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Bourguignon, F.
Bourguignon, François
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Andreff, Wladimir
Asselain, Jean-Charles
Atkinson, A. B.
Atkinson, A.B.
Atkinson, A.B. (1944-)
Atkinson, Anthony B
ATKINSON, Anthony B.
Atkinson, Anthony Barnes (1944- ))
Atkinson, Anthony Barnes (1944-)
Baranzini, Andrea
Berry, Albert
Bouin, Olivier
Bourguignon, F.
Bourguignon, Fran?s
Bourguignon, Fran.ois
Bourguignon, FranÁois
Bourguignon, François
Bourguignon, Francoise
Bourguignon, FranÚois
Branson, William H.
Bussolo, Maurizio
C, O'donoghue
Chakravarty, S.R.
Chakravarty, Satya
Chakravarty, Satya R.
Chambers, Robert
Chiappori, Pierre-André
Chiuri, Maria Concetta
Cockburn, John
Conxicœur, P.
De Melo, J.
De Melo, Jaime
de, Jaime
Diaz-Bonilla, Carolina
ebrary, Inc
Ecole d'Economie de Paris Affiliation (see also from)
F, Bourguignon
Ferreira, Francisco
Ferreira, Francisco H. G.
Ferreira, Francisco H.B.
Ferreira, Francisco H.G.
Fields, Gary
Fournier, M
Fournier, M.
Fournier, Martin
François, Bourguignon
Gagey, Frédéric
Goh, Chor-ching
Gurgand, M
Gurgand, M.
Gurgand, Marc
Hamonno, Georges Gallais
International Bank for Reconstruction and Development Affiliation (see also from)
J, Sastre-descals
Kim, Dae Il
Lambert, Sylvie
Lavigne, Marie
Leite, Phillippe
Leite, Phillippe G.
Levin, Victoria
Levy-Leboyer, M.
Lévy-Leboyer, Maurice (1920-...)
Lofgren, Hans
Lolos, Sarantis
Lustig, Nora
Magnac, Thierry
Melo, Jaime de
Menéndez, Marta
Michel, G.
Miqueu, D.
Morin, Pierre
Morrisson, C.
Morrisson, Christian
O'Donoghue, C.
O'Donoghue, Cathal
Paris School of Economics
Petesch, Patti
Platteau, Jean-Philippe
Pleskovič, Boris
Rey, Patrick (1957-...)
Robilliard, Anne-Sophie
Robinson, Sherman
Rogers, F. Halsey
Rosenblatt, David
Sapir, André
Sastre-Descals, J.
Sepulveda, Claudia
Séquier, P.
Sethi, Suresh P.
Sherman, Robinson
Silva, Luiz A. Pereira da
Spadaro, Amadéo
Spadaro, Amedeo
Suet, Patrick
Sundberg, Mark
Suwa Eisenmann, Akiko
Suwa-Eisenmann, A.
Suwa-Eisenmann, Akiko
Suwa, Akiko
Světová banka
Trannoy, Alain
Uphoff, Norman
Verdier, T.
Verdier, Thierry
Vives, Xavier
Walton, Michael
World Bank
Zonzilos, Nicholas
2004 Annual World Bank Conference on development economics--Europe
2005 Annual World Bank Conference on development economics--Europe
Absorptive Capacity and Achieving the MDGs
Accelerating development : Annual World Bank Conference on Development Economics 2004
Accelerating development ; edited by Francois Bourguignon and Boris Pleskovic. Washington, D.C., 2004.
Adjustment and equity in developing countries : a new approach
Adjustment and income distribution : A micro-macro model for counterfactual analysis
Adjustment with growth and equity
Aid Effectiveness – Opening the Black Box
Aid, service delivery, and the millennium development goals in an economy-wide framework
Algunos aspectos de la economía de las familias urbanas en Colombia
analyse de décomposition de l'inégalité des revenus individuels en France, Une
Annual World Bank Conference on Development Economics 2004 accelerating development
Annual World Bank Conference on Development Economics 2005 are we on track to achieve the millenium development goals?
Annual World Bank Conference on Development Economics 2005, Europe are we on track to achieve the millennium development goals?
Annual World Bank Conference on Development Economics 2006 growth and integration (Senegal proceedings)
Annual World Bank conference on development economics, Europe 2006 growth and integration
Annual World Bank Conference on Development Economics Regional 2007 beyond transition
architecture des prélèvements en France états des lieux et voies de réforme, L'
Are we on track to achieve the millennium development goals?
