety of subjects connected with the personal and literary history of the great dramatist.
Interlude of the disobedient child, The
Interlude of the four elements, an early moral play..., The
interlude of the trial of treasure, The : reprinted from the black-letter edition by Thomas Purfoote, 1567
introduction to Shakespeare's Midsummer night's dream., An
King Henry VI
life of William Shakespeare, The
Lists of manuscripts formerly owned by Dr. John Dee, with preface and identifications
loyal Garland, The : a collection of songs of the seventeenth century ...
Ludus Coventriae. A. collection of mysteries, formerly represented at Coventry on the feast of Corpus Christi. Edited by James Orchard Halliwell,...
Man in the moone, or, The English fortune teller, The : from the unique copy, printed in 1609 ...
manifest detection of the most vyle and detestable use of dice play, A
manual for the collector and amateur of old English plays., A
manuscript rarities of the University of Cambridge, The
marriage of Wit and Wisdom, The : an ancient interlude : to which are added illustrations of Shakespeare and the early English drama
meeting of Gallants at an ordinary: or, The walkes in Powles from an unique black-letter copy in the Bodleian Library, The
Memoranda on All's well that ends well, The two gentlemen of Verona, Much ado about nothing, and on Titus Andronicus.
Memoranda on the tragedy of Hamlet.
miracles of Simon de Montfort
moral play of wit and science, and early poetical miscellanies, The : From an unpublished manuscript
most pleasant song of Lady Bessy and how she married King Henry the Seventh, of the House of Lancaster, The
Norfolk anthology. A collection of poems, ballads, and rare tracts relating to the county of Norfolk., The
Notes of family excursions in North Wales, taken chiefly from Rhyl, Abergele, Llandudno, and Bangor.
Notices of fugitive tracts and chap-books printed at Aldermary churchyard, Bow churchyard, etc.,...
Notices of fugitive tracts and chap-books printed at Aldermary Churchyard, Bow Churchyared, etc.
Nursery rhymes of England collected chiefly from oral tradition... 3rd edition..., The
Nursery rhymes of England, collected chiefly from oral tradition. Edited by James Orchard Halliwell,... 4th edition..., The
nursery rhymes of England, The : collected principially from oral tradition
Observations on some of the manuscript emendations of the text of Shakespeare, and are they copyright?
Observations on the Charlecote traditions, and on the personation of Sir Thomas Lucy in the character of Justice Shallow.
Observations on the popular antiquities of Great Britain: chiefly illustrating the origin of our vulgar and provincial customs, ceremonies, and superstitions.
Outlines of the life of Shakespeare , by J. O. Halliwell-Phillipps,... 11th impression...
Outlines of the life of Shakespeare, by J. O. Halliwell-Phillipps,... The 4th edition
Play of King Henry the Fourth, printed from a contemporary manuscript
pleasant conceits of old Hobson, the merry Londoner. A. D. 1607., The
Poems of John Audelay a specimen of the Shropshire dialect in the fifteenth century, The
Poetical miscellanies from a manuscript collection of the time of James I
Popular rhymes and nursery tales: a sequel to The nursery rhymes of England.
Popular treatises on science
private diary of Dr. John Dee, and the catalogue of his library of manuscripts, from the original manuscripts in the Ashmolean Museum at Oxford, and Trinity College Library, Cambridge, The
Rara Mathematica or a collection of treatises on the mathematics and subjects connected w*. -
Rara-mathematica; or, A collection of treatises on the mathematics and subjects connected with them, from ancient inedited manuscripts.
Reliquiæ antiquæ. Scraps from ancient manuscripts, illustrating chiefly early English literature and the English language.
Rishanger's chronicle
romance of Syr Tryamoure, The : from a ms. preserved in the University Library, Cambridge
romance of the Emperor Octavian; now first published from MSS. at Lincoln and Cambridge., The
Selected notes upon Shakespeare's comedy of the Tempest.
selection from the Minor poems of Dan John Lydgate, A
Selection of minor poems of Dan John Lydgate, A
Shakespeare's play of King Henry the Fourth, printed from a contemporary manuscript.
Shakesperiana : a catalogue of the early editions of Shakespeare's plays, and of the Commentaries and other publications illustrative of his works
Specimens of early English metrical romances, to which is prefixed an historical introduction on the rise and progress of romantic composition in France and England, by George Ellis,... A new edition, revised by J. O. Halliwell,...
Stratford records and the Shakespeare autotypes , a brief review of singular delusions that are current at Stratford-on-Avon, by the assumed delinquent. 4th edition..., The
Tarlton's jests, and news out of purgatory. With notes, and some account of the life of Tarlton
Thornton romances; the early English metrical romances of Perceval, Isumbras, Eglamour, and Degrevant, selected from manuscripts at Lincoln and Cambridge., The
Torrent of Portugal an English metrical romance now first published from an unique manuscript of the fifteenth century...
Torrent of Portugal an englisher metrical romance now first published from an unique manuscript of the fifteenth century, preserved in the Chetham Library at Manchester
trois petits cochons, Les
Urgeschichte der Freimaurerei in England
voiage and travaile of Sir John Maundevile, Kt. which treateth of the way to Hierusalem, The ; and of marvayles of Inde, with other ilands and countryes
voiage and travaile of Sir John Maundeville, kt., The : which treateth of the way of Hierusalem ; and of marvayles of Inde, with other ilands and countryes
Warkworth's chronicle
Westward for smelts, an early collection of stories
works of William Shakespeare in reduced facsimile from the famous first folio edition of 1623, 1876:, The
Yorkshire anthology, a collection of ancient and modern ballads, poems and songs, relating to the county of Yorkshire., The