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Author of The last century
B, R.
B, Richard Baxter
Bacster, Richard
Bacter, Richard
Bakster, Richard
Baxter, ..
Baxter, R.
Baxter, Ricard
Baxter, Rich
Baxter, Richard
Baxter, Richard (Mr)
Baxter, Ricrard
Last century, Author of the
Mr Reed
One that is Consecrated to sacred ministry
R. B
R. B, Richard Baxter
RB, Richard Baxter
Reed (Mr)
Salvianus, Gildas
Timorcus Theophilus
バックスター, リチャード
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American Tract Society
Borstius, Gerardus (I, Amsterdam)
Crewdson, Isaac
Fawcett, Benjamin (1715-1780)
Gagnerus, Samuel (1731-91)
Nosek, Josef (1802-1841)
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Simons, Nevil (Londen)
Sluiter, Willem (1627-1673)
Thomas, Joseph Morgan Lloyd (1868- ))
Timorcus, Theophilus (see also from)
Tyton, Francis (Londen)
Vila, David
Wesley, John (1703-1791)
White, Robert (London)
Wilkinson, John T. (1893-1980)
Wilkinson, John Thomas (1893-)
Wilkinson, John Thomas (1893-1980)
Zaunslifer, Johannes Albertus (1634-1678)
高橋, 義男
Aphorismes of justification. Selections [from old catalog]
autobiography of Richard Baxter, The : being the Reliquiae Baxterianae abridged from the folio 1696
brief aan alle onwetende ... menschen ...
call to the unconverted..., A
Catholick Communion doubly defended by Dr. Owens, vindicator, and Richard Baxter,...
Certainty of christianity without popery, or Whether the catholick-protestant or the papist have the surer faith... by Richard Baxter, The
Chapters from A Christian directory;
Christelyke doods-betrachting, bestaende in verscheide sterf-gesangen, en doods-echt-scheidinge
Christelyke doods-betrachting, bestaende in verscheyde sterf-gesangen, en doods-echt-scheydinge
ciel ou Le vrai repos, Le
Compassionate Counsel to all young-men... by Richard Baxter
Converse with God in solitude, or, The christian improving the insufficiency and uncertainty of human friendship for conversing with God in secret
cure of church-divisions: or, Directions for weak Christians, The
defence of the principles of love, A
Directions for weak Christians, to keep them from being dividers or troublers of the Church
discourse of the nature, ends, and difference of the two covenants ... With an appendix of the nature and difference of saving and ineffectual faith ... To which is prefixed a preface by Mr. Rich. Baxter., A
divine Life in three treatises, The : the first, of the knowledge of God ; the second, of walking with God ; the third, of coversing with God in solitude, by Richard Baxter
dying thoughts of the Rev. Richard Baxter., The
dying thoughts of the reverend, learned and holy Mr. Richard Baxter ..., The
eeuwige rust der Heiligen de heerlijke staat der Gezaligden en hunne voortdurende blijdschap in den hemel, De
Eliot tracts with letters from John Eliot to Thomas Thorowgood and Richard Baxter, The
En andelig hus-bok, innehållande ett vpbyggeligit samtal emellan Paulum, en rättsinnig och trogen Guds ords lärare, och Saulum, en fåkunnog och eländig, doch omsider, genom Guds nåd, ångerfull och botfärdig syndare, lärande hurulunda man skal blifwa, lefwa och dö en rätt christen
Evangeliedienaar, hoe hij wezen en werken moet, De
ewige Ruhe der Heiligen, Die
extract of Mr. Richard Baxter's Aphorisms of justification., An
Five disputations of church-government, and worship.
Full and easie satisfaction which is the true and safe religion.
Gildas Salvianus : the reformed pastor, 1656
Gildas Salvianus; the reformed pastor : shewing the nature of the pastoral work; especially in private instruction and catechizing : with an open confession of our too open sins : prepared for a day of humiliation kept at Worcester, Decemb. 4, 1655. by the ministers of that county, who subscribed the agreement for catechizing and personal instruction, at their entrance upon that work
Gods Goodness vindicated... by Richard Baxter...
Grotian religion discovered ..., The
Guilty Women
Halkett & Laing, 1926:
holy Commonwealth, A
huys-boeck der armen, leerende I. Hoemen een goet christen sal worden. II. Hoemen leven sal als een christen ... . III. Hoemen in hoope en vertroostinge, als een christen sterven ... sal, Het : In klaere gemeensame samen spreeckingen tusschen een leeraer en leerlingh
Leven des geloofs. Zijnde het bewijs van onsienlijcke dingen., 't : Voorgestelt in een predicatie, (beknopter-wijse) voor den koninghen tot White-Hall gedaen, op den xij. July, anno 1660.
Leven en brieven aan zijne kinderen ...
leven van Sir Matthew Hale
Life of faith... by Richard Baxter, The
M. Hale's leven en brieven aan zijne kinderen, benevens de verantwoording eens christens wegens zijn gehouden rentmeesterschap
Methodus theologiae christianae. -
Mr. Richard Baxter's paraphrase on the psalms of David in metre : with other hymns.
Naked Popery, or the naked Falshood of a book called "The Catholick naked truth, or the Puritan convert to apostolical christianity" written by W. H... by Richard Baxter,...
Now or never the holy, serious, diligent believer justified, excited & directed ...