Beyond Oaxaca-Blinder : accounting for differences in household income distributions across countries
Capacity building in economics education and research
Capacity building in eonomics education and research
Changes in the World Distribution of Income between 1950 and 1977.
Choix économiques liés aux migrations internationales de main-d'œuvre le cas européen
Collective models of household behavior : An introduction
Comment on "Measuring Poverty in a Growing World (or Measuring Growth in a Poor World)" by Angus Deaton
Commentaire sur l'article d'A. d'Autume
Commerce extérieur et distribution des revenus
Comparison of Multi-Dimensioned Distributions of Economic Status., The
Conditional Cash Transfers, Schooling, and Child Labor: Micro-Simulating Brazil's Bolsa Escola Program
Constraints to Achieving the MDGs with Scaled-Up Aid
Convertibilité précoce et protection par le change : un premier bilan de la réinsertion internationale des pays de l'Est
cost of children: May the collective approach to household behavior help?, The
Crime as a Social Cost of Poverty and Inequality: A Review Focusing on Developing countries
Declining International Inequality and Economic Divergence: Reviewing the Evidence Through Different Lenses
Decomposable Income Inequality Measures.
design of direct taxation and family benefits, The
Devaluation et Competitivite e Cote D'Ivoire.
Dévaluation et compétitivité en Côte-d'Ivoire.
Discontinuous losses from poverty, generalized P[alpha] measures, and optimal transfers to the poor
Discussion sur l'article de F. Bourguignon et de P-A. Chiappori
Distribution et redistribution mondiales : une vue préliminaire
Distribution et redistribution : une mise en perspective
distribution mondiale des revenus entre 1950 et 1977, La
Distribution of export price risk in a developing country
Distribution, redistribution and development: where do we stand?
Distributional Effects of Adjustment Policies: Simulations for Archetype Economies in Africa and Latin America.
Distributional effects of adjustment policies : simulations for two archetype economies
Distributional effects of adjustment policies : simulations for two archetypes economies
Distributional effects of educational improvements :are we using the wrong model ?
distributional effects of growth, The : case studies vs. Cross-country regressions.
Does Aid Availability Affect Effectiveness in Reducing Poverty?
Dynamic optimal pricing and (possibly) advertising in the face of various kinds of potential entrants
Earnings mobility
econometric model of France during the 19th century, An
Economic integration and social responsibility
économie française au 19e siècle, L'
Économie française au xixe siècle analyse macro-économique, L'
économie française au XIXe siècle, L' : analyse macro-économique
Éducation et croissance une étude empirique à partir de données françaises au XXe siècle
Effect of Economic Growth on Social Structures, The
Efficient Intra-household Allocations and Distribution Factors: Implications and Identification
Empirical studies of earning mobility
Empirical studies of earnings mobiblity. -
Empirical studies of earnings mobility, c1992:
équilibre concurrentiel, L'
Equité et croissance économique : une nouvelle analyse ?
Equity, efficiency and inequality traps: A research agenda
Equity, Efficient and Inequality Traps: A Research Agenda
Estimating individual vulnerability to poverty with pseudo-panel data
Eur 3: A Prototype European Tax-Benefit Model.
Eur3: a prototype European tax-benefit model
Evaluating the CSF with an extended computable general equilibrium model: The case of Greece (1988-1995)
evolution of income distribution during Indonesia's fast growth, 1980-96, The
Ex-ante evaluation of conditional cash transfer programs: the case of bolsa escola
Examining the Social Impact of the Indonesian Financial Crisis Using a Macro-Micro Model.
External trade and income distribution
Family of Multidimensional Poverty Measures, A
Family size and social utility : Income distribution dominance criteria
Fast Development with a Stable Income Distribution: Taiwan, 1979-1994.
Fast Development with a Stable Income Distribution: Taiwan, 1979-94.
Female Labor Supply in the Course of Taiwans’s Development, 1979-1994
Fiscalité et redistribution : plans pour une réforme
Fiscalité et transferts: une comparaison franco-britannique
Fiscalité, para-fiscalité et offre de travail féminin
François Bourguignon : trajectoires et enjeux de l'économie mondiale
French economy in the nineteenth century an essay in econometric analysis, The
From income to endowments : the difficult task of expanding the income poverty paradigm.
Global redistribution of income
Globalisierung der Ungleichheit, Die
Growth and crisis in Cote d'Ivoire
Growth and Inequality in the Dual Model of Development: The Role of Demand Factors.
Growth and integration
growth elasticity of poverty reduction, The : explaining heterogeneity across countries and time periods.
