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Author of Caleb Williams
Baldwin, Edward
Baldwin, Edward (Pseudonym)
Caleb Williams, Author of
Godvin, Uil'jam
Godvin, Uilʹi︠a︡m
Godvin, Vilʹi︠a︡m
Godvin, Viljem
Godwin, W.
Godwin, Wiliam
Godwin, William
Godwin, Williams
Godwin, Wm
Goodwin, William
Lover of order
Lover of Order (Pseudonym)
Marcliffe, Theophilius
Marcliffe, Theophilus (Pseudonym)
Годвин, В
Годвин, Вильям
Годвин, Уильям
Годуин, Уильям
גודווין, ויליאם
גודוין, וילים
ゴドウィン, W
ゴドウィン, ウィリアム
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Brewer, William D.
Brewer, William Dean
Clemit, Pamela
Constancio, Francisco Solano (1777-1846)
Hindle, Maurice
Malthus, T. R. (1766-1834)
Malthus, Thomas Robert (1766-1834)
McCracken, David
Morrow, John
Paul Avrich Collection (Library of Congress)
Philp, Mark
Pollin, Burton Ralph
Salt, Henry Stephens (1851-1939)
Tkalec, Jasna
Villeterque, Alexandre Louis
Wollstonecraft, Mary (1759-1797)
Фейгина, Софья Ароновна
Abenteuer des Caleb Williams oder: Die Dinge wie sie sind, Die
Abenteuer des Caleb Williams Roman, Die
Account of the most eminent persons in successive ages who have claimed for themselves, or to whom has been imputed by others, the exercise of magical power
Adventures of Caleb Williams, or Things as they are, The
anarchist writings of William Godwin, The
Antologija anarhizma
avantures de Caleb Williams, ou les choses comme elles sont, Les
Aventures de Caleb Williams, ou Les choses comme elles sont
aventures de Caleb Williams roman, Les
Caleb William, ou les Choses comme elles sont...
Caleb Williams oder die Dinge wie sie sind [aus d. Engl.]
Caleb Williams or things as they are
Caleb Williams, ou les Choses comme elles sont, par W. Godwin. Traduction nouvelle, par M. Amédée Pichot
choses comme elles sont. -, Les
Collected novels and memoirs of William Godwin
Considerations on Lord Grenville's and Mr. Pitt's bills, concerning treasonable and seditious practices, and unlawful assemblies
Cursory strictures on the charge delivered by Lord Chief Justice Eyre to the grand jury October 2, 1794. First published in the Morning Chronicle October 21.
Damon and Delia a tale.
Education and enlightenment in the works of William Godwin.
eigentum., Das
enquirer reflections on education, manners, and literature, The : in a series of essays
enquiry concerning political justice, and its influence on general virtue and happiness. By William Godwin. In two volumes., An
Enquiry concerning political justice : and its influence on modern morals and happiness
Enquiry concerning political justice : with selections from Godwin's other writings
Essay on sepulchres:
Fleetwood: or, The new man of feeling.
Formalizing graphical notations
Godwin & Mary; letters of William Godwin and Mary Wollstonecraft.
Godwin on Wollstonecraft Memoirs of the author of "The rights of woman"
Godwin's "Political justice." A reprint of the essay on "Property," from the original edition.
History of the Commonwealth of England, from its commencement to the restoration of Charles 2
History of the Commonwealth of England : from its commencement, to the restoration of Charles the second
History of the count de st. Julian
history of the life of William Pitt, Earl of Chatham, The
Imogen, a pastoral romance from the ancient British.
Italian letters: or, The history of the Count de St. Julian. In two volumes.
Kaleb Williams
la justice politique, 1798-1800 d'après l'"Enquiry concerning political justice" de William Godwin, De
letters of William Godwin, The
Life of Geoffrey Chaucer, the early English poet: including memoirs of his near friend and kinsman, John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster: with sketches of the manners, opinions, arts, and literature of England in the fourteenth century.
Lives of Edward and John Philips, Nephews and Pupils of Milton. -
Lives of the necromancers, or, An account of the most eminent persons in successive ages who have claimed for themselves, or to whom has been imputed by others, the exercise of magical power
Memoirs of Mary Wollstonecraft. -
Memoirs of the author of a vindication of the rights of woman. -
most extraordinary pair, A : Mary Wollstonecraft and William Godwin
O sobstvennosti
Oeuvres romanesques complètes
Of population; an enquiry concerning the power of increase in the numbers of mankind, being an answer to Mr. Malthus's essay on that subject.
Pantheon, or, Ancient history of the gods of Greece and Rome, The
Plays of William Godwin, The
Political and philosophical writings of William Godwin.
Posthumous works of the author of A vindication of the rights of woman ...
Progress, poverty, and population : re-reading Condorcet, Godwin, and Malthus
Radical Tradition in Education in Britain, The
Recherches sur la population, et sur la faculté d'accroissement de l'espèce humaine : contenant une réfutation des doctrines de T.R. Malthus sur cette matière
Reflections on education, manners, and literature
reply to an answer to cursory strictures, supposed to be worthy by Judge Buller, by the Author of Cursory strictures, A
S[ain]t Leon
Sekai daishisō zenshū.
Short history of England ; edited with variant readings of the 1st and 2nd editions and with a critical introduction and notes by F.E.L. Priestley, 1969
short residence in Sweden, Norway and Denmark, A
Things as they are; or, The adventures of Caleb Williams. By William Godwin. In three volumes.
Thoughts on man, his nature, productions, and discoveries, interspersed with some particulars respecting the author.
Tvorchestvo Godvina v kontekste romanticheskogo demonizma, 2000:
Über die politische Gerechtigkeit
Uncollected writings (1785-1822). : Articles in periodicals and six pamphlets, one with Coleridge's marginalia
Wirtschaftsfreiheit und Wirtschaftsgesetz in der englischen ökonomischen Klassik
О собственности
Thesis (Ph.D.)