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Schaaf, Philipp
Schaf, Philip
Schaf, Philipp
Schaff, Philip
Schaff, Philipp
Shaff, F.
Shaff, Filipp
Тимченко, Євген Костянтинович
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Athanasius, Alexandrinus ca. 296-373.
Augustinus, Aurelius (354-430)
Gregorius, Nyssenus ca. 335-ná 394.
Hieronymus, Sophronius Eusebius ca. 349-420.
J.-C.-Hinrichs'sche Buchhandlung (Lipsk)
Jackson, Samuel Macauley (1851-1912)
Joannes, Chrysostomus ca. 347-407.
Kovář, J. V.
Lange, Johann Peter (1802-1884)
Meille, Enrico
Reformed church in the United States. [from old catalog]
Schaff, David S. (1852-1941)
Schaff, David Schley (1852-1941)
Wace, Henry (1836-1924)
America, a sketch of its political, social, and religious character.
Amerika : de staatkundige, maatschappelijke en kerkelijk-godsdienstige toestand der Vereenigde Staten van Noord-Amerika, uit eigene aanschouwing voorgesteld
Amerika. Die poliischen
Ante-Nicene christianity : A.D. 100-325 : in two volumes
Apologie contre Rufin
Apology against Rufinus
August Neander
Bibliotheca symbolica ecclesiæ universalis.
book of Job, The : a rhythmical version, with introduction and annotations
book of the prophet Daniel, The
Brief van Johannes Jacobus van Oosterzee 1817-1882 aan Philip Schaff (1819-1893)
catechism for Sunday schools and families., A
Century of church history, A : the legacy of Philip Schaff
Christ and Christianity : studies on Christology, creeds and confessions, Protestantism and Romanism, Reformation principles, Sunday observance, religious freedom, and Christian union
Christ in song.
Christ of the Gospels and the romance of M. Renan., The
Christ's testimony to Christianity...
christian catechism for Sunday-Schools and families., A
Christlicher Katechismus, 1863:
Christlicher Katechismus : ein Leitfaden zum Religionsunterricht in Schule und Haus : in zwei und fünfzig Lectionen
Co se vám zdá o Kristu?
commentary on the Holy Scriptures: critical, doctrinal, and homiletical, with special reference to ministers and s., A
companion to the Greek Testament and the English version, A
Creed revision in the Presbyterian churches
Creeds of Christendom : with a history and critical notes
Dante Alighieri e la Divina commedia;
Dante's theology
Deutsches Gesangbuch. Eine auswahl geistlicher Lieder aus allen Zeiten der christlichen Kirche für Kirchenlichen und häuslichen Gebrauch.
dictionary of the Bible..., A
Dizionario biblico contente biografie, storia naturale, geografia, topografia, archeologia e letteratura. Con quattro carte geografiche e più di duecentocinquanta incisioni.
Documentary history of the American committee on revision...
Duitschland zijne hoogescholen, godgeleerdheid en godsdienstig kerkelijke toestand : benevens schetsen van Neander, Tholuck, Olshausen, Hengstenberg, Twesten, Nitzsch, Müller, Ullmann, Rothe, Dorner, Lange, Ebrard, Wichern en andere beroemde Duitsche godgeleerden van den tegenwoordigen tijd
ecclesiastical history, The
English language: heterogeneous in formation, homogeneous in character, universal in destination for the spread of Christian civilization., The
Epistle of Paul to the Romans., The
Exodus ; [Leviticus]
Germany; its universities, theology and religion;
Geschichte der alten Kirche : von Christi Geburt bis zum Ende des sechsten Jahrhunderts
Geschichte der apostolischen Kirche, nebst einer allgemeinen Einleitung in die Kirchengeschichte
Geschiedenis der apostolische kerk, benevens eene algemeene inleiding op de kerkgeschiedenis
Gospel according to John., The
Gospel according to Matthew, The
Grundriss der Geschichte der Philosophie.
heilige Augustinus, Der : sein Leben und Wirken für Freunde des Reiches Gittes
heilige Augustinus, Der : sein Leben und Wirken für Freunde des Reiches Gottes dargestellt
history of philosophy, from Thales to the present time., A
History of the Apostolic church;
History of the Christian church v. 1-3
Hymns and songs for social and Sabbath worship.
Hymns and songs of praise for public and social worship.
Index canonum, the Greek text, an English translation, and a complete digest of the entire code of canon law of the undivided primitive church.
Jeremiah ; [Lamentations]
Kihon shinjō
letters and sermons of Leo the Great, bishop of Rome], [The
library of religious poetry; a collection of the best poems of all ages and tongues, with biographical and literary notes., A
life and labors of St. Augustine., The
Literature and poetry. Studies on the English language; the poetry of the Bible; the Dies iræ; the Stabat Mater; the hymns of St. Bernard; the university, ancient and modern; Dante Alighieri; the Divina commedia
Minor prophets., The
new Schaff-Herzog encyclopedia of religious knowledge, embracing Biblical, historical, doctrinal, and practical theology and Biblical, theological, and ecclesiastical biography from the earliest times to the present day, The
New Testament in the original Greek, The
Nicene and post-Nicene Fathers. 2nd series, The
Oeuvres choisies
oldest church manual called the Teaching of the Teaching of the twelve apostles, The
Passion week in Rome fifty years ago
person Jesu Christi, Die
person of Christ: the perfection of His humanity viewed as a proof of His divinity., The
Philip Schaff, historian and ambassador of the universal church : selected writings
principle of Protestantism, The ; What is church history, 1987:
Proverbs ; [Ecclesiastes ; Song of Solomon]
Reformed and Catholic : selected historical and theological writings of Philip Schaff
religious encyclopædia:, A
Schaff-Herzog encyclopedia. [from old catalog]
Schaff's Geschichte der alten Kirche
Schaff's Geschichte der Apost. Kirche
Select library of Nicene and post-Nicene fathers of the Christian church. Second series., A
select library of the Nicene and post-Nicene fathers of the Christian church., A
Selected epistles of Gregory the Great,...
Teaching of the twelve apostles. [from old catalog]
Theological propædeutic; a general introduction to the study of theology, exegetical, historical, systematic, and practical, including encyclopaedia, methodology, and bibliography; a manual for students
Through Bible lands : notes of travel in Egypt, the desert, and Palestine
Vatican decrees in their bearing on civil allegiance, The : a political expostulation
Wilmore's new analytical reference Bible, containing the following four invaluable aids to the proper study of the Word of God.