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Baymont, Francis
Beamont, Francis
Beamount, Francis
Beaumont, ..
Beaumont, Francis,
Beaumont, Francis (Mr)
Beaumont, John
Beaumont, John Fletcher
Bomont, Fransis
ボーモント, フランシス
ca 1584-1616
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Bowers, Fredson (1905- ))
Bowers, Fredson Thayer (1905-1991)
Buckingham, George Villiers Duke of, 1628-1687
English Printing Collection (Library of Congress)
Fletcher, John (1579-1625))
Gurr, Andrew
Hunt, Leigh (1784-1859))
Marlowe, Christopher (1564-1593)
Massinger, Philip (1583-1640)
Rimbault, Edward F. (1816-1876)
Rimbault, Edward Francis (1816-1876)
Stamać, Ante
Waller, A.R. (1867-1922)
Waller, Alfred Rayney (1867-1922)
Waller, Alfred Rayney (1867-1922))
大井, 邦雄 (1933-)
[[a king and no king]]
Abhandlung über das Genie und die Schriften Francis Beaumonts und John Fletchers
Beaumont and Fletcher; or, The finest scenes, lyrics, and other beauties of those two poets, now first selected from the whole of their works, to the exclusion of whatever is morally objectionable: with opinions of distinguished critics, notes explanatory and otherwise, and a general introductory preface
Beaumont and Fletcher's plays
Beaumont's und Fletcher's dramatische Werke
Beggar's bush
Bell's British theatre. : Consisting of the most esteemed English plays..
Bonduca, a tragedy
Braut, eine Tragödie von Beaumont und Fletcher [übersetzt von H. W. Gerstenberg]. Nebst kritischen und biographischen Abhandlungen über die vier grossten Dichter des ältern brittischen Theaters. [Th. Sewards Abhandlung über das Genie und die Schriften Francis Beaumonts und John Fletchers. - J. Sympsons Nachricht von Beaumonts und Fletchers Leben und Genie. - Dr. Langbains Nachricht von Beaumont und Fletchers Schauspielen. - Peter Whalleys Abhandlung von Ben Jonsons Genie. - L. Theobalds Nachrichten von William Shakespears Leben. - P. Whalleys Nachrichten von Benjamin Jonsons Leben.] Und einem Schreiben an den Herrn Kreis-Steuer-Einnehmer Weisse in Leipzig, Die
Certain elegies
Chances, a comedy, as it is acted at the Theatre-royal [as altered from Beaumont and Fletcher], by His Grace the Duke of Buckingham,..., The
chances A comedy. By David Garrick, Esq. Marked with the variations in the manager's book, at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane., The
Chances, a comedy, in five acts, by Beaumont and Fletcher,... with remarks by Mrs. Inchbald, The
chances, The : a comedy
Chevalier au pilon flamboyant de Francis Beaumont et John Fletcher., Le
chevalier de l'ardent pilon, Le : the knight of the burning pestle
Chevalier de l'ardent pilon("the Knight of the burning pestle"). Édition avec introduction, traduction et notes par M. T. [Marie-Thérèse] Jones-Davies,..., Beaumont et Fletcher. Le
Comedies and tragedies
Cupids revenge
Dioclesian. [Opéra en 5 actes. Livret de Francis Beaumont et John Fletcher.]. Edited... by J. Frederick Bridge and John Pointer. Revised under the supervision of the Purcell society by Margaret Laurie, Henry Purcell....
Dramatic works in the Beaumont and Fletcher canon. General editor Fredson Bowers,..., The
Dramatische Werke
Elizabethan drama, with introductions, notes and illustrations.
