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Barnaby, C. F.
Barnaby, Charles Frank
Barnaby, F.
Barnaby, Frank
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Boermans, Anne
Goldblat, Jozef
Holdstock, Douglas (1933-2008)
Institut international de recherches pour la paix
Rotblat, Joseph (1908-2005)
Schaerf, Carlo
Stockholm International Peace Research Institute
Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (Sipri)
Stockholms internationella fredsforskningsinstitut
Thomas, Geoffrey P. (1941-)
Arms uncontrolled
Atome et nous, les usages de l'énergie nucléaire. Frank Barnaby. [Man and the atom. Traduit par Jacques Boucrot.], L'
automated battlefield, The
Beheersing van technologische ontwikkeling : noodzaak en mogelijkheden : een inleiding op het thema van het derde Lustrumsymposium van de Technische Hogeschool Twente [29-30 nov. 1976, Enschede]
British nuclear weapons programme, 1952-2002, 2003:, The
Building a more democratic United Nations : proceedings of CAMDUN-1
Characteristics of Nuclear Terrorist Weapons, The
Chemical disarmament new weapons for old
Defensie zonder kernwapens, c1982:
Dictionary of modern military technology.
Disarmament and arms control : proceedings of the third course given by the International Summer School on Disarmament and Arms Control of the Pugwash Movement : held at Castello Duino (Trieste), August 17 - September 5, 1970
Emerging technologies and military doctrine : a political assessment
Expert opinion of Frank Charles Barnaby in the matter of Mordechai Vanunu
future of Britain's nuclear weapons, The : experts reframe the debate
future of terror, The
Future war : armed conflict in the next decade
Gaia peace atlas, The
Gewapende vrede
Handbook of verification procedures, A
Hiroshima and Nagasaki : retrospect and prospect
homem e o átomo, O
Homes above all : homelessness and the misallocation of global resources : a handbook of readings concerning the misallocation and mismanagement of global resources as factors depriving the world's poor of the basic essentials for life
How nuclear weapons spread : nuclear-weapon proliferation in the 1990s
How to build a nuclear bomb : and other weapons of mass destruction
Implications of anti-ballistic missile systems.
Internationalization to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons
Introduction to peace research
invisible bomb, The : the nuclear arms race in the Middle East
jaar van Harrisburg, Het : menselijk falen bepalend
kernbewapeningswedloop en de gevolgen daarvan voor Oost- en West-Europa, De : informatiemap bij de cyclus van 7 lezingen
Krig och miljö
Man and the atom: the uses of nuclear energy
Military R & D : the need for information and debate
NPT, The : the main political barrier to nuclear weapon proliferation
nuclear age, The
Nuclear arms race, The : control or catastrophe : proceedings of the General Section of the British Association for the Advancement of Science 1981
Nuclear disarmament or nuclear war?
Nuclear energy and nuclear weapon proliferation
nuclear fix, De : een gids over nukleaire aktiviteiten in de derde wereld
nuclear future, The
Nuclear proliferation and the South African threat
Nuclear war : the aftermath
Oceans of wealth : the hidden riches
Plutonium and security : the military aspects of the plutonium economy
Preventing nuclear-weapon proliferation : an approach to the Non-proliferation treaty review conference
Preventing the spread of nuclear weapons;
Proceedings of CAMDUN-1
Prospects for peace
Radionuclides in medicine
Rethinking the nuclear weapons dilemma in Europe
role and control of weapons in the 1990's, The
Salt syndrome
supreme folly: chemical and biological weapons, The
supreme folly, The : chemical and biological weapens
Tactical nuclear weapons : European perspectives
Verification technologies : the case for surveillance by consent
Vrede en veiligheid
VU studies "Vrede en veiligheid
Wapenhandel en onderontwikkeling
What on earth is star wars? : a guide to the Strategic Defence Initiative