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Shotwell, James T.,
Shotwell, James Thompson
Shotwell, James Thomson
ショトウエル, ジェームス・T
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Breycha-Vauthier, Arthur (1903-1986)
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Division of Economics and History
Columbia University
Gooch, Robert Kent
Herriot, Édouard (1872-1957)
Laserson, Max M. (1887-1951)
Loomis, Louise Ropes (1874-1958)
Pinto, Roger
Salvin, Marina
Schapiro, J. Salwyn (1879-1973)
Schapiro, J.S. (1879-)
Schapiro, Jacob Salwyn (1879-)
Schapiro, Jacob Salwyn (1879-1973)
Thorndike, Lynn (1882-1965)
Vanlangenhove, Fernand (1889- ))
Zenkl, Petr (1884-1975))
高杉, 信 (1905-)
action du gouvernement belge en matière économique pendant la guerre, L'
Addresses, delivered at the formal opening of the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy
At the Paris Peace Conference
Ausgleich als Aufgabe und Schicksal. -
Balkan mission., A
basis of an affirmative foreign policy today, The
Can we end the Cold War ? : a study in American foreign policy
conditions of enduring prosperity, The
Conference of the International Labour Organisation, 1941, The
Constitution and the guarantee of freedom;, The
cost of the war to Russia the vital statistics of European Russia during the world war 1914 - 1917, The
development of the British empire, The
Disarmament and American foreign policy
Draft treaty of disarmament and security.
Economic and social history of the world war. -
effets de la guerre en Bulgarie, Les
era of the French Revolution (1715-1815), The
Faith of an historian and other essays by James T. Shotwell, an anthology. Foreword by Adolf A. Berle. Introduction by Norman Cousins. Selected and arranged by Leo Perla and Helen H. Shotwell, The
faith of an historian and other essays, The : an anthology
Fifty years in the service of peace with justice
Forerunners of Saint Francis and other studies
Governments of continental Europe... by James T. Shotwell, R. K. Gooch, Karl Loewenstein, Arnold J. Zurcher, Michael T. Florinsky... [etc. Preface by James T. Shotwell.]
Governments of continental Europe. Vol. 1-2
grande décision, La
great decision, The
heritage of freedom, The : the United States and Canada in the community of nations
Histoire économique et sociale de la guerre mondiale
Historia de la historia en el mundo antiguo;
History of Europe (1492-1815)
history of history, The
history of Medieval Europe, The
Hors du gouffre ("On the rim of the abyss"). Traduction de Roger Pinto. [Préface de M. Édouard Herriot.], James T. Shotwell,...
idea of human rights, The
industrie belge pendant l'occupation allemande, 1914-1918, L'
Intégration économique de l'Europe, par un groupe d'étude international sous la direction de Lucien de Sainte-Lorette. [Préface de James T. Shotwell.], L'
Intelligence and Politics
international labour organization:, The
introduction to the history of history, An
introduction to the history of western Europe, An
James Thomson Shotwell diary excerpt
Krieg als Mittel nationaler Politik, Der
Lessons on security and disarmament : from the history of the League of Nations
Locarno and the Balkans: A turning point in history
Long way to freedom, by James T. Shotwell, The
Manchurian crisis 1931-1932, a tragedy in international relations, by Sara Rector Smith... [A dissertation. Foreword by James T. Shotwell.], The
Medieval Europe, its development & civilization
Militárische Verkehrsprobleme Österreich-Ungarns Telegraphen und Postwesen
Military occupation and the rule of law, occupation government in the Rhineland, 1918-1923, [by] Ernst Fraenkel. [Preface by James T. Shotwell and Adolph Lowe.]
Modern and contemporary European history (1815-1922)
Modern and contemporary European history (1815-1928)
Modern and contemporary European history (1815-1934)
Modern and contemporary European history (1815-1941)
Nationalities and national minorities : (with special reference to East-Central Europe)
Nuremberg trials : war crimes and international law
On the rim of the abyss
origins of the International Labor Organization, The
pact of Paris, The
place of Woodrow Wilson in history, The
Plans and protocols to end war; historical outline and guide
Poland and Russia 1919-1945. -
Poland and Russian 1919-1945
Portorose Conference, The
practical plan for disarmament: Draft treaty of disarmament and security, A
Price for peace, the new Europe and world markets, by Antonin Basch. [Foreword by James T. Shotwell.], A
religious revolution of to-day, The
religious revolution of today, The
Report on the economic and social history of the world war
See of Peter, The
See of Peter, XXXX :
short history of the question of Constantinople and the straits, A
Sources of information a handbook on the publications of the League of Nations
Storia economica e sociale della guerra mondiale
story of ancient history., The
student and the citizen; Phi Beta Kappa address at Columbia University, March 16, 1922, The
study in the history of the eucharist, 1905., A
study of neutrality legislation; report of a committee of the National Peace Conference, A
T. G. Masaryk and the idea of European and world federation
Turkey at the Straits : a short history
Twentieth century Europe
United States in history, The
War and German society, the testament of a Liberal, by... Albrecht Mendelssohn Bartholdy,... [Editor's preface, by James T. Shotwell.], The
War as an instrument of national policy and its renunciation in the Pact of Paris
Was ist Weltbürgertum?
What Germany forgot
Wirtschafts- und Socialgeschichte des Weltkrieges
地球の夢 : 平和の使徒・国連
Thesis (Ph. D.); Columbia University, 1903