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Lilie, Iohn
Lilli, Dzhon
Lilli, Džon
Lillie, John
Lilly, Iohn
Lilly, John
Lily, John
Lylie, Iohn
Lylie, John
Lyllie, John
Lylly, John
Lyly, John,
リリー, ジョン
ca. 1554-1606
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Arber, Edward
Bevington, David M
Bond, R.W. (1857-1943)
Bond, Richard Warwick
Bond, Richard Warwick (1857-1943)
Campbell, Sherri L. (1959-)
Campbell, Sherri Leigh (1959-)
Case, John (Bekanntschaft; see also from)
Cradock, Edward (Bekanntschaft; see also from)
Croll, Morris William
English Printing Collection (Library of Congress)
Fairholt, F.W.
Gager, William (Bekanntschaft; see also from)
Gwinne, Matthew (ca. ca. 1558-1627; Bekanntschaft; see also from)
Heton, Martin (Bekanntschaft; see also from)
Humphrey, Laurence (1525/6-1590; Bekanntschaft; see also from)
Hunter, G. K.
Hunter, George K. (1920- ))
Hunter, George Kirkpatrick
Lancashire, Anne Begor
Latewar, Richard (Bekanntschaft; see also from)
Lilly, Edmond (Bekanntschaft; see also from)
Moricius, Nicolaus (Bekanntschaft; see also from)
Paddy, William (Bekanntschaft; see also from)
Scragg, Leah
Toronto, Ont University
橋本, 辰次郎 (1928-)
1st chapter of... Arcadia..., The
Alexander and Campaspe, by John Lyly, 1584. [Edited by Walter Wilson Greg.]
Alexander, Campaspe and Diogenes
Alexander und Campaspe Ein Lustspiel
Campaspe by John Lyly : a critical edition
Campaspe ; Sappho and Phao
complete works ... 1902., The
Complete works of John Lyly... collected and edited... by R. Warwick Bond..., The
descent of Euphues, The : three Elizabethan romance stories
Descent of Euphues, three Elizabethan romance stories, The : Euphues [by John Lyly], Pandosto [by Robert Greene], Piers Plainness [by Henry Chettle]. Edited... by James Winny
Dramatic works of John Lilly, the euphuist, with notes and some account of his life and writings, by F. W. Fairholt,..., The
Endimion, the man in the moone. -
Endymion, ou L'Homme dans la lune, comédie allégorique en 5 actes
Endymion : the man in the moon
English reprints
Euphues and his England : containing his voyage and aduentures, mixed with sundry prettie discourses of honest loue, the description of the countrie, the court, and the manners of the isle : delightfull to be read, and nothing hurtfull to be regarded : wherein there is small offence by lightnesse giuen to the wise, and lesse occasion of loosenesse proffered to the vvanton
Euphues and Lucilla or the false friend and inconstant mistress. To which is added, Ephoebus; or instructions for the education of youth. With letters upon death, banishment, and the vices of courtiers and students. Written originally by John Lyly, M.A. in the Reign of Queen Elizabeth; and now revis'd, and render'd into modern English, to make it of more general Use to the Publick
Euphues... edited by Dr. Friedrich Landmann
Euphues : the anatomie of vvit : verie pleasant for all gentlemen to reade, and most necessarie to remember : wherein are contained the delights that wit followeth in his youth, by the pleasantnesse of loue, and the happinesse he reapeth in age by the perfectnesse of wisedome
Euphues the anatomie of wit ... 1636:
Euphues: the anatomy of wit : an annotated, modern-spelling edition
Euphues, the anatomy of wit ; and Euphues and his England
Euphues, the anatomy of wit, by John Lyly,... to which is added the first chapter of sir Philip Sidney's Arcadia, edited... by Friedrich Landmann...
Euphues : the anatomy of wit. Editio princeps 1579 ; Euphues and his England. Editio princeps 1580. Collated with early subsequent editions
Euphues : the anatomy of wit. Editio princeps. 1599 ; Euphues and his England. Editio princeps. 1580. Collated with early subsequent editions
Euphues : The anatomy of wit : To which is added the first chapter of Philip Sidney's Arcadea
Euphues. The anatomy of wit Verie pleasant for all gentlemen to read, and most necessarie to remember. wherein are conteined the delyghts that wit followeth in his youth, by the pleasantnesse of loue, and the happinesse he reapeth in age, by the perfectnesse of wisedome. By Ihon Lyly Master of Art.
Evphves : the anatomy of wit
Extracts from Mother Bombie
false friend and inconstant mistress An Instructive novel. To which is added, Love's Diversion; displaying The Artifices of the Female Sex in their Amours, Dress, &c. With Directions for the Education of Both Sexes; and a Collection of Moral Letters on curious Subjects, The
Four Tudor comedies
Galatea and Midas
Gallathea : 1592
Gallathea and Midas
Gammer Gurton's nedle
Historie van Euphues
Hoc est
John Lyly the woman in the moon
Jon rirī kigeki zenshū
Love's metamorphosis
Lyly's Euphues
Mazā bomubī
Minor Elizabethan drama. (II.) Pre-Shakespearean comedies. [Ralph Roister Doister, by Nicholas Udall, The ; Endimion, by John Lyly ; the Old wives' tales, by George Peele ; Friar Bacon and friar Bungay ; James the fourth, by Robert Greene. Introduction by Ashley Thorndike.]
moste excellent comedie of Alexander, Campaspe and Diogenes
Mother Bombie, by John Lyly, 1594
Pap with a hatchet : being a reply to Martin Mar-prelate : re-printed from the original quarto ed. with an introd. and notes.
plays of John Lyly, The
Programming and metaprogramming in the human biocomputer.
Queen Elizabeth's enterainment at Mitcham: Poet, painter, and musician;
Queen Elizabeth's entertainment at Mitcham : poet, painter and musician
REIPVBLICAE RECTE AC PIE SECVNDVM LEges administrandae ... 1589. (VD16 C 1243)
REIPVBLICAE RECTE AC PIE SECVNDVM LEGES ADministrandae ... 1593. (VD16 C 1244)
Roister Doister
Role and rule history and power on stage : February 2009
Sapho and Phao : 1584
Sappho and Phao
Sappho and Phoa
Selected prose and dramatic work
Six (sic for five) court comedies... acted before queene Elizabeth by the children of her Majesties chappall and the children of Paules...
Sixe court comedies : often presented and acyted before Queene Elizabeth by the children of Her Maiesties chappell, and the children of Paules
Spanish tragedy, or Hieronimo is mad again
Sphaera Ciuitatis
Spharea Ciuitatis
tragedy of Gorboduc
troublesome reign and lamentable death of Edward II
vermaakelijke historie, zee en landt-reyze van Euphues, ofte Een ontleedinge des vernufts ..., De
woman in the moon, The
Yūfuyuīzu no yakuchū kenkyū
Thesis--University of Toronto