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Author of The critical history of England
Author of The secret history of Europe
Critical history of England, Author of the
J. O
J. O, John Oldmixon
O, J.
O, John Oldmixon
Oldmixon, ..
Oldmixon, J.
Oldmixon, John
Oldmixon, John (Mr)
Oldmixon, Mr
One very near a kin to the author of The tale of a tub
Secret history of Europe, Author of the
Wilson, Charles
Wilson, Charles (Pseudonym)
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Author of the Critical history of England, The (see also from)
Francis Longe Collection (Library of Congress)
Landa, Louis A. (1901-1989)
Madden, R. J.
Mainwaring, Arthur (1668-1712)
Moll, Herman
Nixon, Robert (fl. 1620?)
Parker, Richard (16..-17..; libraire))
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Purcell, Daniel (1660?-1717)
arts of logick and rhetorick, The
Britannische ryk in Amerika: zynde eene beschryving van de ondekking, bevolking, inwoonders, het klimat, den koophandel, en tegenwordigen staat van alle de Britannischen coloniën in dat gedeelte der wereldt... einladen uit het Engelsch..., Het
Britische Reich in America, Das : worinnen enthalten Die Geschichte der Entdeckung, der Aufrichtung, des Anwachses und Zustandes der Englischen Colonien Auf dem festen Lande und den Inseln von America : nebst Fortsetzung dieser Geschichte und der Veränderung des Staats und der Handlung solcher Colonien, von dem Jahr 1710 bis auf gegenwärtige Zeit : wo bey Gelegenheit auch einige Anmerkungen, welche die möglichsten und nützlichsten Mittel anzeigen, wie man diese Pflanz-Städte in einen blühenden Zustand setzen, und für ihre Sicherheit Sorge tragen sol, beygefüget werden
British Academy
British empire in america containing the history of the discovery, settlement, progress and state of the british colonies on the continent and islands of america
Catholick poet
Critical history of england, ecclesiastical and civil wherein the errors of the monkish writers, and others before the reformation, are expos'd and corrected. as are also the deficiency and partiality of later historians. and particular notice is taken of the history of the grand rebellion. and mr. echard's history of england. with remarks on some objections made to bishop burnet's history of his times, and the characters of archdeacon echard's authors
detection of the sophistry and falsities of the pamphlet, entitul'd, The secret history of the white staff, containing an enquiry into the staff's conduct in the late management, particularly with respect to the Protestant succession, A
Discours sur la Barrière des Hollandais, par lequel on fait voir que c'est aussi celle des Anglais, leur intérêt étant en cela inséparable
Documents relating to the early history of Hudson Bay
Dutch barrier our's, or, the interest of england and holland inseparable with reflections on the insolent treatment the emperor and states-general have met with from the author of the conduct and his brethren : to which is added an enquiry into the causes of the clamour against the dutch particularly with reference to the fishery
Essay on criticism; as it regards design, thought, & expression, in prose & verse
Governor of Cyprus
gross-britannische scepter in der Neuen welt; oder, Politische und geographische beschreibung aller engelländischen plantagien, so wohl auf dem vesten lande als denen in America gelegenen insuln., Das
Grove, or, love's paradice an opera, represented at the theatre royal in drury-lane
Histoire secrete des intrigues de la France en diverses cours de l'Europe Où l'on voit que l'accroissement du pouvoir de cette couronne est dû au succès de ces intrigues, plûtôt qu'à ses propres forces & à l'havileté de ses ministres, &c. Le tout extrait fidèllement de plusieurs mémoires autentiques tant manuscrits qu'imprimés. On a joint à la tête de l'ouvrage la lettre d'un Wigg [sic] à un Tory sur la conjoncture presente. Fome premier, Traduit de l'Anglois.
history of addresses., The
history of England during the reigns of Henry VIII. Edward VI. Queen Mary. Queen Elizabeth. Including the history of the reformation of the churches of England and Scotland ... Also including a more full, clear, and faithful history of Mary queen of Scots, than has hitherto been publish'd most of the memoirs for it being taken from records and state papers ..., The
history of England, during the reigns of king William and queen Mary, queen Anne, king George I., being the sequel of the reigns of the Stuarts ..., The
history of England, during the reigns of the R. House of Stuart, The : wherein the errors of late histories are discover,d and corrected : with original Letters from K. Charles II, K. James II, Oliver Cromwell, ...
history of the Isle of Providence., The
Konung Jacob den förstas i Ängland regering./(Oldmixon.) Stockholm, tryckt uti Wildiska tryckeriet 1756.
letters, life, and works of John Oldmixon, The : politics and professional authorship in early Hanoverian England
lives of all the Lords Chancellors, Lords Keepers, and Lords Commissioners, of the Great Seal of England; from William the Conqueror, to the present time: but more at large of those two great opposites, Edward Earl of Clarendon, and Bulstrode Lord Whitlock with parallel of their actions, The : to which is added, an appendix of many rare and valuable speeches, letters, &c. referring to the said lives
Love's paradise
Medley: or, Daily tatler By Jeremy Quick, Esq., The
Medleys for the year 1711., The
Memoirs of Ireland from the Restoration to the Present Times. -
Memoirs of the life, writings, and amours of William Congreve, Esq. : interspersed with miscellaneous essays, letters, and characters written by him : also some very curious memoirs of Mr. Dryden and his family, with a character of him and his writings by Mr. Congreve
Memoirs of the press, historical and political, 1742:
Nixon's Cheshire prophecy at large Printed from the Lady Cowper's original, in the reign of Queen Anne. With historical and political remarks: and several instances pointed out, wherein it has been fulfilled. Also his life. By John Oldmixon, Esq
omstandig berecht aangaande de koffy en koffy-plantery
Original Cheshire prophecy in doggrel verse
Pastoral poem
Poems on several occasions
Poems. Selections
Reflections on Dr. Swift's letter to the Earl of Oxford about the English tongue
Remarks on a scandalous libel, entitil'd A letter from a member of Parliament, &c., relating to the Bill of commerce in which the trade with France is consider'd, and the falsities and absurdities of the Mercator are expos'd
Remarks on the letter to the Dissenters, 1714:
Secret history of europe. shewing that the late greatness of the french power was never so much owing to the number or goodness of their troops ... as to the treachery and corruption of the ministers abroad
secret history of Europe... The whole collected from authentick nemoirs [!], as well manuscript as printed ... with additions., The
vie d'Anne Stuart reine de la Grand-Bretagne, de France et d'Irlande., La
Works. Selections.