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Gaylord Simpson, George
Simpson, G. G.
Simpson, George G.
Simpson, George Gaylard
Simpson, George Gaylord
Симпсон, Джордж Г
シンプソン, G. G
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American Museum of Natural History
Beck, William Samson (1923-)
Columbia University Press
Couto, Carlos de Paula (1910-1982)
Hirasawa, Kazuo (1909-1989)
Ilharco, Fernando Albano (1935-)
Lender, G.
Roe, Anne (1904-1991)
Saint-Seine, Pierre de
Suzuki, Kunio (1944-)
Wright, Sewall
平沢, 一夫 (1909-1989)
Age of the Morrison formation. George Gaylord Simpson..., The
Ameghinos' localities for early Cenozoic mammals in Patagonia., The
American Mesozoic Mammalia
Argyrolagidae, extinct South American marsupials., The
Argyrolagidae, extinct South American Marsupuals, The
Attending marvels : a Patagonian journal
beginning of the age of mammals in South America., The
Behavior and evolution. Edited by Anne Roe and George Gaylord Simpson
betekenis van de evolutie, De
Biologie und Mensch
Biology and man.
Biostatistical programs in BASIC language for time-shared computers : coordinated with the book "Quantitative zoology
book of Darwin, The
catalogue of the mesozoic mammalia and american mesozoic mammalia, A
catalogue of the Mesozoic Mammalia in the Geological department of the British museum, A
Classification of mammals above the species level
Concession to the improbable : an unconventional autobiography
Dāuin nyūmon
dechronization of Sam Magruder, The : a novel
Didelphidae from the Chapadmalal Formation in the Museo Municipal de Ciencias Naturales of Mar del Plata.
Discoverers of the lost world : an account of some of those who brought back to life South American mammals long buried in the abyss of time
Evolucija : klasici i suvremene spoznaje
Evolution and geography; an essay on historical biogeography, with special reference to mammals.
évolution et sa signification une étude de l'histoire de la vie et de sa signification humaine, L'
Fort Union of the Crazy mountain field, Montana and its mammalian faunas, The
Fósiles e historia de la vida
Fossil Penguins
Fossilien Mosaiksteine zur Geschichte d. Lebens
Fossils and the history of life
Genetics, paleontology and evolution, edited by Glenn L. Jepsen, Ernst Mayr, George Gaylord Simpson...
géographie de l'évolution., La
geography of evolution, the
Horses; the story of the horse family in the modern world and through sixty million years of history.
Kopalny zapis historii życia
Leben der Vorzeit Einf. in d. Paläontologie.
Leben der Vorzeit : Einführung in die Paläontologie
Life; an introduction to biology
Life of the past; an introduction to paleontology.
major features of evolution, 1953:, The
mammalian fauna of the Divisadero Largo formation, Mendoza, Argentina, The
Mastodontes do Brasil, the Mastodonts of Brazil, por George Gaylord Simpson e Carlos de Paula Couto, Os
mastodonts of Brazil, The
meaning of Darwin
meaning of evolution, a study of the history of life and of its significance for man., The
meaning of evolution, The : a study of a history of life and of its significance for man
meaning of evolution, The : a study of the history of life and its significance for man
Mesozoic mammalia... George Gaylord Simpson...
Miocene vertebrates from Florida. Miocene land mammals from Florida
new Paleocene mammal from a deep well in Louisiana, A
Notes on pleistocene and recent tapirs
Os mastodontes do Brasil
Penguins : past and present, here and there
Pferde d. Geschichte d. Pferdefamilie in d. heutigen Zeit u. in 60 Millionen Jahren ihrer Entwicklung
Phenacolemuridae, new family of early primates., The
Post mesozoie Marsupialia
Princípios de taxonomia animal
Principles of animal taxonomy.
Principles of classification and a classification of mammals. George Gaylord Simpson,... [Preface by Edwin Harris Colbert.], The
Quantitative zoology; numerical concepts and methods in the study of recent and fossil animals
review of the pre-pliocene penguins of New Zeland, A
rise of the mammals; after dominating the world for millions of years the dinosaurs come to an abrupt end and the meek inherit the earth, The
Rythme et modalités de l'évolution.
Seimei no rekishi shinka no imi
Shinka no imi
Simple curiosity ; letters from George Gaylord Simpson to his family, 1921-1970
Slump, urval, utveckling
Splendid isolation : the curious history of South American mammals
survey of Prehistoric sites in the region of Flagstaff, Arizona, A
Tempo and mode in evolution, by George Gaylord Simpson
Tertiary lorisiform primates of Africa., The
This view of life, the world of an evolutionist. George Gaylord Simpson
Uma to shinka
Vertebrates, phylogeny, and philosophy, c1986:
vida en el pasado, La : una introducción a la Paleontología
wereldbeeld van een evolutionist, Het
Why and how some problems and methods in historic. biology
Why and how : some problems and methods in historical biology
Zeitmasse und Ablaufformen der Evolution
ダーウィン入門 : われわれはダーウィンを超えたか
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