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Abraham Johnson
Bardana, Hypochrondriasis
Bardana, Hypochrondriasis (Sir)
Crine, George
Edwards, Sampson
Hill, Giovanni
Hill, Giovonni
Hill, J.
Hill, Jean
Hill, Johann
Hill, Johanne
Hill, Johannes
Hill, John
Hill, John ((botanist))
J. H
Johannes Hill
Johnson, Abraham
Johnson, Abraham (pseud)
Johnson, Abraham (Pseud. de John Hill)
Johnson, Abraham (Pseudonym)
Joseph Marshall
Marshall, Joseph
Marshall, Joseph (Pseudonym)
R. S
R. S (Gent)
Roe, Richard
Roe, Richard (Pseudonym)
S, R.
S, R. (Gent)
Seymour, Juliana Susanna
Seymour, Juliana Susanna (Pseudonym)
Seymour, Juliana-Susannah
Seymour, Juliana-Susannah (Pseudonym)
Townsend, William
Uvedale, Christian
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American Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Brissot de Warville, Félicité (1759-1818)
Chesterfield, ...
Chesterfield, Philip Dormer Stanhope
Dodsley, Robert (1703-1764)
Johnson, Abraham (see also from)
Marshall, Joseph (see also from)
Miscellaneous Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Moët, Jean-Pierre (1721-1806)
Osborne, Thomas (II, Londen)
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Sepp en zoon, Jan Christiaan (Amsterdam)
Theophrastus, c (371-c. 286 a.C.)
Wedel, Daniel Ludwig (1730-1822))
Abhandlung von dem Ursprung und der Erzeugung proliferirender Blumen nebst einer ausführlichen Anweisung wie durch die Cultur aus einfachen gefüllte, und proliferirende aus gefüllten gezogen werden können
actor; or, A treatise on the art of playing., The
adventures of Mr George Edwards, a creole, The
Aventures de M. Loville, entremêlées de plusieurs intrigues galantes & véritables arrivées parmi des personnes du beau-monde. Traduites sur sa seconde édition angloise. Par M. ***. Premiere [-quatrieme] partie, Les
Aventures de monsieur Loville, Les
British herbal, The : an history of plants and trees, natives of Britain, cultivated for use, or raised for beauty
Cautions against the immoderate use of snuff. Founded on the known qualities of the tobacco plant; and the effects it must produce when this way taken into the body: and enforced by instances of persons who have perished miserably of diseases, occasioned, or rendered incurable by its use. By Dr. J. Hill.
Circumstances which preceded the letters to the Earl of -; and may tend to a discovery of the author
Compleat body of gardening
Concubitus sine lucina ou le Plaisir sans peine.
construction of the nerves, and causes of nervous disorders, The : with a regimen and medicines which have proved successful
construction of timber, from its early growth, explained by the microscope, and proved from experiments in a great variety of kinds, The
cyclopaedia, or an universal dictionary of arts and sciences, supplement.
decade of curious and elegant trees and plants: drawn after specimens received from the East Indies, and America, in the year 1772; and accurately engraved: with their history and characters, in English and Latin., A
decade of curious insects., a
Économie de la vie humaine
economy of human life, complete in two parts Translated from an Indian manuscript, written by an ancient bramin. In a letter from an English gentleman residing at China, to the Earl of * * * * * * * * * * * *., The
economy of human life In two parts translated from an Indian manuscript, written by a Bramin., The
economy of human life. Part I[-II]. Translated from an Indian manuscript, written by a Bramin., The
Engländischen Schauspieler
English family physician
Essays in natural history and philosophy
Exotic botany illustrated, in thirty-five figures of elegant Chinese and American shrubs and plants, many of them new. Explaining the sexual system; and tending to give some new lights into the vegetable philosophy.
