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Auslin, Michael
Prescott, J. R.
Prescott, J. R. V.
Prescott, John Robert Victor
Prescott, V.
Prescott, Victor
Prescott, Victor (géographe)
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Cartographic material
Language material
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Collier, Harold John
Davis, Stephen L. (1951-..)
East, W. Gordon (1902-)
East, William Gordon (1902-)
Hancox, David
Lovering, John Francis
Melbourne University Press
Prescott, Dorothy F. (1931-)
Prescott, Dorothy Francis
Prescott, Dorothy Francis (1931-)
Schofield, Clive H. (1969-)
Triggs, Gillian D. (1945-)
Triggs, Gillian Doreen (1945-)
Aboriginal claims to seas in Australia
Aboriginal frontiers and boundaries in Australia
Australia's continental shelf
Australia's maritime boundaries
Australia's proclamation of an exclusive economic zone (EEZ)
Baselines along unstable coasts : an interpretation of article 7 (2)
Boundaries and frontiers
confini politici del mare, I : un panorama mondiale
Contributions of the United Nations to solving boundary and territorial disputes, 1945-1997
Demarcation of the Northern sector of the Burmai-Thai boundary 1892-2000
Einführung in die politische Geographie
evolution of Nigeria's international and regional boundaries: 1861-1971, The
evolution of the Anglo-French Inter-Cameroons boundary, The
Frontiers of Asia and Southeast Asia [cartographic material].
geographical description of the Spratly ... 1995:, A
geographical description of the Spratly Islands and an account of hydrographic surveys amongst those islands, A
geography of frontiers and boundaries, 1965., The
geography of state policies, The
gulf of Thailand, The : maritime limits to conflict and cooperation
Indian Ocean and South East Asian maritime boundaries
Indonesia's maritime claims and outstanding delimitation problems
influence of rising sea levels on baselines from which national maritime claims are measured and an assessment of the possibility of applying article 7 (2) of the 1982 Convention on the Law of the Sea to offset any retreat of the baseline, The
International disputes involving boundaries
International frontiers and boundaries : law, politics and geography
International Maritime Boundaries in Torres Strait
Islands and Rocks and their Role in Maritime Delimitation
Kariba Gorge hydro-electric scheme, The
Last of lands : Antarctica
Limits of national claims in the South China Sea
lower Middle Niger, The
Map of Mailand Asia by Treaty
Map of mainland Asia by treaty
Maritime boundaries and issues in the Southwest Pacific Ocean
Maritime boundary agreements : Australia-Indonesia and Australia-Solomon Islands
Maritime jurisdiction in East Asian seas
Maritime jurisdiction in Southeast Asia : a commentary and map
maritime political boundaries of the world, 1986, c1985:, The
National rights to hydrocarbon resources of the continental margin beyond 2000 nautical miles
Our fragmented world : an introduction to political geography
Pakistan : notification of straight baselines
Pakistan's straight baselines
Papua New Guinea-Solomon Islands maritime boundary, The
Political frontiers and boundaries
political geography of the oceans, The
problems of completing maritime boundary delimitation between Australia and Indonesia, The
Problems of International Boundaries with Particular Reference to the Boundary between Indonesia and Papua New Guinea
Publication of a chart showing the limits of South Africa's maritime claims
question of East Timor's maritime boundaries, The
resettlement of the Batonga in Northern Matabeleland, The
Resolving cross-strait relations between China and Taiwan
Resources of the continental margin and international law
Rising global sea levels and national maritime claims
Secret hydrographic surveys in the Spratly Islands
South China Sea, The : limits of national claims
Straight baselines : theory and practice
uncertainties of Middleton and Elizabeth Reefs, The
Undelimited maritime boundaries in the Pacific Ocean excluding the Asian Rim
Undelimited maritime boundaries of the Asian Rim in the Pacific Ocean
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