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Annals of the parish, Author of
Author of Annals of the parish
Author of Sir Andrew Wylie
Author of The Ayrshire legatees
Author of The Ayshire legatees
Author of The entail
Ayrshire legatees, Author of
Ayshire legatees, Author of
Balwhidder, Micah
Balwhidder, Micah (Pseudonym)
Balwhidder, Michael (Pseudonym)
Duffle, Thomas
Duffle, Thomas (Pseudonym)
Entail, Author of the
Galt, ..
Galt, John
Galt, John (Mr)
Galt, John ((novelist))
Goodfellow, Robin
Prior, Samuel
Prior, Samuel (Capt)
Sir Andrew Wylie, Author of
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Crockett, Samuel Rutherford (1860-1914)
Defauconpret, Auguste Jean Baptiste (1767-1843))
Gordon, Ian A. (1908-2004)
Gordon, Ian Alistair (1908-)
Gordon, Ian Alistair (1908-2004)
Graydon, Alexander (1752-1818)
Kinsley, James (1922-1984)
Meldrum, D.S. (1865-)
Meldrum, David Storrar (1865-)
Roughead, William
Scott, Walter (1771-1832)
Timothy, Hamilton Baird (1913-)
Urquhart, Frederick Burrows
Wilson, Patricia J.
All the voyages round the world. Samuel Prior.
and The Ayrshire legatees
Annals of the parish and The Ayrshire legatees
Annals of the parish, or The chronicle of dalmailing during the ministry of the Rev. Micah Baldwhidder ... ; illustrated in colour by Henry W. Kerr
Annals of the parish; or, The chronicle of Dalmailing; during the ministry of the Rev. Micah Balwhidder [pseus.]
Annals of the parish, or The chronicle of Dalmailing during the ministry of the Rev. Micah Balwhidder, written by himself
appeal a tragedy, in 3 acts, The ; performed at the theatre-royal, Edinburgh
Autobiography, 1833:
autobiography of John Galt., The
Ayrshire legatees or, the Pringle family, The
bachelor's wife; a selection of curious and interesting extracts, with cursory observations., The
Bogle Corbet or, the emigrants ; in 3 vol.
Cena uczuć
Chronicle of Dalmailing during the ministry of the Rev. Micah Balwhidder
club-book: being original tales, The
collected poems of John Galt, 1779-1839., The
complete works of Byron, The
Diary illustrative of the times of George the Fourth : comprising the secret history of the court during the reigns of George III and George IV : interspersed with original letters from Queen Caroline, the princess Charlotte, and from other distinguished persons.
Diary illustrative of the times of George the Fourth, interspersed with original letters from the late Queen Caroline, and from various other distinguished persons : in four volumes/ edited by John Galt, Esq
domaine substitué, Le
earthquake a tale, The ; in 3 vol.
Eben Erskine, or, The traveller
entail or the lairds of Grippy, The ; in 3 vol.
fatal whisper. A tale., The
gathering of the west, The
George the Third, his court, and family.
Glenfell, ou les Macdonalds et les Campbells. Histoire écossaise du 19e siècle, suivie de Murad le malheureux, par miss Edgeworth. Traduit de l'anglais par L. H****
howdie and other tales, The
John Galt's Black ferry
John Galts' dramas, a brief review
Lairds de Grippy, ou Le domaine substitué, traduit de l'anglais par le traducteur des romans de W. Scott, Les
last of the lairds: or, the life and opinions of Malachi Mailings, Esq. of Auldbiggings, The
Lawrie Todd or, the settlers in the woods ; in 3 vol.
Lawrie Todd [pseud.]; or The settlers in the woods.
Letters from the Levant; : containing views of the state of society, manners, opinions, and commerce, in Greece, and several of the principal islands of the Archipelago. ...
life and administration of Cardinal Wolsey, The
life and studies of Benjamin West, Esq., president of the Royal Academy of London, prior to his arrival in England; compiled from materials furnished by himself, The
life of an officer, The : written by himself during a residence in Pennsylvania, with anecdotes of the American war.
life of Benjamin West (1816-1820), The
life of lord byron, the
literary life and miscellanies of John Galt in three volumes. Vol. I [-III]., The
lives of the players., The
member: an autobiography, and The radical: an autobiography, The
Memoirs of a life, chiefly passed in Pennsylvania, within the last sixty years.
Murad le malheureux
new British theatre a selection of orig. dramas, not yet acted, The ; some of which have been offered for representation, but not accepted ; with crit. remarks by the ed.
painter, The : a Sicilian tale
Pringle family
provost, and The last of the lairds, The
Record of real life in the palace and the cottage, 1839:
Records of real life in the palace and the cottage
Ringan Gilhaize, or the convenanters
Ringan Gilhaize or the covenanters ; in 3 vol.
rocking horse, 1825:, The
Rothelan, roman historique, par M. Galt,... traduit de l'anglais par A.-J.-B. Defauconpret,...
Sämmtliche Reisen um die Welt, von Magellan bis auf unsere Zeiten
Selected short stories
Sir André Wylie, roman écossais, traduit de l'anglais par le traducteur de "Peverll du Pic"
Sir Andrew Wylie of that Ilk
Škotske kratke priče : antologija
spaewife; a tale of the Scottish chronicles., The
Stanley Buxton or, the schoolfellows ; in 3 vol.
steam-boat, 1823:, The
stolen child, The : a tale of the town, founded on a certain interesting fact
The collected poems of John Galt, 1779-1839. Dates.
The history of Gog and Magog, the champions of London. Robin Goodfellow.
tragedies of Maddalen, Agamemnon, Lady Macbeth, Antonia and Clytemnestra., The
travels and observations of Hareach, the wandering Jew., The
unguarded hour;, The
universal traveller, containing the popular features and contents of the best standard modern travels, in the four quarters of the world., The
Voyages and travels in the years 1809, 1810, and 1811 : containing statistical, commercial, and miscellaneous observations on Gibralter, Sardinia, Sicily, Malta, Serigo, and Turkey
works of John Galt, The