family practice of physic: or, a plain, intelligible, and easy method of curing diseases with the plants of our own country. ... By J. Hill, M.D. With figures of the plants engraved from nature, The
Flora Britanica: sive, synopsis methodica stirpium Britanicarum. ... Auctore Johanne Hill
Fossils arranged according to their obvious characters;
gardeners new kalendar Divided according to the twelve months of the year. And under each month into the separate weeks. Containing the practice of gardening, under the following heads; 1. The flower garden. 2. The seminary. 3. The fruit garden. 4. The kitchen garden. And directing what is to be done every week; and the manner of doing it: with the general culture of hardy, greenhouse, and stove plants; and the raising and management of tender annuals; adapted to the climate of Ireland. To which are added, directions for managing auriculas. By and Eminent gardener., The
Garrick, oder Die engländischen Schauspieler : ein Werk, das Bemerkungen über das Drama, die Kunst der Vorstellung und das Spiel der Acteurs enthält : mit historisch kritischen Anmerkungen und Anekdoten über die verschiedenen Schaubühnen in London und Paris
general natural history, A : or, new and accurate descriptions of the animals, vegetables, and minerals, of the different parts of the world : with their virtues and uses, as far as hitherto certainly known, in medicine and mechanics : illustrated by a general review of the knowledge of the ancients, and the discoveries and improvements of later ages in these studies : including the history of the materia medica, pictoria, and tinctoria, of the present and earlier ages : as also observations on the neglected properties of many valuable substances known at present, and attempts to discover the lost medicines, &c. of former ages, in a series of critical enquiries into the materia medica of the ancient Greeks : with a great number of figures, elegantly engraved
great Stomachic Centaury. -, The
history of animals. Containing descriptions of the birds, beasts, fishes, and insects
History of fossils
History of plants
History of stones
history of the materia medica. Containing descriptions of all the substances used in medicine; ... By John Hill, A
Horti Malabarici : pars prima, de varii generis arboribus et fruticibus siliquosis Latinis, Malabaricis, Arabicis, Brachmanum characteribus nominibusque expressis : adjecta florum, fructuum, seminumque vera delineatione, colorum viriumque accurata descriptione
Hortus Kewensis. Sistens herbas exoticas, indigenasque rariores, in area botanica, hortorum Augustissimæ Principissæ Cambriae dotissæ, apud Kew, in comitatu Surreiano, cultas; methodo florali nova dispositas. Auctore Johanne Hill, ... Editio secunda aucta: figuris æneis viginti illustrata, 1769:
Kilka nowych metod oznaczania wymiarów włókien, stężenia, podatności na flokulację
lapidibus, De
Leerwijze over de voortteeling der plant-gewassen
letters and papers of Sir John Hill, 1714-1775, The
Letters from the inspector to a lady : with the genuine answers, both printed verbatim from the originals.
Lucina sine concub[i]tu : lettre adressée à la Société royale de Londres
Lucina sine concubitu. A letter humbly address'd to the Royal Society; in which is proved by most incontestible evidence, drawn from reason and practice, that a woman may conceive and be brought to bed without any commerce with man ...
Lucina sine concubitu. Lettre addressées à la Societè royale de Londres... Traduit sur la quatriéme edition angloise, avec un Commentaire trés curieux qui n'est pas encore trouvé dans les editions précedentes, d'Abraham Johnson [pseud.]
Lucina sine concubitu : Lucine affranchie des loix du concours
Lucina sine concubitu. Memorie aan de Koninglyke societeit der wetenschappen, te London. Waarin [...] bewezen word, dat eene vrouw zonder toedoen eens mans [...] zwanger worden [...] kan.
Lucina sine concubitu, ou La génération solitaire par Abraham Johnson [pseud.]
Lucina sine concubituou la Génération solitaire ; [trad. par Jean-Pierre Moët] ; (suivi de) Concubitus sine Lucina ou le Plaisir sans peine ; [trad. par de Combes] ; introduction, essai bibliographique par B. de Villeneuve.
lucine sine concubitu: a letter addressed to the royal society.
Manuel de tous les ages, ou Économie de la vie humaine; traduit d'un ancien manuscrit indien en anglois, & de l'anglois en franc̜ois, sur la derniere edition. Par Miss D. P.
