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Al'ven, Ch
Al'ven, G.
Al'ven, H.
Al'ven, Hannes
Al'ven, Khannes
Alʹfven, Kh
Alʹven, G.
Alʹven, Kh
Alʹven, Khannes
Alfvén, H.
Alfvén, Hannes,
Alfvén, Hannes Olof Gösta
Alfvén, Olof
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Johannesson, Olof (Pseudonym; other identity, same person)
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Alfvén, Kerstin (1910-)
Arrhenius, Gustaf
Chian, Abraham C.-L.
Fälthammar, Carl-Gunne
Fichtelius, Karl-Erik
Inaug. Diss. Uppsala
International School of Physics "Enrico Fermi" (1959 : Varenna, Italy)
International Workshop on Alfvén Waves (1994 : State University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
Malmfors, Karl Gustav
Orfanov, I. V.
Petrov, G. I.
Zemcov, Ju. K.
Alfvén waves in cosmic and laboratory plasmas : proceedings of the international workshop on Alfvén waves, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, November 8-10, 1994
Annihilation model of the QSOs.
Aonde vamos?
Atom, man and the universe : the long chain of complications
Atome, Mensch und Universum : die lange Kette der Komplikationen
Atomen, människan, universum.
Atomer och människor.
Atomet, mennesket, universet
Atomkraft : en bok om reaktorsäkerhet, högaktivt avfall och propaganda
Auroral research in Scandinavia
Can the big bang survive in the space age?
Civilization : the past and the future : the Athens meeting 1966
Cosmic plasma
Cosmical electrodynamics : fundamental principles
Cosmogonic scenario
Cosmology, history, and theology
Directional Measurements of cosmic radiation
Disarmament, energy problems and international collaboration : proceedings of the 24th Pugwash conference ..., Baden, Austria, 28th August - 2nd September 1974.
Double layers and circuits in astrophysics.
Energi till döds? : [studiebok i energi- och miljöproblemen]
Evoljucija solnečnoj sistemy
Evolution of the solar system
Experiments with a vacuum high voltage device
Fisica del plasma: esperimenti e tecniche.
great computer: a vision, The
Has the universe an origin?.
Hubble expansion in Euclidean framework.
International co-operation for science and disarmament : proceedings of the fourteenth Pugwash conference on science and world affairs, Venice, Italy, April 11-16, 1965.
Investigations on the ultra-short electro-magnetic waves
Kärnkraft och atombomber
Kjernekraft og atombomber
Kosmičeskaja plazma
Kosmologia i antymateria
Kosmologie und Antimaterie ... : Über die Entstehung des Weltalls
Living on the third planet
M 70 : die Menschheit der siebziger Jahre
Magnetic storms and aurorae.
Magneto-hydrodynamic Waves and sunspots
Magnetospheric research and the history of the solar system.
Människans villkor : en bok av vetenskapsmän för politiker
Max-Planck-Festschrift, 1958
Mirai kompyūta teikoku
Miry i antimiry : kosmologija i antimaterija
Momentum spectrum of cosmic radiation
new Type of variations in cosmic radiation, A
new york times 4 5 95
Observations and hypotheses in cosmology.
On Sunspots and the solar cycle
On the Cosmogony of the solar system
On the Effect of a vertical magnetic field in a conducting atmosphere
On the existence of elektromagnetic hydrodynamic waves
On the Motion of a charged particle in a magnetic field
On the origin of the solar system
On the oscillation of electrons in hyperbolic magnetic fields and its application to microwave generation
On the Solar Corona
Paradigm transition in cosmic plasma physics : introductory lecture at the Conference on plasma physiscs in Gothenburg, June 1982
Plasma and the universe : dedicated to Professor Hannes Alfvén on the occasion of his 80th birthday, 30 May 1988
Plasma physics, space research, and the origin of the solar system : Nobel lecture.
Problems of world security, environment, and development : proceedings of the twenty-first Pugwash conference on science and world affairs, Sinaia, Romania, August 26th - 31st, 1971.
Registration of the Cosmic Radiation by means of coincidence counters
Results from observations of the total solar eclipse of 1945, July 9.
Rymdforskning : [mål och medel : en översikt av svenska experter]
Saga vom grossen Computer.
Sagan om den stora datamaskinen : en vision
Sagan on den stora datamaskinen.
Solar system history as recorded in the Saturnian ring structure
Space research and the new approach to the mechanics of fluid media in cosmos
Strategy of space research : lecture presented at the Akademia nauk, Moscow, March 1972.
Structure and evolutionary history of the solar system
Svjetovi i antisvjetovi : kozmologija i antimaterija
tale of the big computer; a vision, The
Tentative Theory of solar prominences
Theory and applications of trochotrons
theory of magnetic storms and of the aurorae, A : 2 : The aurorae : 3 : The magnetic disturbances.
Världen - spegelvärlden : kosmologi och antimateria
Verdener og antiverdener
Voprosy fiziki i ėvoliutsii kosmosa
voyager 1/Saturn encounter and the cosmogonic shadow effect, The
Voyager saturnian ring measurements and the early history of the solar system
Worlds - antiworlds : antimatter in cosmology.
Yuzhou diandonglixue : (jiben yuanli)
Inaug. Diss. Uppsala