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Elis, Alecsander Jon
Ellis, A. J.
Ellis, Alexander J.
Ellis, Alexander John
Ellis, Sharpe Alexander John
Sharpe, Alexander John
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Language material
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Adler, Guido (1855-1941))
Barcley, Alexander (1475?-1552))
Child, Francis James (1825-1896))
Helmholtz, Hermann von (1821-1894)
Helmholtz, Hermann von (1821-1894))
Margenau, Henry (1901-1997))
Mendel, Arthur (1905-1979))
Salesbury, William (1520?-1600?))
Abhandlungen zur vergleichenden Musikwissenschaft, von A. J. Ellis, J. P. N. Land, C. Stumpf, O. Abraham und E. M. von Hornbostel aus den Jahren 1885-1908...
Algebra identified with geometry in a series of five tracts
alphabet of nature, the
Bessel's hypsometric tables as corrected by Plantamaur, reduced to English measures and re-calculated
Early English hymn, XVth century, and a phonetic copy soon after, by F. J. Furnivall,... and A. J. Ellis,...
English dialects, their sounds and homes
English, Dionysian, and Hellenic pronunciations of Greek, considered in reference to school and college use., The
english spelling difficulty, and its remedy, glossic, considered in a lecture delivered before the College of preceptors, 6th April 1870, The
Es̀ensalz ov Fonetics, De : contain, de Teori ov a Univérsol Alfabet
history of musical pitch, The
journal of the society of arts
LCNA (CD OCLC), 1993-09. Dizionario biografico universale
Lehre von den Tonempfindungen.
On early English pronunciation with especial reference to Shakspere and Chaucer, containing an investigation of the correspondence of writing with speech in England from the Anglosaxon period to the present day, preceded by a systematic notation of all spoken sounds by means of the ordinary printing types; including a re-arrangement of F.J. Child's memoirs on the language of Chaucer and Gower, and reprints of the rare tracts by Salesbury on English, 1547, and Welch, 1567, and by Barcley on French, 1521
On glossik, a neu sistem ov ingglish spelings, proapsazd faur konkur-ent eus, in aurder too remidi dhi difek'ts widhou-t ditrak-ting from dhi valeu of our prezent aurthag-rafi
On musical duodenes, or The theory of constructing instruments with fixed tones in just or practically just intonation
On the aboriginal inhabitants of the Andaman Islands
On the conditions of a universal language ...
On the physical constituents of accent and emphasis
On the sensations of tone as a physiological basis for the theory of music
only English proclamation of Henry III, 18 October 1258 ... 1868:, The
Orininal nurseri rimz, 1848:
Pennsylvania Dutch : a dialect of South German with an infusion of English
plea for phonetic spelling, 1848., A
plea for phonotypy and phonography; or, Speech-printing and speech-writing., A
Practical hints on the quantitative pronunciation of Latin for the use of classical teachers and linguists
Pronunciation for singers with especial reference to the English, German, Italian and French languages with numerous examples and exercises for the use of teachers and advanced students
Report on dialectal work, from May 1885 to May 1886-1887
Speech in song being the Singer's pronouncing primer of the principal European languages for which vocal music is usually composed
spirit of mathematical analysis, and its relation to a logical system, The