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Wilson, I.
Wilson, Ian
Wilson, Ian ((author))
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Language material
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author of screenplay
after death experience: the physics of the non-physical, the
all in the mind
before the flood: the biblical flood as a real event and how it changed the course of civilisation
bible is history, the
bleeding mind: an investigation into the mysterious phenomenon of stigmata, the
blood and the shroud: new evidence that the world's most sacred relic is real, the
columbus myth: did men of bristol reach america before columbus?, the
evidence of the shroud, the
exodus enigma, the
holy faces, secret places: an amazing quest for the face of jesus
in search of ghosts
jesus: the evidence
john cabot and the matthew
life after death: the evidence
lost world of the kimberley: extraordinary new glimpses of australia's ice age ancestors
mind out of time?: reincarnation claims investigated
murder at golgotha: a scientific investigation into the last days of jesus's life, his death, and his resurrection
nostradamus: the man behind the prophecies
Out of the midst of the fire : divine presence in Deuteronomy
past lives: unlocking the secrets of our ancestors
shakespeare: the evidence: unlocking the mysteries of the man and his work
shroud, the : the 2000-year-old mystery solved
stigmata: an investigation into the mysterious appearance of christ's wounds in hundreds of people from medieval italy to modern america
superself: the hidden powers within us
turin shroud: the burial cloth of jesus christ?, the
turin shroud: unshrouding the mystery, the
undiscovered: the fascinating world of undiscovered places, graves, wrecks and treasure
worlds beyond: from the files of the society for psychical research