Faithful friends
Fifty Comedies and Tragedies.
humorous lieutenant. a tragi-comedy, now acting at the Theatre-Royal, in Crow-Street. Written by F. Beaumont and J. Fletcher, collated with all the former editions, and corrected. By Mr. Theobald, and Mr. Seward., The
insatiate countess
Jovial crew, a comic opera, distinguishing also the variations of the theatre [from Beaumont and Fletcher] as performed in 3 acts at the Theatre royal in Covent Garden..., The
King and no king, acted at the Blacke-Fryars... and now the second time printed, according to the true copie, written by Francis Beaumont and John Flecher ["sic"], A
knight of the burning pestle and A king and no king., The
knight of the burning pestle, The ; The masque of the Inner temple and Gray's inn ; The woman hater ; The coxcomb ; Philaster ; The Captain
Lay a Garland
Love lies a-bleeding
Love's cure. The Noble gentleman. Beggars'bush. The tragedy of Thierry and Theodoret. The Faithful shepherdess
lyric poems of Beaumont & Fletcher, The
mad lover, The ; The loyal subject ; Rule a wife, and have a wife ; The laws of candy ; The false one ; The little French lawyer
maid in the mill, The ; The knight of Malta ; Loves cure, or the martial maid ; Women pleas'd ; The night-walker, or the little thief
maid's tragedy, and Philaster, The
maides tragedy. -, The
maids tragedie..., The : 5th impression, revised & refined.
maids tragedy, The ; Philaster ; A king, and no king ; The scornful lady ; The custom of the country
Maydes tragedy
Oeuvres de Francis Fletcher et John Beaumont,...
Philaster. : A tragedy. Altered from B- and F- ...
Philaster, a tragedy, as altered from Beaumont and Fletcher, and performed at the Theatre-royal in Covent Garden... [Prologue by George Colman.]
Philaster or, Love lies a bleeding. : Written by Mr. Francis Beaumont, and Mr. John Fletcher. As it is acted at the Theatres.
Phylaster; or, Love lyes a bleeding
preparative to studie: or, The vertue of sack·, A
royal merchant: an opera. Founded on Beaumont and Fletcher. As it is performed at the Theatre Royal, in Covent-Garden, The
royal merchant: or, Beggars Bush. a comedy. As it is acted at the Theatre-Royal in smock-Alley. By His Majesty's servants. Wriiten by Beaumont and Fletcher., The
royal merchant; or, the beggars bush. A comedy. As it is acted at the Theatre-Royal in Covent-Garden. Written by Beaumont and Fletcher, The
Rule a wife and have a wife, a comedy, as perform'd at the theatres, by Beaumont and Fletcher
Rule a wife and have a wife. a comedy. By Beaumont and Fletcher. Adapted for theatrical representation, as performed at the Theatres-Royal Drury-Lane and Covent-Garden. Regulated from the prompt-books, by permission of the managers. ...
Rule a wife and have a wife, a comedy, by Beaumont and Fletcher, as performed at the Theatre royal in Drury Lane...
Rycerz Ognistego Pieprzu : komedia w pięciu aktach
Rytíř hořící paličky
Salmacis and Hermaphroditus; a poem attributed to Francis Beaumont.
scornful ladie. -, The
scornful lady A comedy., The
Scornfull Lady. A comedy ..., The
scornfvl ladie. A comedie as it was acted (with great applause) by the children of Her Maiesties reuels in the Blacke Fryers., The
Select plays
Stille waters hebben diepe gronden : blijspel in vier bedrijven
[[the coxcomb]]
[[the maid's tragedy]]
[[the noble gentleman]]
[[the scornful lady]]
[[the woman hater]]
[[thierry and theodoret]]
Tragedia dziewicy
tragedy of Valentinian, The ; Monsieur Thomas ; The chances ; The bloody brother ; The wild-goose chase
Vitez gorućeg tučka
wife for a month, A ; The lovers progress ; The pilgrim ; The captain ; The prophetess
Wit without money. -
workes of|| Geffrey Chaucer, newly|| printed with diuers additions|| With the siege and destruction of the worthie Citie of Thebes, compiled by John|| Lidgate, monke of Burie, The
works of Beaumont and Fletcher, The : in fourteen volumes with an introduction and explanatory notes
Works of Beaumont and Fletcher, with an introduction by George Darley, The
works of Beaumont & Fletcher; the text formed from a new collation of the early editions., The
Works of Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher, in ten volumes. Vol. II [-X], The
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