Nunc aut nunquam. Dat is, Nu of noyt : zynde een korte verklaringe over de woorden van den Prediker, cap. 9 vs. 10
Paraphrase on the psalms of David in metre
petition for peace; with the reformation of the liturgy ..., A
Plain Scripture proof of infants church-membership and baptism : being the arguments prepared for (and partly managed in) the publick dispute with Mr. Tombes at Bewdley on the first day of Jan. 1649. With a ful reply to what he then answered ... With a reply to his Valedictory oration ...
poor man's family book..., The
practical works of Richard Baxter, The : with a preface, giving some account of the author, and of this edition of his practical works and essay on his genius, works, and times; and a portrait.
Qu. Whether holinesse be the only design of Christianity?
reasons of the christian religion, The : the first part, of Godliness: proving by natural evidence the being of God, the necessity of holiness, and a future life of retribution; the sinfulness of the world; the desert of hell; and what hope of recovery mercies intimate : the second part, of Christianity: proving by evidence supernatural and natural, the certain truth of the christian belief: and answering the objections of unbelievers : first meditated for the well-setling of his own belief; and now published for the benefit of others
rechte maniere van doen, om aan een vaste welgegronde vrede ofte gerustheyt der conscientie ende geestelijke troost te geraken, De : In XXXII. bestieringen
Reduction of a digressor
reformed pastor;, The : a discourse on the pastoral office ... To which is added an appendix, containing some hints of advice to students for the ministry, and to tutors.
reformed pastor, The : a pattern for personal growth and ministry
Reliquiæ Baxterianæ
Repos éternel des saints, par Richard Baxter, abrégé par Isaac Crewdson, traduit sur la 5e édition, Le
Rich. Baxter's reply to Mr George Kendall's digression in his book against Mr Goodwin
Richard Baxter and Puritan politics
Richard Baxter's confutation of a dissertation for the justification of infidels
Richard Baxters Ausgesonderte Schrifften als: 1. Die rechte Arth und Weise, wodurch man zum beständigen und wolgegründeten Frieden und Ruhe des Gewissens ... gelangen könne. 2. Das Leben des Glaubens ... 3. Ein Heiliger oder ein Heuchler. 4. Der Narren Glückseligkeit ... 5. Die Auszkauffung der Zeit. Sämtlich in engelländischer Sprache geschrieben, und nun aus dem vierten verbesserten und vermehrerten Druck ins Teutsche übersetzet von J.D.
Richard Baxters ausgewählte geistliche Schriften : in Gemeinschaft mit einigen Freunden.
Richard Baxters Nun oder niemahls
Roman Tradition examined, at it is urged as infallible against all mens sens... the holy Scripture, the tradition and present judgment of the far greatest part of the universal Church in the point of transubstantiation, in answer to a book called "A rational discourse of transubstantiation" (by Richard Baxter)
saints everlasting rest, or, A treatise of the blessed state of the saints in their enjoyment of God in glory ..., The
saints everlasting rest: or, A treatise of the blessed state of the saints in their enjoyment of God in heaven., The
Saints' everlasting rest, or a treatise of the blessed state of the saints in their enjoyment og God in heaven, The
saints everlasting rest: or, A treatise of the blessed state of the sanits in their enjoymernt of God in glory ..., The
Saints' everlasting rest, or A treatise on the blessed state of the Saints in their enjoyment of God in Heaven, The
saints' everlasting rest, The : or, a traetise on the blessed state of the saints in their enjoyment of God in heaven
Search for the English schismatick, by the case and characters I. of the diocesan canoneers, II. of the present meer nonconformits... by Richard Baxter..., A
Siftings from the cart, 1998. Dates.
Siftings from the cart : some opinions of the Rev. Richard Baxter, 1615-1691
Some unpublished correspondence of the Reverend Richard Baxter and the Reverend John Eliot, the apostle of the American Indians, 1656-1682
stemme Gods, roepende de sondaers tot bekeeringe., De : Over Ezechiel XXXIII:11.
stemme Gods roepende tot bekeering, De
third defence of the cause of peace., A
To the Kings most excellent majesty. The due account, and humble petition of the ministers of the Gospel, lately commissioned for the review and alteration of the liturgy.
treatise of episcopacy;, A : confuting by Scripture, reason, and the churches testimony, that sort of diocesan churches, prelacy, and government, which casteth out the primitive church-species, episcopacy, ministry and discipline, and confoundeth the Christian world by corruption, usurpation, schism, and persecution. Meditated in the year 1640. when the Et cætera oath was imposed. Written 1671. and cast by. Published 1680, by the importunity of our superiours, who demand the reasons of our nonconformity.
treatise of self-denyall., A
Treatise of the blessed state of the saints in their enjoyment of God
true and only Way of concord of all the christian churches, the desirableness of it and the detection of false dividing terms, opened by Richard Baxter, The
Universal concord. The first part. The sufficient terms proposed for the use of those that have liberty to use them... by Richard Baxter
Vermaning tot bekeering
Voix de Dieu qui appelle les pécheurs à la repentance et à la conversion... par Richard Baxter, La
Watch your walk : ministering from a heart of integrity
Wěčné odpočinutj Swatých, předložené od Richarda Baxtera
winding-sheet for popery., A
works, moral and religious, of Sir Matthew Hale, knt. ..., The
Ziel-verruckinge: ofte bedenckinge, op de gelegentheyt van den tijdt der geboorte Christi
Zuruf an unbekehrte