Medical and botanical tracts... First published separately at different times... Now first collected into a volume;
Medical herbal enlarged
oeconomy of human life 2., the
oeconomy of human life, complete In two parts. Translated from an Indian manuscript, written by an ancient Bramin. In a letter from an English gentleman now residing in China, to the Earl of ****[.]., The
oeconomy of human life. In two parts. Translated from an Indian manuscript, written by an ancient Bramin. To which is prefixed, an account of the manner in which the said manuscript was discovered. In a letter from an English gentleman, residing in China, to the Earl of ****., The
Oeconomy of human life. In two parts. Translated from an Indian manuscript written by an ancient Bramin. To which is prefixed, an account of the manner in which the said manuscript was discovered. In two letters from an English gentleman now residing in China, to the Earl of ***. To which is added, an appendix to the true oeconomy of human life. In a letter to the Earl of Chesterfield.
old man's guide to health and longer life: with rules for diet, exercise, and physic; for preserving a good constitution, and preventing disorders in a bad one..., The
On the management and education of children
On the virtues of sage
Peri tōn lithōn biblion.
Polypody. the ancient doctrine of the virtues of that herb, tried and confirmed. By John Hill, M.D.
Proc. Int. Cong. Hist. Med., 1974:
Proeven der natuurlyke historie en wysbegeerte : behelsende eene reex van ontdekkingen, gedaan met behulp van het microscopium.
review of the works of the Royal society of London; containing animadversions on such of the papers as deserve particular observation., A
rout. A farce of two acts as it is perform'd at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane., The
sleep of plants and cause of motion in the sensitive plant, explain'd. By J. Hill. In a letter to C. Linnæus., The
sommeil des plantes, et la cause du mouvement de la sensitive, expliqués dans une lettre à M. de Linné ..., Le
Stalownia konwertorowo-tlenowa z dmuchem dolnym (Q-BOP) w hucie Fairfield
story of Elizabeth Canning considered by Dr. Hill. With remarks on what has been called, A clear state of her case, by Mr. Fielding; and answers to the several arguments and suppositions of that writer, The
Theophrastou tou Eresiou Peri tōn lithōn biblion. Theophrastus's History of stones. With an English Version, and Critical and Philosophical Notes, Including the Modern History of the Gems, &c. described by that Author, and of many other of the Native Fossils.
Theophrastou tou Heresiou Peri tōn lithōn bibliōn : with an english version, and critical and philosophical notes, including the modern history of the gems, etc. described by that author, and of many other of the native fossils
Thoughts concerning God and nature. In answer to Lord Bolingbroke's philosophy. By John Hill.
Traité des pierres de Théophraste
vegetable system. Or, The internal atructure and the life of plants... With figures of all the plants..., The
vegetable system, or, The internal structure and the life of plants, The : their parts, and nourishment, explained ...
Verhandeling over de oorsprong en aankweeking van prolifererende of uit elkander groeijende bloemen, hoedanig men uit enkelde dubbelde en uit dubbelde prolifererende of uit elkaar groeijende bloemen trekken kan
Verhandeling over de verdubbeling van bloemen, of Aanwijzing om door oppassing en kweeking, gevulde of dubbele bloemen uit enkelde te trekken
Virtues of British herbs. With their history, and figures, and an account of the diseases they will cure; containing, cures-of consumptions by coltsfoot tea; of hectic fevers by the ... of colics by leaves of chamomile; of agues by its flowers. And a case, of the hooping cough, cured by a tea of the fresh root of elecampane. Cures-of the gravel by a tea of golden-rod; of the scurvy by ... ; of the piles by yarrow; an account of the eminent virtues of petasite root in pestilential and all other fevers, and the plague itself: of tanzy for the worms; consound as a vulnerary; and an instance of a stomach-complaint cured by a tea of the flowers of sweet feverfew. By John Hill, M.D. member of the Imperial Academy.
virtues of honey in preventing many of the worst disorders;, The