Guest Editorial - Macro-micro analytics: background, motivation, advantages and remaining challenges
Handbook of income distibution
Handbook of income distribution
Histoire géographie Antilles-Guyane C.M., livre du maître
impact of economic policies on poverty and income distribution, The : evaluation techniques and tools
impact of macroeconomic policies on poverty and income distribution, The : macro-micro evaluation techniques and tools
Income and Outcomes: A Structural Model of Intrahousehold Allocation.
Income distribution, development and foreign trade : A cross-sectional analysis
Income distribution dynamics in East Asia and Latin America
Individus, familles et bien-être social
Inequality among World Citizens : 1820-1992.
Inequality and development: the role of dualism
Inequality of Opportunity in Brazil
Inequality of outcomes and inequality of opportunities in Brazil
International labour ... 1977:
International labour migrations and economic choices : the European case
International Redistribution of Income
Intra Household Allocation of Consumption: A Model and some Evidence from French Data
Is financial openness bad for education? A political economy perspective on development
Is sustainable growth optimal?
Labor market time and home production: A new test for collective models of intra- household allocation
Labor Supply and Taxation in France
Labour law and labour relations programme
Lessons of experience
Level of World Inequality: How Much Can One Say?, The
Macroeconomic adjustment and income distribution : a macro micro simulation model
Making sense of globalization a guide to the economic issues
Marchés émergents d'actions : prévisibilités et incertitudes
Measurement of Multidimensional Poverty, The
measurement of the wage-employment relationship in developed and developing countries, The : a short survey
microeconomics of income distribution dynamics in East Asia and Latin America, The
Microsimulation and the formulation of policy: a case study of targeting in the European Union
Microsimulation as a tool for evaluating redistribution policies
mobilité des salaires sur le cycle de vie, La : un échantillon de cadres français sur trente ans
Modeling the effects of adjustment programs on income distribution
mondialisation de l'inégalité, La
Multi-dimensional poverty orderings.
Non-anonymous growth incidence curves, income mobility and social welfare dominance
Oligarchy, democracy, inequality and growth
Optimal Poverty Reduction, Adjustment, and Growth.
Ouverture et developpement: considerations d'economie politique.
Pareto Superiority of Unegalitarian Equilibria in Stiglitz' Model of Wealth Distribution with Convex Saving Function.
particular class of continuous-time stochastic growth models, A
Pobreza y dualismo en el sector urbano de las economías en desarrollo : El caso de Colombia
political economy of education and development in an open economy, The
Poverty and income distribution during adjustment : issues and evidence from the OECD project
Présentation générale
Privatisation et développement : quelques leçons tirées de l'expérience
Privatization in development : some lessons from experience
Profils de carrière d'un échantillon d'ouvriers et d'employés
Progressivité et incidence de la redistribution des revenus en pays développés
Qualitative and Quantitative Poverty Appraisal: Complementarities, Tensions and the Way Forward
Quand la stabilisation dure... L'hypothèse d'une inflation inertielle en Europe centrale et orientale
Rationalité individuelle ou rationalité stratégique : le cas de l'offre familiale de travail
Redistribution et incitations au travail. Une application empirique simple de la fiscalité optimale
Repenser les infrastructures pour le développement : observations finales
Report of the editors of the european economic review: 1993
Representative versus real households in the macro-economic modeling of inequality.
Representative versus real households in the macro-economic modelling of inequality.
Rethinking infrastructure for development
Revenu minimum et redistribution optimale des revenus : fondements théoriques
Rouen une réalisation exemplaire de l'année européenne
Saisonnalité et comportements de consommation
Securing development in an unstable world
Selection Bias Correction Based on the Multinomial Logit Model
Short-run rigidities and long-run adjustments in a computable general equilibrium model of income distribution and development
Simple Analytics of Elite Behaviour Under Limited State Capacity, The
Stabilité, sécurité et développement : une introduction
Structural Model of Crime and Inequality in Colombia, A
Symposium on financial intermediation
Tax–benefit revealed social preferences
Technical Description of Eur3: A Prototype European Tax-Benefit Model
Théorie microéconomique
Toward an evaluation of evaluation methods: a commentary on the experimental approach in the fields of employment, work, and professional training
Trade exposure and income volatility in cash-crop exporting developing countries
Trajectoires et enjeux de l'économie mondiale
Transférer la propriété privée par la méthode des coupons : l'expérience de l'ex-Tchécoslovaquie
transition en Europe centrale : interprétation et voies alternatives, La
transition en Europe centrale, La : interprétation et voies alternatives
What part of the income distribution does matter for explaining crime ? The case of Columbia.
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