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Mac Dougal, Myres Smith
MacDougal, M.S.
MacDougal, Myres S.
MacDougal, Myres Smith
Mc Dougal, Myres Smith
McDougal, M.S.
McDougal, Myres S.
McDougal, Myres Smith
Smith Mcdougal, Myres
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Burke, William T.
Burke, William Thomas (1926- ))
Chen, Longzhi
Chen, Lung-chu (1935- ))
Feliciano, Florentino P.
Lasswell, Harold D. (1902-1978)
Lasswell, Harold Dwight (1902-1972))
Lasswell, Harold Dwight (1902-1978)
Reisman, W. Michael (1939-) (William Michael))
Reisman, William Michael (1939- ))
Rostow, Eugene V. (1913-) (Eugene Victor))
Weyrauch, Walter Otto (1919- ))
Authority to use force on the high seas
case for regional planning, The : with special reference to New England
Essays in honor of Eugene Victor Rostow
Flags of convenience : an international legal study
Harald Dwight Lasswell (1902-1978)
Human rights and world public order : a framework for policy-oriented inquiry
Human rights and world public order : human rights in comprehensive context
Human rights and world public order : the basic policies of an international law of human dignity
Human rights for women and world public order : the outlawing of sex-based discrimination
identification and appraisal of diverse systems of public order, The
International Law Commission's Draft Articles upon Interpretation, The : Textuality Redivivus
International law essays : a supplement to International law in contemporary perspective
International law in contemporary perspective : the public order of the world community : cases and materials
international law of war, The : transnational coercion and world public order
interpretation of international agreements and world public order, The : principles of content and procedure
Jurisprudence for a free society : studies in law, science, and policy
Law and minimum world public order : the legal regulation and international coercion
Law and minimum world public order : the legal regulation of international coercion
Law and public order in space : [documents en appendice.]
law of the high seas in time of peace, The
lawfulness of United States assistance to the Republic of Viet Nam, The
Legal regulation of resort to international coercion: aggression and self-defence in policy perspective
Municipal land policy and control
Nationality and human rights : the protection of the individual in external arenas
personality of lawyers, The : a comparative study of subjective factors in law, based on interviews with German lawyers
Perspectives for a law of outer space
Power and policy in quest of law : essays in honor of Eugene Victor Rostow
Prescribing Function in World Constitutive Process, The : how International Law is made
Property, wealth, land: allocation, planning and development; selected cases and other materials on the law of real property, an introduction
Protection of Aliens from Discrimination and World Public Order, The : Responsibility of States Conjoined with Human Rights
public order of the oceans, The : a contemporary international law of the sea
Resort to Coercion
right to religious freedom and world public order, The : the emering norm of non-discrimination
Some Basic Theoretical Concepts about International Law : a Policy-Oriented Frameword of Inquiry
Studies in world public order
Toward world order and human dignity : essays in honor of Myres S. McDougal
Treaties and congressional-executive or presidential agreements ... c1945.
Treaties and congressional-executive or presidential agreements: interchangeable instruments of national policy
Trends in theories about law : clarity in conceptions of authority and control
World Constitutive Process of Authoritative Decision, The